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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Thursday, January 31, 2008

With you .

I don't want nobody else,
Without you, there's no one left then,
I gotta have you and I cannot wait now,

Say... you care for me,
You know... I care for you,
You know... that I'll be true,
You know... that I won't lie,
You know... that I would try,
To be your everything...

Cuz if I got chu,
I don't need money,
I don't need cars,
You're my all.

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doll ; 6:38 AM 0 Comments

❤ Monday, January 28, 2008

Great Day

Great Day on a Sunday ~

What we said ytd night before sleep.

Me: Dear, let's meet at 4pm.
Bf: ... are u sure u can wake up?
Me: .......... Ok 5pm.
Bf: If cannot wake up, we can shop another day.
Me in a demanding tone: I WANNA SHOP TML! DIE DIE WILL WAKE UP.
Bf: Haha *thinking its funny and bet I can't wake up*

As usual, he thought I will drag the time till 7pm or so. Dear's an early bird, I think out of 100 times, he is late for that 1 time by maybe the MOST 15 min.

He went 'Wow' when I was ready when he reached and my eyelash for today .

He mentioned ; damn fake ... but pretty :P

Oh that honeybun, always trying to make me happy.

1st stop was FEP ; in seach for Biniki .

I think I only have 2 pcs of biniki in my life. (not counting the one I just brought) And the last time I went swimming? Wild wild wet during the age of about 17, I guess.
I'm really not that sun babe type of girl.

Hate being tan black .

Hate sweating .

Hate the SUN !!

And I feel uncomfortable wearing a 2 pcs kinda swimsuit letting pple see my .... FATS!
It's like wearing bra and panty walking around the beach.

I'm super old fashion leh .. wahahahah!!
Dear agreed about that bra & panty part. He does not like that idea either. I think he very selfish, he wanna kept me to himself. HAHAHahha.

Ok stop it.

(I know my tian shi is laughing right now ... )

But dear!
Can we go play with water one day? I don't want the bikini to grow mushroom.

Off to Taka to have Pepper Lunch for dinner. Was toooo hungry to snap pic of it. But I had chicken and salmon, while Dear ate terriyaki cod fish or something.

Other loots ;

Must buy this DAISO cup noodles !!
Really got big pc of ham inside, damn worth.

Mui 'turned' this for me. KUROMI !!
and stupid melody.

Combin. of lip, eye and blush colours. Super cheap to miss it !!

See lah, waste money again.

Dear went mad last few days.

Black vs. Blonde

Suddenly, I feel sooo old ......

Pics below are taken last year Oct, which is 3 mths ago.

As you can see, he seems very unwilling to take pic. That bcuz he was lying very happily on my bed with lights off and watching tv.

While his crazy girlfriend on the light, turned the tv's vol down and demamd him to sit up right to take pic with her.

There he goes again, behaving like a lil kid.

Thanks Dear for the chocolates delivery late last night when I am craving for it.

This mth seems so low ... I guess I was too into myself and neglected you. But you're still in the wrong for not an wei-ing me. I know you sucks at it so I just wanna be leave alone. Afterall, I still love you and not some random guys who appear to be a passerby in my life. You are not one of them, ok? My protective jealously honey bibi.

So, I belongs to Kelvin okok!
He very selfish, don't wanna share one, so stay away from me .


Die liao lah ... don't know why suddenly got the 'kick' to blog. Now waste time again!!
Got work later in the morning leh .. 2 and 1/2 hours leff to sleep.

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doll ; 5:02 AM 0 Comments

❤ Saturday, January 26, 2008

Feel so ..

Went Bugis just now.
Choosed new year clothes for mui .

Rejected offers ; clubbing at mos, chilling out and pubbing. Something just feel so wrong, suddenly. Did I really just lost something impt?

Jan had been a emo mth so far, I am still here emo-ing for I don't know what reason. Typing this entry late nite on new lappy. I set it purple theme! Can anyone teach me how to screenshot using win vistA ?

I have never changed .. is just that u got more demanding each time. I'm tired of talking back when I'm not in the wrong. I hate pretending to my friends that I'm happy when I'm not. I don't wish to walk alone ........

Got no mood to do anything ......... I just feel like lying on Bed thinking of nothing.

Need to get bikini (Spa for one day), beanie (dont want hair to get wet), real soon. I hope Korea trip will brighten me up ; 11 more days.

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doll ; 5:19 AM 0 Comments

❤ Thursday, January 24, 2008

Unlocking for a while

"You must be a reader to read this blog .. blah blah"

I think i set it to locked mode for almost 1 mth already. I only plan to invite a handful of close people which is like about 6 ?

Now the numbers rise up to 17.


A few, i admit I did not wanna invite them. I'm not saying names. You yourself should know if we are close friends a not .

Got some still can come ask me, FOR EG, "you lock your blog huh?"

.................. I really don't know what to say. I might be unlocking my blog a while till I'm back from Korea or something since so many kpos wanna read about my boring life. lol

So what if I'm behaving like a bitch ? I'm not born to entertain every single one. Best friends can turn into enemies, R/s can turn sour overnight, backstabber all around, a lot of things could happen unexpectingly.

Like come on, stop coming to me and ask for help when we are not fucking close!
Making use of others is a big turn off on my list. Just go home fuck spider la.
When I ignore u, please get the hint. You really want me to turn things ugly and shoot it straight into ur face? I don't mind losing a 'friend'. I had enough of all these. Humans are selfish, you are selfish. So don't blame me being one too.

Ok, out of topic hahas ~

It's like so sian w/o pics leh, how can you guys stand reading stuffs w/o pics !!
Eat sleep play also must blog down everyday meh? Starting to dislike blogging now.

Anyway, I got a new lappy and it's cheap!
Expect that it's win vista, no web cam nor bluetooth. It's really nice and black and biggg.


Time to sleep soon. Working at RRC tml, good sales :)

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doll ; 1:01 AM 0 Comments

❤ Sunday, January 20, 2008

28th mth .

Happy 28th months / 2 years 4 mths, my Baby kel ~

Sweet loves .

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doll ; 5:29 AM 0 Comments

❤ Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Din't catch a wink last night at all and met Jamie at 12pm.

We even wanted to meet earlier for breadfast can?


Town was our 1st stop.
Updating each other, slowly ate chicken rice for nearly 1 hr at Lucky Plaza, walk abit complain tired, rain half way, stuck at FEP, took a bus over to HMV though she did drive, took a SG map ; covered our head and run to Cine, laughed when we reached, dryed ourselves *cold* ; panic when rains gets heavier on highway.


Headed down to Tampines Courts *colder* and that I cld get my camera batt's chager but sadly ..........

Being the lazy us ; drove over to Ikea *coldest* and have dinner there.

Last stop was her house ; laughing at her recent holiday trip pics and video.

On the way home, saw an traffic accident.

Though we din't brought anything, it was still an enjoyable day with her, like always .

muacks ~

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doll ; 11:39 PM 0 Comments

❤ Friday, January 11, 2008


Last nite i dream of Kuromi !!

I was happily shopping in this shop of full her stuffs.
I even rem I took a mousepad, notebook and poster.

Then sadly I suddenly woke up.

But I slept till 6.30pm lo. hehe

It's the simple and lil things that make me smile.

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doll ; 12:22 AM 0 Comments

❤ Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Let's play a game .

Let's play a game ,

of gussing what food i don't eat ?

bcuz i don't know either .. Darling said I'm a pig who eat anything.

I love watching Channel 8 9pm show now, 'Huang Jing Lu' .. cuz got Li Nan Xing inside =p
My mummy is puzzled why I like old people.
Hate that zheng ping hui ... not coz he act the bad guy (always), just hate the sight of his face .

This is oh-so-random .

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doll ; 8:06 PM 0 Comments

❤ Monday, January 07, 2008

bday .

Met up with Jamie darling last Saturday, dragged time as there sooo much cars getting into the TM's carpark. Headed over to whitesand, same case. So she went to pick a present and we rushed down to Ken's chalet.

Happy 21th Birthday, Ken .

And also one of the friend, which i forgotten the name. (opps!)

I'm also turning 21th this year!
Gosh, how should I celebrate? Opening chalet too?

Then eat eat eat ... Jamie so sweet helped to peel (corrected by Angel :P) the prawn's shell for us.
The prawn was dipped with red wine and was peeled open by her, though I'm alllegey to seafood, I ate it. It was damn nice and sweet.

She was rushing for movie so we only stayed for a while. But it was great to see old friends again. Nice to see pretty mummy Cyn there as well.

Luckly we missed the the 'cut cake' part where they threw cakes all around!

One more month to CNY, also my trip to Korea!

I needa get a new jacket and boots soon.

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doll ; 8:11 PM 0 Comments

❤ Saturday, January 05, 2008


Mac's curly fries back .

I just ate finish one packet of it one hour ago, which is like 330am .
Funny time again, not surprsing anyway for me .
How to slim down like that ?

So yummmy, tempthing huh the pic .

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doll ; 4:25 AM 0 Comments

❤ Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Kai Xin 2008 !

Happy new year, 2008 !!

opps, that's should be belated haha.

Feel so good that i locked my blog. I can type &%^$## anything I want!

My NYE was with boyfriend.

Well spent at Marina Square to watch firework. We found a quite good spot and sat down there for ........ 1 hr+ just for the firework !!
Whahahaha so stupid can. But feels so nice lying on his shouder :P

IT'S 12AM !

Firework started and everyone took pic la video la ... saw 2 guys with 'triport' stand somemore. Aiya dont know how to spell la.

So we only watched a while for like maybe 5 min or so and we rushed to watch movie le as it started at 12.05am.

Watched Alien vs Predator 2 .. quite nice leh .. sooo many fighting sence and that stupid Govt (in the show hor), just drop the bomb on their people .. wahhhhhh damn fucked up !!!

After movie, went home le as i still got work on New Year Day itself haaa .

Soooo long never post pic of myself le, too busy and my stupid external harddisk got problem le hais ...

Here's one.

Super like that new stocking laaa .. whahahaha .

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doll ; 2:56 AM 0 Comments