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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Sunday, March 11, 2007

Genting tomorrow

Watched Scooby-Doo 2 on Channel 5 just now. Used to watch the cartoon everytime on Cartoon Network when i was young. lol

Can't i talk about childhood times? I was a happy child ok :D Still a happy lady now though lol

So anyway, went to Cine on Satuday ~
Wanted to catch 300. It was either sold out or the 1st few seats left :(

So we choosed to watch Primeval instead .

It's about a legendary crocodile Gustave that's real ok!

But that size is like our zoo that crocodile leh. Big, fat and lazy. He's damn fat that he move damn slow or keep sleep like a pig. lol. That crocodile Gustave move super fast.

Sure look like a movie that i watched before too, Dinocroc . Also moved very fast but this show sucks la lol

After buying tickets, went to eat LJS .. then rushed to Taka/Wisma to get my fancl cleasing oil, replenish make ups. Dear feel so sian to me lar, always have to accompany me shop. lol

I shopped till almost forget the time for movie. Went to washroom then saw a xiao mei mei talking quite loudly. *turn and look at her*

Her top damn short and wear a hot pant lor. Why she wear like that? Cuz that bitch have a tattoo. (at her lower back)

Damn hao lian ar. Got tattoo must show off so boldy meh? Then inside there kpkb. 'eh u know how to draw eyeliner anot, i help u draw la' blah blah .

lol funny shit.

Off to darling hse later. He cooked my fave meatball for me. It was sweet. Like it when men cooks.
In return, i helped him to cut his finger/toe nails. See, im nice too.

Dint though of taking my toys over at his hse but i just remember last night. keke

Winne the pooh from Hong Kong Disneyland, Poker King cushion from jamie, and some random cushion. lol

Poker curtain. ahahah. I make his room like a girl room.

King cushion at dear's hse while Queen cushion's at mine's. Both given by Jamie dar :)

Accompany darling to sleep that night as im going to scary place (m'sia) tomorrow. .. lalala love sleeping with him though now he snatch pillow. argh

Mui brought it all for me! normal pocky, fake pocky and another big fake chocky .. haa what the fuck's up with that name.

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