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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Sunday, December 31, 2006

*Worship Death Note*

Heeheehee .. I'm a fan of Death Note .. but I did not forget my fave. Harry Potter!
The movie of Harry Potter is coming soon, which of, I don't know when it will be. Maybe by Vday? XD

Watched Death Note 2 just now at Cine. =DDD

What an ugly picture they made. Light should be the big big one in the middle. humph.
It was so sad lah, Light became so evil in part 2 .. nvm, i will be as dumb like Misa to support Light all the way. *wink wink*

When i got back from Shanghai, I can't wait for the anime's ep (of which is every friday) to be out .. taking too slow ..as well as, Internet was kinda down; making me can't play Trickster.
So I impatiently went to seach for the manga to read.

What a mistake!

At least i thought so. That's cuz if i read the manga ahead of the movie, then what for i still watch the movie right? Dumb dumb me for being so excited.

Furthermore, i already know what was going to be happen. Then, i was at there watching the movie, being the storyteller to darling. I think i'm being irritating.

Enough talk about Death Note already. lol
I can't help it la!! ^-^

*reading manga now*

It's new year eve already! Where are you guys heading? I think I'm just going to see the 8 min fireworks. Find a place where those stupid bagalas would not be near me.

No use paying money to Sentosa or EXPO or even Vivo City, you are sure to see bagalas!!
Many of them.
Not that i'm being racism here, but well, you know, black sheeps are bound to have. =)

Happy New Year!

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doll ; 3:52 AM 0 Comments

❤ Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I'm back back back !

The trip was okay .. i took like 500 pics! expect till the 4th day, i was sick!
Got fever + sore thoat + flu .. it was so hard on poor dollie :(

Worse still,

Communications cut off after powerful earthquake strikes southern Taiwan.

A strong earthquake off Taiwan's southern coast damaged undersea cables, cutting off phone and Internet service Wednesday to parts of China, South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia and the United States, companies said. The temblor killed two people.

AHHhh ~ .. now i can connect ... the next moment, it will be cut off again. I can't play Trickster too .. sad case .

doll ; 10:16 PM 0 Comments

❤ Monday, December 18, 2006

Day out with boyfriend!

Long & last entry before I'm gone!

Normally I would be staying at home on a Sunday or out with family. Heehee. But since I'm going to Shanghai soon, had to spend more time with Mr. boyfriend.

Wanted to go Bugis at 1st, but when we stepped out of the hse, waiting for cab. Suddenly, RAIN!! omfg. It was a heavy one somemore.

So we headed home to wait for the rain to stop and went to Tampines instead. On the way there, the rain was getting bigger too.

How sad right.

Anyhows, it was nevertheless a great night. (that's bcoz we went out only at 7.30pm, thanks to me for being the late queen - as usual)

Mini-melts !!

My fave. ice cream from that vending machine outside Tampines Mall.

$3 for a small cup. I'm crazy. Oh, it's rainbow flavor!

Dine at Central Restaurant
(uh, that Hong Kong cafe style place located at level 4 lah)

Milk Tea !

Uh, Mixed Grill Set for darling ..

This is mine, Fried Spaghetti Pork Chop.

Thick toast! It's nice nice nice but cost $3!!!! so exp .. lol

Today was special, okay, before i go oversea, i treated boyfriend!

Shopping Shopping .

Green/black dress.

Foral dress. niceeeeeeeeee!

Red belt.

Normal long sleeve top.

Sleeveless knitted coat.

Once i step of out the house, i just keep buying anything that's love at 1st sight. I can't help it!!
Too nice to not think about it. Sometimes, i just buy things that i don't need; I find it cute so i buy it. Omfg. What the hell am i thinking. This is horrible. Please lock me at home.

Changed wraps for my camera.

sibei chio!!!!!!!!
hahaha .. I am so in love with it now. I did this wrap all by myself!! I spend like 2 hours to finish it. Gosh.
So pretty from the previous one right?! ^-^

The wrap cost $5.90 only!! Don't give money to those people who help you wrap then charge you $50+ bucks for it. =x

Hang these cute thingy on my camera.

I love fur fur thingy too ! I hang them anywhere I can hang. lol

Heehee. dollie's happy happy.

Took advane sticker prints with boyfriend.

The bloody machine gave us 1 min to decorate only! Bloody shit. So, outcome is like that.

Wish earlier ..

Happy 15th mth anni. to us ... on the 20th December.

Not forgetting,

Early greeting from dollie ;

Merry Christmas Day!

on the 25th december.

doll ; 5:33 AM 0 Comments

❤ Sunday, December 17, 2006

I love Death Note!

Both movie and anime! I can't wait for the movie part 2 to be aired! I can watch it during the weekends when i came back from Shanghai ! yay !!

I just watched ep 11 of the anime too! Misa and another God of Death finally came. So nice to watch lahhh .

And best is, i got the theme opening song! =D

<3>Eragon on Friday. Jamie always pronoune some words wrongly. lol. Same like me lah. It was pretty boring at the start lah. Till i asked Jamie what is he talking about.

Jamie was a sweety to fetch me back & fore. Her driving skill not bad not bad. lol. I'm lazy to take man .. if not i will drive my parent car around like her liao. haha~

It's like LOTR to me lah. And, i'm not a fan of that 3 hours plus movie. zZZZzzzzzzz.

If you like LOTR, you will love this show.

Hey, not forgetting that SAW 3 was out for like 2 weeks more already! Of course, i did watched lah!! lol.
By d_______ it. lalala, guess yourself.

But but but .. I don't freaking understand why it is R21 lah. Like come on lor.. I was rather disappointted with it. I expected more gore and blood. And, outcome is like that only? Only the brain part was a lil gore. I sound like a sadist. hahaha~~

Okieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, 2 more days till i'm off to Shanghai !

doll ; 4:18 AM 0 Comments

❤ Friday, December 15, 2006

I created a blog pet!! It's over at the side ---->

wahaha.. super cute when i saw it over at Dreamie's blog.

No time to play with you la, my bunny. =x

People, help me play with it ok? hehehe.

doll ; 7:41 PM 0 Comments

❤ Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Club, no?

I think a lot of people will be going cuz it's free. lol

Been a while since i blog .. is this consider an update too? ^-^

doll ; 6:54 PM 0 Comments

❤ Friday, December 08, 2006

So many things to be done, so little time. I have got so much so much bloody overdue photos yet to be uploaded. I'm super lazy. bahhhhh.
Just let the photos do the talking. Lazy to resize ..

Week of 27 November

Loots from Bugis

It's suppose to be purple colour

Lace tube

Fake eyelash

Bling bling stickers + manicure set

More eyelash ..

Xmas light

Movie at GV Marina on Saturday

Horror flim which is not scary at all. Messy storyline, not really worth watching. 2/5.
Stupid malay girls who sat in front of us keep screaming for nothing. Damn irrating.

Week of 4 December

Sight see-ing & Fooling around

I think it's ugly.

Hahaha .. no pic of me and us together.

More bling bling stuffs.


I got my boots and camera with my sweety Qiqi's company today. It was raining cats and dogs in the late morning.


Do you believe i buy this coz of the sweetttt butterfly?


I heart it.

At 1st i wanted it from Sony .. then .. while walking towards The Heeren, saw OLYMPUS Roadshow so we decided to stop a while to take a look.
All so exp lor .. dollie so poor .. but did saw this model lah .. was within my bargain .. heehee ~*

It's 6MP, somemore got movie recording. Plus a lot of free gift ah, so kinda worth it.

Err .. FE 190 ?



dollie's happy coz she got camera now. ^-^

Hoho .. The saleman damn funny lor .. coz i asked about Sony T10 if it's good. He made such bad comment of it. Not good lah tat cam .. blah blah blah .. lol

Now to paste some bling bling on it to make it girly.

A bit messy ah .. but i like it . yay ~*

Camera's free gift

There's 512MB XD memory card (Sony's de still need to buy), Extra batt (replaced from a stupid coreless house phone), Camera Bag - incuded a lot of stuffs like Mini tripod, Lens cleaning kit and so on ..

Should be catching movie again this coming weekends. Still wondering what to watch.

Wah, super super long entry. I took 2 hours to finish it. Correct time should be 04.16AM now. haha

doll ; 2:42 AM 0 Comments