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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Thursday, June 28, 2007

A lil of this .. and that ...

This is what happen to my poor computer.

So sad lor .. then, i went to do this since i was so bored ..

A Japanese doll ~!
Purposely leave the circle empty .. i wanna put me and my dear pic inside .. ^-^

Anyway on 26/06/07 .. I brought some stuffs after work .. Shopping is great .

From MNG .. still got more clothes from last week's outing with tingx but the pics is on my own computer (currently blogging on my sis's laptop) and my hard disk is freaking spoilt .. =(

I love purple .. I am eggplant. LOL

Then, from ebase ..

And some random ..

Then. Darling came to meet me after work and we went to have steamboat at ECP .

I love steamboat that can bbq food ~

yum yum .

While today, I had Pizza Hut for dinner. Gosh, I'm getting soo fat.

Anyway, pay had been bank in and Cliff they all are making my computer right now. I can online very soon.


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doll ; 11:44 PM 0 Comments

❤ Sunday, June 24, 2007

Comp spoilt!

Yes, my fucking computer just suddenly break down on me last night.

At 1st it's only the mouse that's spoilt .. i got so pek cek so i juzt keep power dooff my computer (which was a wrong thing to do)
Now it totally gave up on me. I can't even enter windows lor, keep stuck at the 'safe mode'.

I don't mind reformating but I really want need my files, software, photos and songs.

I still tot of uploading pics and updates de lor. =(

To make things worse, dear and me were lying on the bed watching tv at like 2am+ .. then suddenly the tv blacked out too. Eh, like what the fuck right?! NBCB .. sibei sway.

I need to play comp everyday wan leh, then this type of fuckedup thing happen. Arghz, won't be online as often liao. sob

P/s: On a happier note, pay day is in a few days times :)

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doll ; 1:21 AM 0 Comments

❤ Wednesday, June 20, 2007

21th mth .

What is love ..... without you by my side .

This is love ..
Happy 21th mth / 1 year 9 mths anniversary, my dear boy love

That machine we took, not really nice le .. but only got one sticker machine left at TM .. din't went over CS to see. This scanned pic looks blur too, others always looks okay. Sighz~ I wonder why.

P/s: Come take this friend test. I don't care who u are. As long as u see it, take it ok, don't be shy. lol ^-^


Test Link

Test Ranking


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doll ; 1:34 AM 0 Comments

❤ Monday, June 18, 2007


Off for 3 days .. 15 - 18.
Will still have off on 20.


I think I would pefer to have more off days .. FT-er only have 4d/mth leh. Where got enough sia. I will have lesser time for my beloved boyfriend (as well as friends). I don't like that, I need to sleep long long hours sometimes too. :P

Eh whatever lah. Let me think over again.

Anyway, took off to accompany darling (for his bday celeb). So ....................

Happy 23th birthday, my darling boy!

His face very nice and smooth .. i'm so jealous.
If compared, I think he is more fair den me.



(I hope soon ... as i'm currently on whitening pills. Pls take effect .. quickyy!)

Took sticker prints earlier. Shall post it on 20/06 instead :D

For darling:
If things go smoothly as planned, next year remember what u promised me ok?
I know i'm such a bad girlfriend. Rasing my voice and giving such attitude when
talking to u thought u did nothing wrong. I'm soo demanding yet u still give in
and buy me whatever I wants. Words can't represent my love for u. Aiyo, damn
mushy. I don't wanna say liao. muacks baby~

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doll ; 3:38 AM 0 Comments

❤ Thursday, June 14, 2007


Din't went to work today .. took off la .. cuz last night meet up with Jamie and my girles after work to club.

Headed to Bugis to shop 1st but well, we reached there almost 9.30pm liao. lols.

Intended to go over mos but the que turned us off. Planned to club ytd way back, din't know got stupid event lor.

So went over to zouk instead. It was full hse too! Gosh, luckly for some reason, we din't need to que and got it. Was at zouk's member area for a while too but r&b section suits us more. Haha

Din't managed to take pics with them as the start (of the night) was not very smooth to begin with. But did take pic with Jamie only.

Reached home and bathe all these is already 5.30am! Sleep.

There's this show, Spider Lilies . I saw the triller, the french kissing part is shiok lor. lol. Rainie Yang is acting as a webcam stripper! Haha, but I heard the storyline is boring.

Oh, Harry Potter's movie is airing next mth!! Like finally can. I so gonna watch it as it gonna be the last movie of it. :(

P/s: I can't stand some "friends" of mine lor. I should turned to be unhelpful instead. Hate you ungratful people.

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doll ; 10:39 PM 0 Comments

❤ Monday, June 11, 2007

Oh, I forgotten to mention that I watched Pirates @ Cine.

The 1st want was great.
2nd was .. not bad.
is this the 3rd or 4th? it's getting lousier lor.

Why did the bad guys and english man are helping each other. Why did Chow Yat Fat or something appear in the show out of the sudden? There's alot of 'why' in my head during that 3 hours show. Gosh ~

zZzzz ... 2/5 for it only.

Brought FANCL stuffs again. I think i'm wasting money lor but I just can't help it. lol. I wanna be pretty.

Clear control AC
That time that one finished .. got abit effect lah .. so buy again .. maybe gonna try for like 3 mths lor .. if not I gonna give up liao ..

Mixed Fruit tablets
I hardly eat them so i need some vitamins!

Mild Cleansing Oil
love using it .. but maybe changing to another brand's cleansing oil.

My beloved boyfriend bday is coming in like abt 1 week time! 18/06 ~
I gave him $200 as a present. whaha. I put inside ang bao somemore.
Really don't know what else to get since I gave him almost everything before. No time to go buy also. lols.
Not that lil or much but it's the heart that counts. But I think most of his money is well-spent on me instead. LOL. Will still be treating baby dinner this coming Saturday and ton-ing at his hse.

Coming 20/06 is our 21th mth. fast eh? 3 more mths to our 2 year anni !!
My boyfriend loves me.


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doll ; 12:26 AM 0 Comments

❤ Monday, June 04, 2007

F tired

Thanks to my beloved boyfriend, we slept at like 4.30am last night.
And yes, we do have to work, monday blue somemore!

Reason enclosed. I'm sorry that I could not even take care of sucha minor stuffs. Gosh, I'm so fucking careless. Bad luck!

I must go Simpang Bedok to pray real soon. Been months or rather nearly one year since we went there.

Whatever it is. I hope it's not bcuz that day I did ate that so this bad luck falls on me. =(

Some overdue pics with my girlies.

During school days, 2 years ago.

MOS ; girl night out on 23/03 .

Omfg, I can never look good w/o taking pic myself. lol
Clubbing session coming up with them next week. :D

p/s: Paris Hilton is going to Jail for real, tommrrow :(

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doll ; 11:28 PM 0 Comments