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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Wednesday, February 27, 2008


And i tot Edison only got photos ...

till drey (who goes like "who is Selina?" that day) send me his video !!

Thought it's only a few secs flim, but the sound is like freaking funny.


Shi big de lor ..


Ok stop it.

off to work to gossip more now.

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doll ; 12:27 PM 0 Comments

❤ Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bk to work.

After about 2 weeks of enjoyment and rest, I'm back to work on the 21th to Parkway!

Was happy to see them and chatted up, saw a number of new faces too. Everyone there is like leaving one by one. Too bad YL not working that day if not i think we will goissp alot. wahaha.

It's only the 2nd day of work, I'm feeling so tired already. Tml (later la) still working morning and Sunday working. Mon then off!
I think if i work FT, i will die of tiredness leh, serious.


Hopeless la me.

Tml after work, going to watch 'L changes the world' . Though I perfer my Light Yagami, but it's still under Death Note.

I hope I won't sleep in the cinema.

New friendster background for US.

The pervious one is so much nicer, I know. But this one i rushed it hence it look damn unpro la.
where have my photoshop skill gone to !!

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doll ; 1:18 AM 0 Comments

❤ Wednesday, February 20, 2008

29th mth *

Free Love Glitter Graphics from freeglitters.com

Happy 29th mth to us, Baby.

I love you so much baobao..

The past week though it's the worse time for us but I know u're happy when I stayed over your hse. You said it's like .. we are a married couples. I feel a tingle of joy when I know you still cared for me. Ohhh, the wedding bells. :)

I'm sorry I did a grave mistake, yet u still can forgive me. Nothing else matter as long as you are by my side.

Free Love Glitter Graphics from freeglitters.com

P/s: I can't believe some gals are such shameless bitches . I, or rather my Baby and me, will make you gals fucking jealous at how en ai we can get . Fucking sluts . I will make you pay for it, just wait .

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doll ; 5:38 PM 0 Comments

❤ Monday, February 18, 2008

I have upload a summary of Korea's photos to my friendster.

If you are my friend (cuz i restricted to friend view), carry on to sneak preview.


Do not try to add me if I don't know you. Just wait for my laziness to fade off and I will upload to blogger soon.

And I have been in a very worse mood ever, fucking cb asssholes don't step on my tail now.


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❤ Friday, February 15, 2008

I am back.

I am back to red dot sunny island.


The Yahoo waether is a liar.
The tour guide said the weather changed so it's acutally -10 degree most of the time. And when you are up the mountian, it can hit till -20 degree. Cold till i tot my toe is going to break off. lmao~

Super happy of my loots .

Shall be back for more pics =D

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doll ; 3:24 PM 0 Comments

❤ Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Korea tonight !

Managed to find my tour details online.

Alot of words leh .. so you can skip the itinerary if you wan.




Assemble at Singapore Changi International airport for your flight to Seoul, capital of the "Land of Modern Miracle & Ancient Traditions." (Meals on board)


Upon arrival at Incheon International airport, you will be welcomed by our tour guide who will show you the wonders of Korea. Proceed to Kimpo Domestic Airport for our short flight to Jeju Island. Our first stop will be the Yongduam Dragon Rock, it looks like a roaring dragon rising from the sea into the sky, hence its name. Next, proceed to Songsan Sunrise Peak, a volcanic crater hill offering a splendid view by the coast. Proceed to Songup Folk Village, have a look at the traditional houses in the olden times. (Lunch/Dinner)


After breakfast, we continue to Chonjiyeon Waterfall, one of the most beautiful water fall in Jeju Island. Continue to visit the Teddy Bear Musuem, the one and only kind in the world. A visit to the Holland Village also featuring the famous filming site of the Korean drama "All-In". Proceed to Mysterious Road, experience the phenomenon of going uphill with the vehicle engine being turned off. Tonight, visit Jeju's most popular shopping street TopDong Street. (Breakfast/Lunch)


After breakfast, we take a flight to Kimpo. Begin with Yongin Everland (Admission included), a magical world of nature beauty and fairy tales awaits you. During the winter season, you can enjoy the snow sledging rides on the slopes too! Yeonju Premium Outlet where you can find the first shopping destination in Korea that brings together the finest brands. Take a leisure drive to Yongpyong Dragon Valley for the night, the filming site of the famous Korean Drama – “Winter Sonata”. (Breakfast/Dinner)


After breakfast, we transfer to the breathtaking Mount Sorak National Park whose beauty is accented by its granite peaks, lush green valleys and dense forests. Ascend to the summit by cable car (subject to weather conditions). Walk up the impressive Kwon Kum Seong Fortress which commands an excellent view of the Outer Sorak region. Next stop is the fascinating Shinhungsa Temple, a historical monument constructed during the Shilla era.Tonight we will put up in Hanwah Waterpia resort and have fun at the Waterpia, one of Korea’s first indoor water theme park. (Please bring your own swim suit and cap) (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)

For departures EX-SIN from 16th November 2007 to 31st March 2008, itinerary will run as follows for DAY 5:


After breakfast, take a leisure drive to Yongpyong Dragon Valley ski resort. Brace yourself for a wonderful and exhilarating snow experience. Do not miss out on this fabulous opportunity to try out skiing, ski suit, gloves and ski equipment at own cost. Tonight we will put up in Hanwah Waterpia resort and have fun at the Waterpia, one of Korea’s first indoor water themepark. (Please bring your own swim suit and cap) (Breakfast/Dinner)


After breakfast, we make our way to our first stop Kyongbok Palace, then to National Folk Museum which houses an impressive collection of artifacts illustrating Korean history and culture. Proceed to Korean Traditional Centre where you can hands on to make the staple food of Korea - Kimchi. You can also have a taste of Korean Ginseng Milk and do not miss the opportunity to take photos of yourself dressed in the Korean Traditional Costume - Hanbok. Proceed to more shopping at Ginseng Monopoly Showroom, Amethyst factory and Cordyceps Monopoly showroom. The last highlight for today will be LotteWorld Adventure Park (Big 5), spend your time with the live entertainment, thrilling rides in both indoor and outdoor theme park. (Breakfast/Lunch)


This morning, there is time for some last minute shopping before we bid farewell to the city of Seoul and transfer for your flight home. We hope you have had an enjoyable and memorable vacation with SA tours. (Breakfast)


I think the package is acutally quite ex when i saw the 'Departure Groups' title .. but dont know is which one .. dont know what they meant also .

I just checked Yahoo Weather, it will be damn cold leh !!

=( =( =(

Though it will be so cool to wear boots (if not really will grow mushroom), but hor, I dont wanna be a big bao walking around.
Wo bu xi xuan la ~

So we will still eat 'Tuan Yuan' dinner before heading off to the Airport at about 8pm. My flight is 10.55pm if I'm not wrong.

Shopping at DFS, since there alot of time to waste?
I doubt mummy wld let me too. She very scare I anyhow spend money. lols.
Can buy vodka when we got back to SG.

This mth work very lil, but will go back my fave. parkway on the 21th!
happy ~

Soooooooooooooo gonna miss my dear. So anyway, we are into the longest r/s we ever have. Mine was of coz long ago, I just broken his record last mth.

I love you my loyal-faithful-protective-stupid-lame-dumb sweet

An early greeting to everyone,

Happy Chinese New Year !

Collect more Ang Pao ya. (I keep wanna type ang mo instead lol)

and also

Happy Vday !!

Have a long fun weekend by gambling ~


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doll ; 5:55 AM 0 Comments

❤ Monday, February 04, 2008

2 more days .

I wanted to post pic but my pics are all inside my external HDD and it keep on fail me. Tmds!

So bear with the words. I will post all the Korea pics instead, so don't complain the lagness that time.

Workin morning later.

Hmmmmm .. so did u guys saw the sex scandal thingy of Edison ?!
It was a big news leh .. lol

Come lah, share with you, click !

Whahahaa ... damn gossip sia .

So anyway, I played back Trickster with sonnie. Oh my lovely bunny ~
But on a new server, means new acc. Gonna start over again, some things had changed too. Cool~
Jio-ed my sis & ray to play haha.

Gosh, I am sucha gamer.

31/01, Thu

Oh ya, meet up with Shanie & Theresa (issit spelled like that?).
Off we went to gai gai at Bugis.
Din't plan to buy clothes de coz i really got too much. But in the end, haiz ..
Can't stop my itchy hand!

Settle down at new relocated food court to eat .. it's my 1st time there leh .. Wtf is the stairs for .. and its like sooo big .. but the food is so so only.

Also did brought some lil stuffs like lip blam for the coming trip.

02/01, Sat

Had a mini 'duan yuan' dinner with my Baobao. Of cuz, steamboat !!

It was raining, so was rather cold, ate at our fave. place, ECP. I played (with cam) with the free flow ice cream after that. lol
And the cats keep look at me when I'm eating! So scared it will jump up at me. I threw some (burnt) food to shooo it away. :x
The cat got alot of friends somemore.

03/01, Sun

which is today .. sleep till about 5pm.
And dragged myself to pack luggage in case I forget anything.

DL-ing songs when I was watching Final Destination 2 on Channel 5 just now.
Wnated to watch Final Destination 1 online but it's about plane crush and muii was saying "U dare to watch meh? We going to take plane soon leh."

Ok fine ...........
I damn scared sia so I will watch it when I come back or something.

Sibei padang .

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doll ; 5:11 AM 0 Comments