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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Sunday, April 30, 2006

Took these last week. Think it's on our anni.

Omg, my camera skill is lousy ! lol

Again !

Dear's camera skill is more bad.
wahaha ~

No, we din't plan to close eyes together.
So qiao, right?

hehehe .
I love photoshop brushes ~

Ytd, we cancelled our trip to the Airport and went to Marina Square to catch this show,

We sat the last row can. DAMN FAR! I asked the stupid person if the seats are very back. He reply 'No' .
Bloody. He don't know wtf is back and front? It's the 'M' seating can.

Anyway, the show ani't that nice. Awwww .
I conclued that the person just wanna buy lands in China, with full support from the govt. so he have to be the chairman of the gang no matter what it takes. Duh? I just found out it's rated M18 too. Nah, don't have any bloody or er xin or whatever M18 screening also lor.

How fast, it's gonna be May tml already ..

doll ; 6:32 PM 0 Comments

❤ Friday, April 28, 2006

Been one mth that i just left sch .
Ard one mth that i have not go for any car pratical .
Since then, I have been slacking.
I wanna go sch leh.
Boohoo ~
I dont wanna work .. I'm lazy lazy gal. How~?!

I tink i know why i dont have time to update my blog .
Cuz my time are all spent on darling, tv and sleep.

The other day i was playing dotA. And bibi let mie win !!
My beloved trees. whahahah ~

Meeting darling later ! I better prepare faster. Always make him wait for me.

doll ; 4:39 PM 0 Comments

❤ Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Watched Black Night on Saturday nite.
Before that, played dotA! hehehe.

So long no play liao.
I like it when darling let mie win.

Anyway, that show is so lame. We enjoyed the 1st story which is the Hong Kong flim part. The others 2, we were like, so bored. The guy siting next to mie was snoring away lor. So is bibi's side. wahaha. 1st time i din't concenrate on movies. Should have watched Eight Below instead . >_<"

Sunday we have family dinner! Celebrating my grand dad's birthday!! Went to eat taiwan congee. Yum yum~ My grand dad sure look happy ~
Went home aftermath. Had a agrument with dear when i got home not long. But we are fine now ..

Yawns .. im starting to get tired. This is good.

doll ; 12:59 AM 0 Comments

❤ Saturday, April 22, 2006

Exam Results are out!

Core Subjects
Effective Writing - B
Business Software Applications - A
Office Procedures - B
Social Skills and Grooming - B

Customer Service - S
Thinking and Prob Solving Skill - S
Career Development and Plannin - S
Sports and Wellness I - S

No, It's not good.
B'cuz my GPA is 2.969 (Rounded off: 2.9) only.

How irksome!
I do get married and be wang lian po better.
LOL. Nah, just kidding.
I'm much too young to be a someone's wife.
I'm super lazy. I can't be bothered.
My life is eat, sleep, enjoy . FULL STOP!

I only know how to do the above 3 things.

No man can tolerate that.
whahahaha .
I think darling will.
I told him it will be easy to look after me, b'cuz ...

*When he go to work in the morning, let's say 7am ... (I'm sleeping, would wake up to give him morning kiss & get back to sleep)
*When he come home from work during evening, how abt 6pm .. (I'm still dreaming in my lala land.)

So if it's that way, I would only waste air con but ..
would save 2 meals (lets take it i eat 3 meals a day) ,
save lights (cuz my hse would be darken by curtain) ,
save water (drink lesser, bath lesser) ,
save electricity (would not on TV or any other electronic devices) .

Easy to look after, right?

I'm sucha joker. lol.

doll ; 3:55 AM 0 Comments

❤ Friday, April 21, 2006

Hong Kong Trip (Part 1)

The long awaiting ...

(Beware: LONG ENTRY that will lag slow connections.)

11 Apr - DAY 1

Dint sleep at all during nite time of 10 apr, it's not my bed time, that's why.
So went to bathe and got ready. Dad's frien came to fetch us to the Airport. Nothing to see at the Airport lar, so I dint took any pics.

Had our plane breadfast at abt 8am .

Creamy mushroom omettle + Hashbrown + Yucky veggie + Hotdog in the black plate .
With side dishes of a bread + fruits + own choice of drinks .

My eyes were soooo tired as i dint sleep at all. Wanted to nap for a while but ...
the fucking China aunties was so FUCKING NOISY. Keep talking non-stop as if they own the fucking plane.
I detest china pple though im Chinese too (Im not saying u, Yinan. =x) but NO, we are from different country. Maybe I'm just fucking sway to bump into such lousy #$^@#& china pple but how do you explains those china women who fucking sneak to Singapore's geylang to fucking earn dirty money? Or those who marry a singaporean dumb man to be a PR in our pretty green city? Cheap .
(Sorry, no offence but I really hate no manner humans who think they're so high above.)

Back to the main point, reached Hong Kong's airport and the bus drive us to our hotel at abt 12pm. Surprising, the temperature is warm ! 28 degree . I though it would be cold. OH MAN ...

It's free and easy today! All on our own. We checked in and rested a bit before heading to walk walk. Well, I still remember some places/areas where it's still the same. Been to Hong Kong for abt 2 - 3 times already, how can my memory be that poor, yeah?

Came back to the hotel abt 4pm. Oh, did I mention my room was small ?

I TOLD YOU! lol.

Our train's name is 'MRT' right? Guess what? Theirs called 'MTR' . I forget to take a pic of it. lol!

I was drained out. So I counted myself out when they went to walk again. I napped lar, with make up ON! damn .
Abt 8pm, they came back with my dinner! hehehe. Anyone love salty foods? If yes, u would love their food, damn salty. So salty lar. I think Jamie would love it. =p

After eating, I tired to call back to Singapore as i spotted a public phone earlier on. cost HKD$10. Abt SGD$2 for one oversea call of only 30 seconds! FAILED to connect as the bloody phone eat up my money.

I though I could hear dear's voice but ...
missed him so much.

Dint brought anything expect gums + foods .

Sleep at abt 11pm .

12 Apr - Day 2

Today's going Ocean Park !! Once again, it's damn warm .

The entrance.

Walked further in and we saw a wired flower-ed animal ~

Issit a whale or dolphin ?


And then, we went to see the 2 famous pandas. AN AN & JIA JIA .

We saw one panda eating breakfast so happily. Yes, one! I wonder where's his partner.

In case u can't see. "Don't look at me lah. eating also see. SHY lah!"

Past & now of dino .

*CLICKS* AHHHH , I'm not ready !!
Again !!

That's better. lol

Pretty flowers .

Took cable car and sat for 15 min over to upper layer.
We are in for a feast!
As there's a new attraction(Jelly fishes) that's just opened on 10 April !

Some pics of CUTE CUTE jellies !

AND, I sae this 'water angel' . Much nicer & cuter in real.

Cute hor.

Went to this underworld auqa !!
it's so BIGGGG then Sentosa one lor .

Oh, i have a video of water water, fishes fishes, carol carols !!

Saw this pretty FISH!
It will fucking FLASH like a flash light.
How COOL is that?

I make a .GIF format out of it.

THAT part that i pointed it, will keep BLING BLING .

Going deeper, we saw more BIG BIG anmials.

The sea turtle was digging into the sands with its head.

Stringray !

er, big fish (duno wad name)

Some rides were closed! How ... argh ~
Dad took pic of mie & mummy riding this swing .

Can you spot mie ?

There's were some zi lian pics that i have not deco yet.
So i will upload next time once i do it.

After having fun for a whole day, we went back to our hotel.
On the way, there's jam too!

Brought a white jelly fish soft toy, key chians, etc lar .

Unpacked our stuffs,
rested a while and head out for dinner !!
Claypot rice, salty again.
Went to walk at their night market too. One is at Temple Street + "Nu Ren Jie" Women Street? + MongKok .
Walk walk walk walk . KEEP WALKING !

Sleep much later today. At ard 12.30am .

I spent like hours to blog this entry.

doll ; 2:58 AM 0 Comments

❤ Thursday, April 20, 2006

Happy 7th mth anniversary to Dearing & I !

We went out to Bugis just now. Just smiple outing. keke.
Tml's heading out too.
Same to weekends.
Results coming out this Friday from 9am onwards.
I hope i did well for it.

I'm done with editing with the Hong Kong's pics already.
No, not to make myself pretty(coz i haben learn how to, yet), by resizing it + adding boarder .
I will find time to write on it though no one reads. LOL
Dint have time for my hair treatment too!

Eyes freaking pain now. I wonder wad's the cause of it.

doll ; 1:36 AM 0 Comments

❤ Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Did u guys see the news?
Colouring your hair too often might lead to skin irration, blindness, cancer and ever death.
Yes, your eyes are NOT playing tricks on you. USA reseaches said it would lead to cancer, not cfm yet. But still, WTF!

doll ; 6:56 PM 0 Comments


Uploaded most of the photos. I'm starting to edit some le.


Have been sleeping at 3+ 4+ in the morning. Very bad. Just cant get to sleep earli. Duh~

doll ; 2:25 AM 0 Comments

❤ Sunday, April 16, 2006


Kinda fun. Losta pics to edit. Needa upload pics from camera.


Missed Mrboyfriend.

psssst, change a lil to my layout.

doll ; 4:13 AM 0 Comments

❤ Monday, April 10, 2006

Blogger cant upload .gif format?

I tried to upload one and the pic stop moving lor .
Stupid blogger.

Now waiting for my wet hair to be dry b4 i hop onto bed ..
Nothing to do now expect surfing the net, listenin to songs ..
Like, yawns?

Just now dearing came over my hse ..
and once dearing & my sis saw each other ..
My sis went, "HI MR. BOYFRIEND" so loudly .

whahaha ..

1st time she say that to my bf leh ..
other's ex also don't have.
Dearing, u muz be so special huh?

Mr boyfriend brought lotsa batt for my mp3 player !!
hehe ..
So i can hear non-stop songs on plane !

We ate dinner together .. he waste rice ok.
I add more rice coz i tot guys always need to eat lotsa rice mah ..
wasteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fooooodddddddddddddddddd .

I'm bringing my hp over though i don't have auto-roaming. LOL. (I tink my dad have) But i can take pics, look at dearing's pic.. and .... on my hp when i reached Singapore str8 away !
lalala .

I do bet i will be lazy to upload pics taken there but i sure will when im free !

doll ; 3:41 AM 0 Comments

❤ Sunday, April 09, 2006

Just hang up phone with dear ..

Meet up with dear at Bedok and we headed to beach road ..
wanted to get some stuffs,
but dint found any.

Wasted time there ..

Cabbed to Marina Square to book tics, Inside Man at 9.50pm .
din't wanna catch too late shows ..
Din't eat as both of us were having tummy ache .

We ate ma la huo guo (spicy steamboat) the day before, you see.

Walked ard shopes to see if there's anything to buy
before heading to play dotA ..


my currect fav. game ..
got influence by dear .
It's more of a guy game so last time i dint really bother to find out more abt it.

Sneaked Mac inside .. sssssssssssshhhhhhhh .
We want hot food to chew while watching!
Not popcorn or nuts stuffs.
I hate the hotdog there. So fake !

After movie was 12.10am .
Late le.
If we were to watch at 12.40am
we would come out at only 3am ..


So worn out le lar .

Cabbed home.

Recall last 2 days what i have been doing .

Thu, 06/04

Oh, Nothing much for today. I also forget what i did.
I tink i sleep till evening lar.
Then. watched tv when i woke up.

Tv, eat, bathe, phone, net .

I'm a nuaster . haha .

Fri, 07/04

Went to Bugis .
Brought lotsa of stuffs there !
Dear paid for some ..

I'm very lazy to take pic of it.

Diamond Jeans - $40
Travel kit (small bottles) - $6
Clips - $.180
Handbag - $20
Slip-on - $15
HP Batt - $20
Bling bling jacket - $25

I tink that's all.
After shopping, we went to eat spicy steamboat.
Damn hot hot hot .
But love it ..
Though my tummy kinda weak for hot stuffs.


While eating ...

Me: "dear, why those pple eat steamboat also wanna take pic? Not as if the
last gathering wat"
Baby: *laughs*
Me: "Look at that guy! He's holding on to a porkball at his mouth to take
pic!" "How old liao still act cute." (that guy looks ard 25 yrs old)
Baby: *laughs* again . "he's acting lame mah"

Wahhaha .. damn funny.
Im like telling cold jokes.

Abt 48 hours more before im departing to Hong Kong !!

Happpppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy .
Packed my things 3/4 done le.

So i won't be online for 1 week and so.
Do miss me ok?

*Miss miss darling*

doll ; 2:50 AM 0 Comments

❤ Tuesday, April 04, 2006

This is just a pointless entry so i will rant on ramdom stuffs.

Been raining cats and dogs these few days .
Sucha spoilt mood.

No idea why..
I tot monsoon season is already over?
Damn ..

Hope that next week when i'm in Hong Kong,
there will be shine shine SUN !

Feel like drinking ......




Sarsi now .. lol.

I would love to be in ......





kimono dress during wedding photoshoot !
Ani't it so so so nice?
Uh huh ..

I will be flying off on Tuesday morning,
Have to wake up at 2am ..
Reach airport at 5am ..
Flight at 6.45am ..
Such lame timing .

Will reach Hong Kong at ard 10plus ?
I bet i will be so shag by then .
Cuz my bed time is like, 6am .
Hahaa .

I will surely miss my dearing damn lots .
It's like abt gng to 1 week of not meeting, not talking on fone, no sms, no kiss&hugs .
No darling for 1 week.
Silly dear .. wo hui hen xiang hen xiang ni de <3

I wanna watch m0vie this weekend,
but no shows caught my eyes.
I was thinking of maybe, Eight Below or Reincarnation .

hmmmmm ...

doll ; 9:00 PM 0 Comments

❤ Monday, April 03, 2006

I'm feeling damn shag both inside + outside ..
But why i cant sleep?
Suffering from insonmia again, i supposed ..

Bloody sims 2 play till pek cek ..
not even 5 secs lag and lag and LAGGG !!
Wth ..
how to play lidat?!

I deicded that i still want to play dotA at home ..
tml muz tell dearing that i still wants dotA cd though i already know it sure will be LAG .

Dont care lah ..
Argh .. stupid game make mie so addicted to it ..
as if like playing drug / smoking ..
u muz muz muz have it if not you really will be upset !

I wan play dotaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ..

Oh yah ..
We brought a hanging whatever shit 'curtain' last mth,
to hang at darling's room.
i choosed the pattern !

Nice? (i love playing cards, you see)
Just by looking at it make mie smile .

I do give up everything in the world,
just to be with you ,
just to be with you .. Kelvin dearing .

1st time so madly in love .

doll ; 3:53 AM 0 Comments

❤ Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hais ..
How is it like a bird jailed in a cage like?

Anyway, I was surfing the net the other day,
found some real emo pics.

"Being abused and heartbroken"

This is how the Queen of card look like when young.

2 sadist sisters .
Just like mie & my muii.

doll ; 10:07 PM 0 Comments

Car lesson on friday was pretty fun!
At least i enjoyed today not like the past 2 lessons .

Those who teaches mie well, will be blessed!
those not, fucking go and DIE.

Whaha ..

Can't get to sleep so came online and type rubbish ..

Weekends were spent with bf, as usual .
Nothing really special happened .

Today, It's a Sunday!
Means i will be having family dinner later at nite .
At a ParkRoyal Hotel, having buffet !
Woooooooooo ..
My fav. place .

Not realli that ex too .
Er, $40++++ ?

The week ahead plans?
Book mie out b4 i head Hong Kong?!

Mon - who wanna mit mie?
Tue - Car pra .
Wed - Cliff making my comp. / Mit Val later .
Thu - Freee .
Fri - Bf day .
Sat - Bf day .

Haha .. fucking boring .

doll ; 7:52 AM 0 Comments