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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Monday, February 26, 2007

CNY updates

Just feel really lazy to update on CNY .. it's pretty much the same old routines that happen annually .

Sometimes I don't know what to type also .. then I just pull out anything that I can type off, like the previous entry .

Anyway, there's not much photos taken, dint think of taking them. I will just summary my CNY instead.

This is mochi mochi candy !! so gummy .. nice !


I still feel reunion dinner should have steamboat, then got those CNY's mood. haa

BBQ is my fave. one .

Cute huh that star .


Wore a dress instead as I couldn't find any skirts I wanted.

With a red belt + lacy 3/4 pant to complete it ~

Love at 1st sight, liked this dress alot, it's silk .

Other CNY stuffs ..

Cam-whoring .

Hahaha .. feeling pretty that day ;p

My hair is growing damn damn damn slow, still above my boobs only. I want it to be at wasit there .. haven't step into hair salon for like 3 months plus alr.

Me and mui mui .

Slept for like 4 hours pervious night, head over to Grandparents hse @ Huogang around 11am . Ate breakfast cum lunch over at their place.

About 2pm+, we headed to Jurong, dunno which aunt hse. They have 2 dogs .

This dog (xiao bai) was given by my mum ; that time got a customer just leave his dog @ the shop. Poor thing. He barked at me when i took a pic of him last year. I forget the flash lah. =x

Ehh, i forget his name, I think it's spicky or something. Damn noisy ah, quite fat also.

Out of the sudden, it rained over there. Had our early dinner together as well before we headed to another Aunt's hse at Jurong too. Back to our place at night.

I heart my home ~ I'm a homey person luh. :D They sat at the living room while mui and I were at our bedroom. Haa!

They planned to watch movie so they wants to use my computer to check the timing.

( Then, the next day when i played computer, my internet explorers' history all gone. Damn angry lah. I stored some links so I can go back easily. Argh, fuck that cousin of mine for not asking me beforehand. )

About 8pm+, my mui went to meet her bf while i went to meet my darling too. Heehee.

He damn naughty ah, wanna quarrel with me that night. Slept over at his place - with my makeups on.

LOL. Damn crazy lah me. It was a last min thingy mah. Argh, then i have pimple the next day.

I'm addicted to makeups leh. W/o them, I won't step outta my hse . Takes me 2 hours to prepare to go out leh. That's why I don't like last min cancel of meeting or last min wanna meet me up.

Haha, I think i'm addicted to tattoo as well .. hmmmmmm .. addicted to **** toos.
Wait .. something good about me - I don't smoke - hate cigarette's smell! I used to smoke cuz of peer influence, but after a while, found it silly, so quitted.

I hate darling, he smokes. I hate my mui, she serectly smokes too. And told me don't do it last time. -_-

Opps, off topic liao .. 除二 & 除三 , I was at home, damn sleepy .


Went over to Dad's friend place at Paris Ris to pay back visit.

Playing with cigar-look-alike biscuit.

Yummy dinner .

My dad made jellies for dessert .

Fave - ang bao !

P/s: Yup, I don't gamble ; don't like gambling . Playing with cards is fine .

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doll ; 11:17 PM 0 Comments

❤ Friday, February 23, 2007

Ayumi's the BEST .

If you know me well, I'm Ayumi biggest fan!

Since when I was in pri sch till now, I think it's in 1999 ?

Heehee .. I liked her a lot though she an artificial beauty and rumors said one month ago, she had STD. (I couldn't find any news in english, so that is a translated verison) .
Still, I got a folder full of her wallpaper, photos. Lalala.



Sooooooo pretty!

Did you people watched tv? That's a new music ad, a japanese singer as well, Koda Kumi .

Damn bitch lar that singer. I think she's also an artificial beauty. But she show off her nehneh and body wan leh. I wonder why they allowed it to be aired on tv lor. She wanna take over Ayumi !!

She took the sexy path . I think it's her whorish dance plus barely exist clothes that made her success (or not) . Ahhh, so sluty, just look at her mtv!

I think she wanna seduce guys, make them fall in love with her body thus buy all her CD/DVD. She herself can get on to #1 chart while the guys can PCC at home. lol

Yaya, I won't deny she look pretty too, well, look like a porn star, that is . :)
Don't talk to me about it, I hate her!


Last few days, got a bitch msg me in friendster. Acted so gum with me . Pui !

"yo . how are you ? so in love with your bf . *envies* btw wad programme you use
to edit your pics ?"

Envy ki lan lar.

No leh, I'm not afraid to put down what you wrote, but I'm not going to put down ur fucking name ; dirty my blog leh. Best is you read my blog ar, COZ IM SAYING YOU!

If you want ur name here also can, you let me know ya? =)

I never step on ur fucking tail at all, so you better stop backstabbing me . Motherfucking bitch . Don't know what you gain from doing all these leh . Someone is going to give you money from bad mouthing me ar?

Don't always act inncoent in front of me can . Everyone in sec sch times knows how you are really like .

Yawns. wasted my blog space again.

(Sorry, I was pissed off so i scolded offensive words, a lil not like myself. lol)


Updates on CNY soon, I'm lazy to upload photos .. You guys got a lot of ang bao money mah? :D
I haven't counted mine yet .

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doll ; 9:49 AM 0 Comments

❤ Tuesday, February 20, 2007

17th mth .

Hope there's many more mths or better, years to come .

Sticker prints as usual .
Darling look so girly. I hate him his hair , so brown while mine damn black .

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doll ; 12:50 AM 0 Comments

❤ Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gong Xi Fa Cai .

Happy oink oink new year!

Don't know why but just don't like to bai nian anymore. Haa, maybe i just detest talking to my relatives. Ta bai ask the same question over and over again .

I rather spend it by sleeping. LOL. I shall head over to darling's hse & sleep on Tuesday. I love hugging him to bed though he always snatch blacket away .

Hey, next week it will be March already. Fast eh?

Oh yah, watched Protégé last Saturday (10/02) , at Cine.

Hmm, it's really just a typical hong kong flim to me, that normally you will get to see on tv. So i don't really liked it. It's much predicted .. 2.5/5 popcorns for it .

While on Friday (16/02) , was at Tampines Mall with darling, decided to take our sticker prints earlier as I'm not sure if shopping malls would be open on the 20th .
Catched a movie too, Ghost Rider .

My type of show, it's a nice flim!

The bad guys are cool and of coz scary. I think one of them is called 'Black Heart' , somewhat the leader of the bad guys .. he looks pretty cute to me. drools*
I like cool/cold looking guys, can? They gives a mystery feeling .

It's based on Marvel comic. Haa, seems that basing off comic is nice eh? Death Note is from a manga too . 4 over 5 popcorns !

I wanna get Death Note DVD and keep! But i heard the part 2 is not out yet. Sian, don't know when Harry Potter is coming out also .. can't wait to watch it .

Alright, it's so late now. Dollie have to wake up at 9am later and normally that time is her bed time .

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doll ; 4:41 AM 0 Comments

❤ Friday, February 16, 2007

Post Vday .

Right now at 3.30am,

where most people are sleeping,

I'm munching those yummy CNY goodies away.

Such heavenly luscious goodies .

But, i have got 2 ulcers, pimples popping out recently. (Not sure if I have gained weight)
Whatever. Start eating healthy after CNY!


How's everyone's else Valentine's day? I enjoyed myself with my dearest boy .

I told him not to buy flowers for me though he insisted. Haaa. To me, flowers are a waste. I hate seeing them drys out, and can't bear to throw away later on. I detest things that I need to throw them away after a while, ok? I perfer owning them. (Owning sounds like dotA. whaha)

Lol, i'm so realistic lah, sometimes dear also buay ta han me.
Dollie do treasures her stuffs though.

The present I recevied from him - Fairy tattoo .
(I doubt I will post pic of it .. i hate copycats . sorry lah, I said I'm selfish already. So see it in real life)

The gift I gave my darling - Chocolates (I made myself!) + Wallet .

In Japan, Girls give love chocolates to the guys they like/love. Since I love Japan's anime so much, I decided to be nice and make some for darling too.

Process of choco making . (it's easy)

Pure chocolate, ya, those for chocolate fondue type + Chocolate mould and wrapping .

Melt that solid chocolate in double boil or mircowave. Don't make the chocolate boil. Just nice will do.

After that, put into the fridge for 15 min to let choco harder.

Yum yum. Of cuz, it will be nicer if there's other colouring.

Ta - dah !!

I added a cute piggy since it's the year of the pig. ^-^

Hope my darling baby liked my hand/home-made chocolate ~


Went over to Marina Square as we are having our dinner later on at there. Last year's vday, we were at Bugis, not much girls were holding flowers.
Hmmmm, this year, I don't see a lot of couples around too lei.


Anyway, I brought some lil stuffs and we were just hanging around, there's so much people on weekdays too. Oh, maybe bcuz of vday.

Dear booked for Jack's place at 8pm .. sadly, i think most of the people reversed table too. We waited for 40 minutes before getting to a table. Fucking 40 minutes leh!!

zZzzzzzzzzzzz ..

So everyone was basically standing/sitting outside of the entry.
Got one guy was so pissed off waiting lah .. he dragged his gf off to smoke.

Hungry people are angry people!

Luckly darling was quite good tempered that day ..
Dear: It's bcuz today is vday, dont wanna spoil it .
Me: .........

Humph .. so normally I think he purposely make me angry one. lol

Menu for the day . It's a 5 course meal ?

Haa, words too small.

Got candles means candles light dinner liao. lol

Gosh, the detail in the menu so long. I lazy type all lah .. Can see it yourself right. ^^

Turkey + Lobster Salad ..

Dear changed the soup to lobster soup .

My half lobster and chicken .. blah blah ..

Darling's Salmon + prawn

Rashberry cheesecake. Dear hates cheeses, so I had both! wahaha. I'm a big fan of cheese~

A free lil bear for ladies, how cute .

It is the gal's turn to foot the bill now? Everywhere I see, the female is taking out the cash/card to pay . Hmmm, 21th century does not means that guys can't be gentlemen what.

Dear: It's different now .. my guy friend's gf are all the one
paying ..
Me: wei se mo? but i no money lei .. *show sad face*

Wahaha .. He always laugh when i said that .

Photo of us on sweet sweet vday . I hope we can keep on celebrating as the years come. Haa, think so far alr. :p

Lotsa kisses and hugs to my dearest for being such a sweety just for me. It's true that everyday can be vday . I don't know why is there vday either . Is it to remind couple that have to be extra sweet on this day? This few weeks, our r/s is getting smoother, as I'm trying to change a bit too! Feedbacks said that im too demanding and blah blah blah. I know myself can alr. AHhhh, don't tell me when there's a problem, it's cause by me lor. No no no, it can't be .

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