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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Monday, December 31, 2007


I'm feeling better alr. It just a bad nightmare to me. Haa.

What to do, Selina is always so carefree. Nothing can make me from being happy :)

Ytd was working with my 'Wahaha' Tian Shi . Sooooooooo happy to work with her, we were talking non-stop man. I wonder where we get so much topics to talk about.


Am preparing to head out now.

Happy new year of 2008!

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doll ; 6:01 PM 0 Comments

❤ Friday, December 28, 2007

Sigh .

If you can read this post, good for you.

Blog closed for (invited) close friends for the moment. I know that's alot sarcastic slient readers hanging around my blog. Do not try to rub salt into my wounds. AND STOP ASKING ME QNS!

Wait a min,
I'm not disappointed at myself .

Just felt quite emo and super sway .

Ok, now i feel DAMN horrible inside.
Really hate this feeling, Lady Luck wasn't on my side. Hais . I hope 2008 would bring me luck instead.

From the start, I can sence that the fucker don't want me to pass already. Other testers walk them down, while you ask me go down alone wait for you. Later on, ask me to go fast yet want me slow down when I listened to you. I barely stop at the stop line for half a second, den ask me to faster move off already.
Eh thanks lah ... for making me nervous or whatever shit early in the morning of 830am. You got your fucking wish. I don't even wanna lay my pretty eyes on your fucking lan jiao face. If u're so LI HAI den don't work lah. Work for what? Failing people is your hobby ar?
So old already still have to work, your children never yang you? Poor thing, I PITY you for slogging so hard at your age.

Ok going to off topic soon lol,

I won't even blame myself a single bit, becuz I was totally fine during the warm-up session.
Now i can sence there's something fishy going on. Hmmmmmm ..



Hate it when people come looking for me when they need something from me. When I need help, everyone just ignore. And when I did help, did you ever say a simple 'thanks' ?
Ok fine, I will ignore back then. I don't need "friends" like that. Just fuck off from my life already.

What a bad week to end 2007.
I don't even have the mood to go countdown already.

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doll ; 11:39 AM 0 Comments

❤ Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wish ...

Wish me luck for tomorrow.

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doll ; 11:47 AM 0 Comments

❤ Thursday, December 20, 2007

27th mth .

Yeah, it's the 20th again.

Happy 2 yrs 3 mths / 27th mth, baobei ~

Am going to Town with baobei tomorrow or shd I say later?

Tian Shi said she's passing me xmas present too, so cool.
lol. Think of her = her fave "whahaha" .

Last few days, was watching the new Taiwan drama, Romantic Princess. I sat in front of the comp for 8 hours st8!

Wu Zun is damn cuteeeeeeeee !!


And of cuz busy working, meeting baobei, hanging out with gfs, late night movies, pasa malams (@ tampines), etc.

So many things to blog about, too lil time. I'm getting busier!

5 more days to xmas .
12 more days to 2008 .

Time really pass so quickly. What have I achived this year?

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doll ; 2:21 AM 0 Comments

❤ Sunday, December 09, 2007

Pek cek .

Just got home not long.
Worked full today instead .. Knnbcb tired and angry ok!

I am fucking angry. Fucking stupid pple.

That day sms me ask me if I can work on this day, I am free so i helped. Fucking shit also nv say who the fuck are you. And I need to find your fucking name in the roster.
Ok fine. This one sua.

Help you cover shift, you also never ask me nicely, as if ordering me. Pls lah hor, even trainer herself also don't order me to do and will ask very nicely.
Ok sua again.

So cfm I am helping you already, you did not fucking say a thank you ?!
Where the fuck is your fucking manner? I can don't fucking help you wan ok. Who cares who the fuck are you. I should just listen to Angel already, DON'T help any fucking assholes anymore.

Sibei pek cek ah. Knn angry.
Whoever make me pek cek should just fucking die.

Dollies is tired tired liao la.

Bye .

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doll ; 11:28 PM 0 Comments

So cool .

In less den 2 months time, I will be going off to Korea for a holiday. :)
That will be during chinese new year time ; for about 9 days. It will still be Winter.
I hope I won't get sick due to the super cold weather. (Like how I did during my last trip to Shanghai :( )

Luxury goods used to be ordinary goods for exceptional pple, but are now exceptional goods for ordinary pple.

The above's quoted from Tian Shi's blog. How true.

Just got home from yummy steamboat with boyfriend at ECP. Worked morning today, nearly late sia. It's morning again tml, hate working morning !! But tml got my leader linlin :D

That day at Vivo with Jamie darling.

Why she so cuteeeeeeee <3

There's alot alot alot more pic but ..................... hais ...

Some pics taken on Cyn's wedding.

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doll ; 1:18 AM 0 Comments

❤ Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Enjoying ~

If you have notice, I had changed my layout. Took down the slideshow, friends test, etc. So much better can.

The Dior banner on the left is i yahoo-ed them and merge them together with the help of Photoshop ok!
I like it :D

Played Sponge Bob's version of Diner Dash last few days.

So cool right~
Make me so kan jiong ; while make mui have sweaty plams.

Yesterday (03/12) meet up with Huiting and we went City Hall. She bring me go cheap cheap place buy cheap cheap stuffs. LOL.
Love going out with her .. we love talking rubbish, we took pic with xmas decro tooo!
Hehe. Upload pic soon.

While for today (04/12), shopped a lil during work. Worked morning shift so i went over to meet my ah siao siao leader at Bugis. We went to eat yummy The Soup Spoon that's just opened. I love soup !!
Then tiny Linda brought me a Kuromi soft toy. I swear it's god damn CUTE!
Also brought turtle, long mao soft toy ...

Carrying on shopping a bit in the mall before heading out to the street. So many lil xiao bengs. Haha! This outing to Bugis is alot better den the pervious time one. This time round, we brought more stuffs. I love shopping.
I love linlin.
I am so random , whahahas.

We rocks coz we stayed so near to each other, got company when going home leh! Shiok. Cya on Thu baby, and also next mon for shopping again OK !!

Last night slept at 4am+, nearly late for work this morning. Slept for only 4 hours or so. :(
I only apply foundation and eye brow and off I go. My linlin must be tired too coz she fall asleep again while talking to me in msn. We are tired babies.

Love my Kelvin baby so much .. you're still so nice to me though we are
together for soo long already. More more more okie? Ai Ai Ai Ai ni ni ni ni .
muacks ~

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doll ; 1:40 AM 0 Comments