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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Omg cant slp!

It's 6.10AM now .. yes in the morning , and I'm soo awake!
This is bad, think i slept too much ytd, sigh .. still got work later, morning shift somemore.

Here's sticker prints for last mth .. not this mth .. 34th mth ; 20.07.08 .

I love bibi !!

And i'm not talking to myself in the tagbox ok, just that i dont want some funny pple to dirty my blog so i del the tags away. =)

(click for better view)

Gosh IP address =

I am acutally an apple doll! Not just dollie. Call me apple next time ok? I will be very happy. Ok wait, maybe bunny for a nick is good too? And i thought why everyone blogs have spammers expect mine .. Now i'm normal blogger , hehehe ~

Ohh , maybe i can call myself princess like some 4584375 female blogger did .


whahahaha ..

Oh ya ..

Did i mention just now Dear's mum brought ice cream for me and told Dear that he cant eat .. lol, Dear was stunned and jealous lor! So funny, wahahha .. cant stop laughing!


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doll ; 6:12 AM 0 Comments

❤ Wednesday, August 20, 2008

35th mth ,

Nice date ya, am waiting for 2009 to come .. hehe .

A blink blink of eye and it's 35th mth le .. that marks it 2 years & 11 mths .. which means next mth is our 3 years anniversary!!

I love you very much, let me expound

Feelings that are deep and profound

In my life, joy and happiness abound

Because a soul mate in you I found

Time will pass and tough times may pound

But my love for you will never run aground.

I'm truly happy.

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doll ; 3:03 AM 0 Comments

❤ Monday, August 18, 2008

Great lights ?


It's pretty one mth late, was at town ... Spell b-o-r-i-n-g with me .

snap snap ~~

Saw a huge ice cream at the NE line ..

Issit the "how can i resist temptation ." ad ?

Muz take pic with big big ice cream .

My baby boy and me,
w/o and w/ flash .


Vivo ...

The super bright lighting over there make me wanna cam whore, makes the pic sibei nice too ..

And after that I found out there's like 2 'eyes' just above me .. Opps ~

Had 'ma la' steamboat during evening,

Our glass of drinks is damn big ..

I dont know why I look so buay song here .. maybe too hungry to wait for the food to cook ?

On the way back,

Aint the Singapore flyer nice at night?

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doll ; 4:20 AM 0 Comments

❤ Monday, August 04, 2008

Genting Day 3

It's August already?!
and also '7th mth' ..

My update are really getting later and later. It's just I'm too enjoying my life that I dont even wanna put down the details .. way too much!

Anyway here's Genting Day 3 , sadly, last (half) day of the trip ..

breadfast buffet ..

Wanted to go for cable car ride but the last time i went with my family last year, i rem we have to wait for very long, to and fore .. I scared we dint have enff time so we dint went ..

Walked ard and decided to go in, "Ripley's Believe It or Not" .. I rem watching it on tv with mui before ..

Some pics taken inside ..

Some robots canned thingy ..

The answer is at the back of it ..

It is believe that by touching them, any parts no matter the man or woman or the baby, you will get pregnant! There's like a tv just for it and also newspaper, letters from family .. wtf, got a couple later on came and the lady touched it .. haha! Omfg .. NOoo way I'm touching that for the moment .. lol

(can click pic for bigger view)

From far : A skull head





Look closer : 2 lil gals playing by the window .

Made from matches

Dear's fave poker cards!! (Inside joke)

World taller man ... I'm so short man .. wtf LOL
He even made his own furniture himself ..

Ended the museum tour with a room that's turning 360 degree dimension which u can choose whether to enter or skip it to the ending with alot alot alot of neckties handing on the wall .

Went 'jalan jalan' (shopping) and manganed to brought a top from MNG (Mango) , brought some snacks and tibits back too, have lunch before heading up the coach ..

It rains again .. and while waiting ..

Stopped by for dinner ..


Thanks darling for sponsor-ed trip (tix was cheap!) .. wo ai ni ~

And just now my baby cooked ai xin pancake for me le, oh my .. feel so blissful ..


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doll ; 4:35 AM 0 Comments