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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happened to see this at Yahoo just now. USA just released Saw 3, just for Halloween. Guess it gonna be aired here 1 month later? Or would it be aired 1st?


Review - http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1809278202/details

doll ; 2:50 AM 0 Comments

❤ Monday, October 30, 2006

I was onlined for the pass few days but was rather lazy to blog. Lazybone acting up again. Been like a night owl, again. Playing game, going out, and not forgetting my fave. pasttime, sleeping once again. lol

Anyhow, just now (Sunday) had family dinner along with my daddy's friend family as well over at Cozybay's area. Taiwan Congee! Yummy. Love that place. The night there is really pretty. I will take a pic of it the next time i headed that again.

Stayed there till like 8.30pm then decided to we should be going. God knows why did it suddenly rain! Daddy was great, he ran to get the car and drove it nearer so we won't kanna too much rain. :D

Was supposed to head over to Tampines Mall to walk walk but thanks to the rain, we just drove home. I thought i could buy something!


Oh, last week, or should I say 2 weeks ago, on 20th (13th mth anni. with baby), we did took photo. It's a promise to do so! Just that i was lazy to scan and all. But i did it anyway.

Heehee. As you can see from the photos, my hair is not long. It's growing very slow. I'm so sad. I want it to reach my boobs before I try to damage it again. Faster grow !!

Still got a lot of photos leh .. but Selina very lazy to re-size them. Re-size can save more space and I don't like to see too BIG photos. roar!

Played Trickster for quite long eh, but ~!~^%@^$ , I'm leveling so slow. Oh well, I guess it does not matter too. As the second class (lvl60) is not yet out so no point rushing. I'm like at lvl 39 only. W-O-L-S (know what it means?)

Oh before I forget to mention about my weekends. Dear & I watched Death Note at Cine on Saturday. The tix was like $9 per person! 50 cent cheaper. Haha. I think they scared Vivo City snatch their customers away. Lol.

Seriously, the anime of Death Note is much better than the movie. Go find it at Youtube. No kidding man. It's also a new anime as well. I watched till ep 4 only ; where a man hijacked the public bus!

Nevertheless, 3.5/5 of it.

This coming December, might be going to Shanghai for holiday trip. Oh man, why the fuck it has to be there. I just do not like their way of talking. Sucks big time. Mummy was asking me to decided a place to go for next year's trip (during March ; as it's my parent's anni).
They are like so sweet can. Going oversea every year to celebrate their anni. Awwwww... I wanna have it this way too !!

Darling, can we can we?! Can we also go oversea to celebrate? *big smile*

doll ; 5:06 AM 0 Comments

❤ Monday, October 23, 2006

Tingy's birthday celebration at MOS on Saturday was fun.

Before that, i went to Cine to meet up with Qiqi and Val for some catching up. Walked around level 2, searching for a present for birthday girl. Got it and we walked to a bus stop outside Taka to send Val off while Qiqi and I took a cab down to MOS's nearby mac to meet up with Tingy and the rest.

It was nice seeing all of them once again after VERY long. Then, went in, greeted by the crowds there. Gosh! So much people. Doggie was there too but din't have the chance to meet him up.

I know I can't hold my liqour well but i din't know graveyard was that strong. Thanks to Qiqi for treating me ; taking care of me as well. Wasted after i drank graveyard.

Qiqi mentioned that I fell down twice while i don't recall anything. I hope i din't rant rubbish out. After that I vomitted out my dinner and the cake outside Bencoolem kopitiam? This is so embarrassing.

I guess most of them are drunk too. Group photos over at Janice's handphone. Dang, K800i looks pawnage. I will upload the photos once they send it to me.

I bet birthday girl had lots of fun!
*gives 19 kisses*

Still having hangover man .. and my tummy's in pain. What the hell did i ate wrong yesterday?

doll ; 3:14 AM 0 Comments

❤ Friday, October 20, 2006

Happy one year and one month anni to my baobei and me .. Using 13th month seems unlucky.
PSI is not getting better. The highest record is on 7th Oct ; on my birthday. What 'luck' .

I love hammie .. My hand keep shaking so the blur outcome.

doll ; 3:57 AM 0 Comments

❤ Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This few days have been playing with a new RPG game, Trickster. Super super cute game. Show you guys some screenshot.

And some funny moments.

'I want you' LOL.

I saw someone who look like me. Twin!

Funny shit. lol

I guess I'm the one around who have time to play? Anyway, check out Trickster for more info if you're interested.

I got so many so many photos to put up; lazy to resize them. Oh yah, I just woke up. =x

doll ; 6:16 PM 0 Comments

❤ Sunday, October 15, 2006

RockYou FXText - Get Your Own

It has been a busy week so no updates. But busy no more; it's time for ben xiao jie to enjoy life again. :)
My birthday was allright only, as the foggy haze kinda spoilt my mood. Not a blast there, Shalyn. lol

Movies that I catched, World Trade Centre & Rob-B-Hood.

Did not intend to watch Rob-B-Hood de, but hearing most of my friends commented 'it's a must watch' so i decided to watch it. Indeed, Jackie Chan's movie is never a disappointment. The part where they have to give the baby away is oh-so-touching. I bet all of you agree the baby is cute. What was the name again? Matthew?

On the other hand, World Trade Centre was not up to my standard. I thought it would be good but kinda draggy. Been there done there type of show. The funny part is when one of the policeman dream of GOD holding a water bottle waitig for him to drink. LOL.

Back to slacker's life. Hmm, maybe i should try to study next year?

doll ; 4:35 AM 0 Comments

❤ Saturday, October 07, 2006

Happy birthday to me !!

lol .. Anyway, the haze is like so FOGGY when I stepped out of my house - at night time. GOSH!
I thought i can't get to see the full moon, but I did!! Saw a more yellowish moon for a while. Then the haze worsen and fucking covered it. I can hardly breathe as well. Cb.

We still saw so many people playing with fire (lantern, fire crackers, etc) over at ECP just now. This is like making it more hazey. lol

I just got home .. updates some other days.

doll ; 5:23 AM 0 Comments

❤ Friday, October 06, 2006

I know I should be sleeping at this kind of time - 05.21am. Haha. But i feel like updating a bit.

It's 06/10 already. Lim Bu's birthday eve!! wahha. It's also my chinese birthday as well. Oh yes, it falls on 'Ba Yue, Si Wu' (I serectly think that's why i'm borned under rabbit, maybe i'm the Chang Er or the missing Yue Tu, LOL!) as what my mummy told me. Don't believe, come ask my mummy. Anyway, Happy mooncake festival!

Oval shaped mooncake?

Oink oink *

Mooncake is heaty. Too much issit good, so don't eat like some hungry ghost, people.

Anyhow, I got 3 more off days again. From Wednesday to Friday, just like last week. I think uob don't need me already. Haha.

Just now (05/10), I meet up with Jamie! See, i'm so good, got free time then ask her out liao. Not like her like that. Bo xim char bor. J/k.

We went shoppinggg. This time we headed to Far East Plaza. Been months since I last stepped there cause most of the time i reach town already 8pm+, there going to close soon.

My birthday present from Jamie. Thanks darling. *hugs*
It look better in real life.

Hand/Sling bag. This is love at 1st sight man though last one.

I'm so into flowers prints nowadays. It's girly girly girly. Then, we went to HMV. Nothing much to buy over here. I saw a small tiny tiny pink turle but it's the last one. =(

We headed to er, New urban male, as she wanna get a singlet type of top? Sporty kind lah, ani't my type. The sales person keep push clothes for Jamie to try this and that top. Around 4 - 5 of them. She asked for sizes and colours, the sale person din't really reply and keep talk about her school. -_-"
He like keep force her to join membership too. lol. So funny can. I was telling her that we should have a bet - if that guy will msg her later at night a not. Haha.

Yawns, long que over at HMV's taxi stand at 10pm+ .. we shared cab home.

In the cab, flash too bright ~

She said she looked ugly and took my handphone and delete some of the photos. How can she do this. =( She's never ugly. I don't care! I just wanna put it up.

doll ; 5:26 AM 0 Comments

❤ Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Money is the root to all evil.

Men cheating, Familes broken, Jealously, Backstabber, and the list goes on.

Where is the love where humans can share gone to?

doll ; 2:33 AM 0 Comments

❤ Sunday, October 01, 2006

Some photos to start off October! (this entry marked to be 88th posted)

No, I did not pick up smoking again. I was playing with my boy's cigg so that he can't smoke! Haha.

Had 3 days off on Wednesday to Friday; which is over lah!
Kinda gald that I have the off days .. so I met up with Jamieeee for shopping on Wed. We went Bugis to hang out. Nothing really fancy us, just brought a few tops only. She headed to BQ ; and i went home to watch Project Runway.

On Thur, supposed to do hair treatment but my bed was toooooooooo comfortable that i don't wanna wake up. supposed to meet huiting too but she din't call me up. Watched ANTM cycle 6 on Youtude, Catching up on MSN, Editing my friendster, blah blah blah ..

Fri meet up with my beloved baby .

Sat ; today, watched the movie 'Stay Alive' at Tampines.. it should be aired long ago but don't know why they just dragged it till now. The show was not bad but too bad they din't really showed out the bloody sences. 3/5 popcorns for it. Brought mooncake for darling, of course he did the same too.

After the movie we went back home by cab. Ok, this part i'm very angry. Ccb~ The bloody taxi ah pek just took the longer way and when I told him nicely that he should take another way. He still replied that, highway don't have traffie light what, it will be faster you know? Fuck you lah. Of course I know don't have lah but mind you, you also went a big round after exiting the highway.

Mother fucking pussy!!!

I hate it when people talk back to me when they are fucking wrong. Fuck .

I think those cab divers around Singapore dislike me and might had boycott me or something. Or maybe they see that I look young and innocent, easy to cheat so they fucking cb take the longer rounte my house.

Then nevermind, i though about it after a while and I decided to call up the hotline, to fucking make a compliant. The fucking auntie on the other line tell me, "Our taxis don't have the plate num starting with 2 hor, you must have saw the wrong colour of the cab." Fuck you lar. It's like 80% in fucking red colours and you tell me i see wrong? I'm not fucking blind. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE WONDERFUL SERVICES.

Both of you will fucking regerts man .. I'm fucking going to voodoo 2 of you, assholes.

When it come to angry issues, I got so much to rant about. Haha. I mean like, for fucking sake, why be good to people when they are not good to you 1st? I'm always those kind of girl that won't look for problems but still, I DO bite.
No use being nice, people will just fucking take advantage of it. You want polite? I'm just gonna give you 2 words - FUCK YOU!

doll ; 3:19 AM 0 Comments