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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Friday, October 31, 2008

Comp ah comp

Updates on me!

1) My dearest comp is lagging like fuck and is on the way to reformat soon .. so i won't get to be online as much as i want if im back home.
(currently am at dear's hse)

2) Roster's out for next mth and it's all good! No sibei sian counters .

3) Ohhhh, I dye my hair to dark brown last week, and im getting nice feedback from friens. I did cam whore myself but the colour is not that bright in the photo leh.

4) I found wrapping stickers for my DS lite, thx to mui ~
Brought some cute items + bling bling to zhng it too .. lol
Thx to cookie for letting me the card.

(Man, i really perfer a pink DS though!)

5) Why blogging seems so boring ah? Just now i play with baby again .. she is so cute!!!!!
I ask her to kiss me , she lead forward, kissed my lips and laugh to herself.

Awwwwww !!~

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doll ; 3:38 AM 0 Comments

❤ Sunday, October 26, 2008


Blue latio ,

The size is juz nice for lil mui & me .. ^^

Kuromi stuffss !!!

brought them from pasa malam at parkway .. hope pasa malam got more kuromi stuffs in the furture !~

Surprise #1 from Dear .

He went to buy it when I was sleeping and woke me up, "Dear wake up~ I got a present for you"

Sweeeettt ~
I happily unwrap it .. hehe .

I so gonna put bling bling on it. Anyone knows where to buy those wrapping stickers to wrap?
Pls tag me !!!

Post Note : Thx to mui i found the wrapping already and I think i know
where to get the dam gule for the bling bling.

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doll ; 9:22 PM 0 Comments

❤ Monday, October 20, 2008

37mth .

Dint know its the 2oth again , so happy 3 yrs and 1 mth ... my dearest sweet hubby ~

Sneak peak of 3 yrs ,

coOkie cOokie ~

Will be back for massive photos soon ..

*click the above nokia banner for me too!*

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doll ; 5:37 AM 0 Comments

❤ Thursday, October 16, 2008

How busy .

Bday trip was great!

I wore a mini tiara and walked ard, everyone was looking at me.
I got checked (as expected) b4 entering Casino, I happily hand my passport to the police.
I saw a jackpot that feat. monopoly, I wanna play but needa buy some casino card and min. bet was RM50. :(

Alot of old uncle and aunties inside, Spin the wheel was full house lor!

My own home de comp is dying on me soon. Surfing 2 webs only, it gave me an error 'virtual memory running low' msg.
The mouse left click I have to click at least 4 times b4 it reponds. I want another new lappy (though I already have 1, i want 2 can?).

Will update my bday celebration soon (and also 3 yrs anni. sia), I heart my big cake !!

Saturday, 11/10/08

Supper with the 'animal family' - frog, pig, bunny, cat. (Inside joke, haha!)

I drove .......

very hiong .. I nv signal, anyhow u turn, reverse at main road, parked at 2 parking lots . Lol?!
Stfu, at least I got a driving license .

And did I mention my parents getting a new mini blue car next week?

Its at the other end of ECP, some kind of hawer center? surpirsing pig brought us there, I thought no more already!

I love bbq food, we are so greedy !
Im so fat ..

My idea of dragging them to play dotA together. I got killed like .... 8 times lor! OWNAGE somemore! Pig very happy laugh at me. So angry and sad .. lost interest in the game. lol .. Bunny's fault!

Reach home at 4am .

Shall go out again soon , perhaps next week ?
Love my 'animal family' !
haha ~

Random ,


Ah beng lor this pie store .. haha ... (Means bad boy? bad guy? bad kid? in english)

So today was working at RRC, bump into my regular customer from parkway. Of cuz she brought items from me. Was nice seeing her and she rem my name! Awwww, this is one of the part that makes my job satisfied.

I love sweet customer like her ...

I ate at The Soup Spoon for dinner, love soup, love eating there, used to eat there all the time when I was working at bank last time ..

tml still at RRC , huat cai ah !!

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doll ; 3:08 AM 0 Comments

❤ Tuesday, October 07, 2008

21 !!!


I'm finally 21 ~!

Got key le ... hehe .. rushing out now, genting im coming!


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❤ Sunday, October 05, 2008

Surprise !

Guess what I found on my table when I reached home from Dear's hse ?

A letter from Fr3b came on 02/10/08 .
Telling me I had been noticed !!

"You are 1 of the 2 winners of Fr3b's Gift of Appeciation Program" ... SO LUCKY!

Do click on the above pics to view what I had won and Fr3b's words :P

Below is a screenshot of fr3b's blog about the winner .

Can also be direct to the blog entry here .

At 1st I though it was the samples that I placed order on 01/10/08. Yes, I placed a 2nd order! Sometimes, when I wanna order, Ibanking always got error. Anyhows, just in time for my bday, it's like a bday present from Fr3b~ Awwwww, how sweet of them!

I'm pretty excited as I'm someone who is damn sway that only win 1/100 for something in my life .. So my luck is not as sway as I thought. I'm quite packed for this month but I will make time for it, I hope they allow me to bring a friend over too.

I will review again about THE DAY that I went for my free gift.

So now, do you wanna be lucky like me too? GO AHEAD and sign up for Fr3b !!!

You got nothing to lose . =D


My dearest tian shi got me these stuffs few weeks ago ..

So manyyyy .. I love her haha~

Can't get enough of myself ... my hair seems longerrrr ..

Bad sales that day though a PH, that why a sad face too ..

Bday celebation dinner tml later on with my family!


2 more days to my 21st bday !!

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doll ; 5:20 AM 0 Comments