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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Wednesday, July 30, 2008

WW news

Did u guys saw the preview of Brazil vs Singapore just now at 10.30pm on TV ?

Brazil won 3—0 in the game played at the National Stadium on Monday night. Which of coz, needed tic in, $120 for grassland?

Dear was excitedly telling there's preview when he came home from work. Right, normally girls are not into soccerr, I do kinda like Brazil .. so watched a bit with him while we were eating mac .

We liked this part when Ronaldinho seems to be 'playing' with the ball while slowly kicking in .. Hahaa so funny!

And now to Japan, Tokyo ..

News was reporting that today, a Japanese (now is a woman) goes on stabbing rampage, wounding 7 people at train station.
Grabbed from Yahoo news, her reason for doing so was anger,

"She said she was frustrated. She was also angry at her father,"

Seven people were killed in Tokyo's Akihabara shopping district on June 8 when a man slammed a truck into a crowd of people, jumped out and began stabbing passers-by at random.

I think it's the 4th time in a month this kind of things happen. Omg, what is happening to the world man .. stress stress stress !

Alright, shall go wash off my whitening mask now.

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doll ; 1:45 AM 0 Comments

❤ Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wrk or slack ?

These are taken in June before I cut my hair ..

Cherry and me .. we are always goissping on phone. Haha

And these are taken just last Sunday with zhizhi (inside joke) .

(Hello, u can take the after pics le .. i rushed for u man, nice?! hahaha)

90% said my pervious hair is way better. My friens are so lao shi ~ lol
Hair faster grow man !!

Movie and chalet later , I'm driving !

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doll ; 7:14 PM 0 Comments

❤ Thursday, July 24, 2008

Genting Day 2

11/07/08, Friday

Omfg .. I'm so lazy but here it is .. alot of photos !!
(Psst, dont mind my over-edit face as i was playing with the setting lol)

Woke up kinda late as last nite we were super tired .. By the time we leave our room, it was nearly 12PM already .. I know it's damn waste of time, but it was raining anyway, as we were going to outdoor theme park .

mirror mirror, outfit of the day . I was like wearing short pant lor, sooo cold can? I think im the only one wearing so lil ?

omg ..

Went 'HUO MEI' (as stated on the cup) for our lunch, dint wanna eat too much if not vomit while playing later .. haha

Yay ~~ I love theme park !!

And then, it started to rain again, no choice so we went to sit the mini cable car.

Took these when we were at the top ..

Next, was the dino river ride ..

water so green ..

On the antic car ..

muacks ~

London Bus ..

I love this pic ~~ muz upload to friendster pri pic!
I love us ~

Merry-go-round ..

One of the ride .. forgot what name was it, but ur max weight cant be more den 70kg. Dear's 68kg.. so he can ride it wtf .. hahaha.
Cuz the ride is super small lor ..

That's my dearing ..

Gd ~

This ride is the most lame one ..

I think we played 80% of the ride .. 20% are the kids, water and closed one .. Hehe
It was soooo fun .. went walk walk after that ..

Had 'Marry Brown' for late dinner .. It was not that tasty though ..

Went Cloud 9 to drink a lil .. rainbowss ~~

That's the inside of it .. kinda small ya?

Our drinks ..

pinky sofa ..

Lastly, US ~ w/o flash and w/ .

Wtf sia his face ta bai like that .. hahaha .

I love you la dearrrrr .

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doll ; 4:36 AM 0 Comments