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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Friday, March 30, 2007


I think most of the people won't listen to japanese songs anymore .
It's RNB everywhere !
But i think this is nice .. so emo-nice .

This song is an OST from a japanese emo drama, 1 litre of tears .
Damn nice I tell you, both drama/movie and songs!
(most pple cried, but i dint la, maybe i abit cold hearted lol)

I'm like sooooooooooo happy when my friend send me :D

*keep on replaying the song again and again*

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doll ; 12:34 AM 0 Comments

❤ Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Great Wkends

Ate mui's leftover medicine from the other day last night. My temp dropped within hours .. Yeah ~ But still having sore throat lah .. but at least no more fever ^-^


Surprising, Steph wanna club due to some reason. So how I can rejected her right? Been quite long since I saw her too .. It's like an ex classmates gathering lol. With Jamie, Eliza, Cliff & co ..

Before that, Jamie and me headed to Town 1st as she wanna shop abit .. I should have take a pic of her driving lor ... so cute! pretty driver ; nice car.

But we reached there nearly 9pm .. so most of the shops are closing .. took from free ice cream Simon .. haha. Nothing special leh the ice cream, don't know sell so ex for what ..

Hmm .. stayed till abt 11.30pm, then went over to MOS to meet the others .. Guys to Gals is like a ratio of 10 : 1 . lol

My left eyes was quite sore .. I think it's the mascara :(
So ugly la .. have to put on more eyes makeup ..

Some pics from that day ..

Jamie darlin & me ..

Eliza .. Steph ..

And of cuz myself ..


I think i dint entertained Cliff that much .. he was so bored .. =x
Ok, then danced till .. hmm ..... I forget. lol .. think is 3am+?

Off we went to DXO as Steph's friens is over there .. 1st time going there .. as i thought their music gence is techno .. opps.
Dancefloor sure feels damn warm .. music quite old as well ....... my humps? haha .
We kinda got bored ... I saw there's a 2nd floor so we went up .. dont know why there's no one upstairs?

But feel nice sitting there .. and looked down thu the window at people dancing. LOL

2nd floor's ceiling light ..

In DXO's toilet .. quite dirty ..

Clubbing is fun once in a while .. anyway still have some more pics over at their hp ..

Then ... went to have supper at ..... river valley ?

Chicken rice .. :D

Thanks meow meow darling ...


Waking up .. my throat was so painful .. as if i shouted alot last night .. lol
Still having sore eyes, cfm is that mascara lah .. I better throw it away thought I use it less den 5 times?

Hey wait .. my eyes is still sore as I type this entry .. Grr .

$7 leh for both drinks lol
Slacked at the 5th floor .. Coke Red or something cafe before catching ..

Mr Bean's Holiday with dearest boy .

Uhh .. both of us find it quite disappointing .. I mean like, it's not as funny as those showed on the tv .. Abit boring at the start too.
And it's was selling damn fast lor the tickets ..

2/5 for it .

Took losta pics with dearest .. I have to re-size and edit .. lazy.
I have got so much so much pics .. since last year!! lol I think it's almost going to over 1000 pics liao.

Yay! the person called us already, so will be meeting Tingx for training. :D I hope everythings goes well ..

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doll ; 6:25 PM 0 Comments

❤ Sunday, March 25, 2007


Feeling all feverish 2 days ago .. i thought it's just coz i drank too much alcohol? But now i feel so sick ..
My temp is 38.4 degree ..
Suddenly have block nose/flu while sleeping with dear last night ..

I'm so tired and lazy to step out of the hse and see a doctor now. Furthermore it's quite late now? Dont know where still got open .. Head is spinning man ..

Gosh, I'm so weak!

Whenever I'm out with friens, I will get sick man! wth ~ ssshhhhh, i better shut up. If not dear will forbid me go out w/o him again. =x

I shall just have panadols for today .. if it's still high tomorrow, i have to go see it .. if not the fever cause brain damage how? lol

Waiting for dear to buy porridge for me now ..

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doll ; 7:10 PM 0 Comments

❤ Friday, March 23, 2007


Dammit lah, typed finished already then stupid blogger got error. ahhhh, i typed alot leh!

Have to retype again .. so i was saying 7am used to be my bed time .. but now i got tired by 2am .. while normally 3am is my supper time.

So, been meeting up with Huiting these 2 days. I love meet up with girlfriends. It's been like 18323 years since I last saw her. Everyone knows I'm always with bf so no one wanna ask me out. :(

Okay, now I'm talking like some sad soul that have no friends like that. Wahaha. She woke me up at bloody 12pm la .. I'm so tired lol

As I'm typing this entry, my eyes are closing .. I better hurry up.

We hitted Town! It was so fucking sunny lah. What's wrong with the bloody sun man .. I hate sun. I keep on whinning la .. I think Huiting can't stand me lol

Met her 3pm and went for interview, just trying our luck. Then, headed to FEP. Wanted to eat that fave. chicken rice shall but it was under ronvation. So we ate our dinner at some random place at the 5th floor.

Went shopping around ..

Brought a top from CHAOS . nice flower print :D
Shall wear it tml.

Rested for a while as our feet hurt so much from walking ..

Brought Anna Sui's stuffs .

Ring Rouge
Nah, im not using. Belated bday present for Jamie darlin ~

Tell me, which girl doesn't like Anna Sui vinatge products?

Perm pic from that day ..

Look so uglyish auntie right?
Issit cuz my hair is still too short to perm ..

11/03 pics ~

I like that top ..

my boy is so yandao ~

Erm, dear, it's rude to stare when we are kissing, ok?

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doll ; 4:06 AM 0 Comments

❤ Tuesday, March 20, 2007

18th mths .

Happy 1 ½ years / 18th months anniversary, my darling baby!

No, my hair's not messy, it's curl ok, dont know why can't really see in the pic.

I gave my boy a mini gift - mini photo frame .

I got a cute pouch in return! (i demanded for it. lol)

Today is a good day. I meet up with 2 darlings of mine!
Jamie and my boy. haa.

Been a while since i last saw Jamie lah, she forever busy.

So meet her up at Tampines just now around 3pm, shopped a lil before heading to the carpark. I'm sorry gal, make u kana parking fine. I feel so guilty :(

Since she's a homely person (which i don't believe lol), we went back to her house and slack. hehe.
I love her room la, felt so relac whenever I'm there. lol I want a queen size bed too!
Asked her to take pic together, but she rejected me! as she never put on make ups. She got put a not .. also look the same lor - pretty!

She helped me to curl my hair as I asked her to teach dumb me. Result? I look so ugly in curl lor!! Somemore my hair is black and dry .. look like some auntie like that. wahaha. Shall upload that soon.

She said she's going to nick me eggplant. Cuz ................... i like purple alot. She asked me to dye my hair green also to look more like one. LOL, like wth right. she's a meanie.

Went back to Tampines to meet up with my boy about 7pm ..

Hmmmm, she went to Bedok 85 for her dinner while we stayed back.

Aiyaaaaa ... i still feel so guilty though she's say it's ok ... >_<

To darling ; So blissful to have you in my life, thoughts there's quarrel times, but we do share a lot of great time together as well. (but my mind always remember the bad times lol, then forget about the good, sorry deardear, u know i love u lots)

Anyway, fuck period! I always have pimples whenever it's here.

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doll ; 12:51 AM 0 Comments

❤ Sunday, March 18, 2007

Omfg, poor animals.

Dolphin Slaughter.

I din't know dolphins can be eaten. How can people just kill animals without feeling anything? It's suffering in pain and fear, yet they can still joyfully watch it slowly bleed to death .......

Sorry about the BG music, click here to see it over at Youtube and this web too.

Scary leh .. they should just knock it and let it faint instead of sliting the poor animal's throat and let it feel the pain.
I really like Japan, you know. Not only dolphins suffered this way, in fact, all other animal like our normal chicken or duck or pig.

A very good eg is Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

I think people who like to eat KFC shouldn't watch the following video. lol.
That time I was at Genting and was at KFC, suddenly remember this video while i was eating halfway. Almost puked it out. Lol damn stupid me.

Here to Youtube. And here is for more info about KFC cruelty.

Feel like becoming a vegetarian now?

Man, I really sound like I'm adverting something. wahahha.


Showing charity show on tv now. Can i give comment? I scared kana sue leh. lol
Issit NKF case enough to show it's all a b***f?
Yawns, hate charity show. Donate to me lah, i'm so broke. At least i will tell u how I spend it.

Anyway, do I look like I'm someone who can't find a job? There's a big different between can't find and don't wish to find.
In my case, I'm the latter.

Not working does not means I'm rich or aimless in life or useless or whatever ya? I just don't like to work, hate the scary backstabbing working life. I'm too innocent, people will sabotage me. lol. Hey, serious ok?

I'm very poor, so dont come borrow money from me. I need to save up and buy my kuromi cuz doggy purposely forget about it. lol .

I don't wanna care if there's a typo or sensitive topic anymore. (Maybe not) I feel like I'm blogging for the sake of blogging. Damn FAKE can? I don't like it! Fuck those people who spy my blog.

I blog for the sake of memories, memories of my past for own keeping ok? So i won't anyhow shut down my blog for nothing. Ohhhh, what if one day blogspot decided to close down their domain? I will lost all my entires, better start backing them up.

Sometimes I look back at my entries ........ "why did i write such a plastic
entry man."
was what I thought that moment.

That's to prevent people from reading my inner thoughts, I guess?

But of course, some topic are really tooooooooooooooo sensitive to talk about. Like ................ hmmm .......... I don't know lah, sex I supposed? LOL

Feels quite good to type down so much thoughts that I won't do normally.

p/s: damn lazy to update abt genting or photos.

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doll ; 10:06 PM 0 Comments

❤ Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm back .

More than 6 hours of bus ride is killing me. My head is still spinning. God, how those people stand it man ..

Saw a lot of young couple there, envy leh!
How i wish a boyfriend would bring me oversea, but HE is always making jie kuo. Sian, what a sad life i have.
Hope darling can take off in June so we can celebrate his birthday or our 2 years anniversary in Sept :D

Haa, din't know Genting is so cheap. Non peak hours go there only $50+/3 days ? lol, no wonder so many people can (only afford) go there lah!

lol. Shall update when im free again. Time to rest.

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doll ; 11:13 PM 0 Comments

❤ Sunday, March 11, 2007

Genting tomorrow

Watched Scooby-Doo 2 on Channel 5 just now. Used to watch the cartoon everytime on Cartoon Network when i was young. lol

Can't i talk about childhood times? I was a happy child ok :D Still a happy lady now though lol

So anyway, went to Cine on Satuday ~
Wanted to catch 300. It was either sold out or the 1st few seats left :(

So we choosed to watch Primeval instead .

It's about a legendary crocodile Gustave that's real ok!

But that size is like our zoo that crocodile leh. Big, fat and lazy. He's damn fat that he move damn slow or keep sleep like a pig. lol. That crocodile Gustave move super fast.

Sure look like a movie that i watched before too, Dinocroc . Also moved very fast but this show sucks la lol

After buying tickets, went to eat LJS .. then rushed to Taka/Wisma to get my fancl cleasing oil, replenish make ups. Dear feel so sian to me lar, always have to accompany me shop. lol

I shopped till almost forget the time for movie. Went to washroom then saw a xiao mei mei talking quite loudly. *turn and look at her*

Her top damn short and wear a hot pant lor. Why she wear like that? Cuz that bitch have a tattoo. (at her lower back)

Damn hao lian ar. Got tattoo must show off so boldy meh? Then inside there kpkb. 'eh u know how to draw eyeliner anot, i help u draw la' blah blah .

lol funny shit.

Off to darling hse later. He cooked my fave meatball for me. It was sweet. Like it when men cooks.
In return, i helped him to cut his finger/toe nails. See, im nice too.

Dint though of taking my toys over at his hse but i just remember last night. keke

Winne the pooh from Hong Kong Disneyland, Poker King cushion from jamie, and some random cushion. lol

Poker curtain. ahahah. I make his room like a girl room.

King cushion at dear's hse while Queen cushion's at mine's. Both given by Jamie dar :)

Accompany darling to sleep that night as im going to scary place (m'sia) tomorrow. .. lalala love sleeping with him though now he snatch pillow. argh

Mui brought it all for me! normal pocky, fake pocky and another big fake chocky .. haa what the fuck's up with that name.

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doll ; 10:13 PM 0 Comments

❤ Saturday, March 10, 2007

Paris Hilton

Beside Ayumi Hamasaki , I also like Paris Hilton .

One of the ep from The Simple Life season one .
Damn funny at the middle part, when they wore the ... coke suit thingy ?

Whahah ... so ridiculous funny. LOL

I only start watching when it's their 3rd season. Youtube does not have them all . booooo!

Sad, I got a fucking pimple on my nose ....... again.

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doll ; 4:31 AM 0 Comments

❤ Friday, March 09, 2007

A wall, my heart .

I built a wall around my heart,
to prevent people from tearing it apart .

But brick by brick, you chipped away.
And now it's gone, you better stay .

You touch my face, I breathe in deep .
I give you my heart to let you keep .

We are happy for a time .
Young, sweet love
I call you mine .

But you tossed my heart, not a care in the world .
And threw it away, you laughed as I recoiled .

One more time, I pick up the shattered pieces
of my broken heart .

I slowly rebuild what I have lost .
Never again no matter how much the cost .

Will I give you
my heart like I did .

source :)


doll ; 3:50 AM 0 Comments

❤ Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Just because I don't do bad things, doesn't mean I don't have bad thoughts .

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doll ; 9:32 PM 0 Comments


Spent it over at darlings' .

Picpic taken @ his place .

Sleeppppppppppppp .. decided to go home early on Sunday morning (04/o3) as there's a family dinner at night .

Was about to fall asleep while mui keep whining that's she have a fever, feeling damn sick .. keep asking me to accompany her to the doctor. (the Clinic is next door only.)

She so timid lah .. lol stupid girl.

So we registered and came home and wait .... waited and waited. From like 9.30am, we waited till nearly 11.45am then the nurse called my hse and asked us to come down .

Gosh, does not means we stay next door = it's ok to let us wait lor! I was god-damn-motherfucking tired when we reached home .

Ate lunch and had a talk with mummy and went to bed at like 1pm? Had to wake up at 4pm to get ready. You bet, I was so tired. 3 hours of sleep only leh!

See, dollie so good ; sacrificed my beauty sleep to accompany dumb mui and yet she talked back to me sometimes. Man, I wanna slap her .

About 6pm+, headed to Jurong's IMM . East to west !
Wanted to have benjing duck but the restaurant's still having CNY menu so had to order a la carte instead .

Still got dunno what mee .. forgot to take . my dad said i'm crazy lah, food also want take pic. lol

Fave dessert! Yam pasteee .

So bloated, off we went to .... Daiso !!

Brought a lot of 'rubbish' again .

Caramel corn now have strawberry flavor :D

On the way to carpark, saw some nice clothes at push cart.

Silk again ; hmmmm .. my closet is blasting .

zZzzzzzz on the car throughout the journey . To prove that im tired, i slept at 11pm!
and woke up at 7.30am . lol

Onlined but was damn bored, went back to bed at 12pm .. a mistake! In the end, woke up at 7.30pm. And I thought I could change back to biological clock . -_-""

Oh yah, am going to Genting for a short trip next monday . (My parent's wedding anniversary vacation annually, how sweet!) It's from 12 to 14 march .

I was kinda reluctant to go. (To me, m'sia is a scary place. My parents said they brought me over there a lot of times when i was young but i dont rem.) lol I scare kana kidnap/rob CAN ANOT?!

Rather spent a bit more to go to a safer place. And I detest taking long distance bus lah, damnit!

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doll ; 6:38 AM 0 Comments

❤ Friday, March 02, 2007


This is my new .

Evil clone of My Melody.

lol damn CUTE lah. Kuromi 是My Melody 的变身, 和天使般的粉红色 Melody 比起来 . . . 黑色Melody 像是个小恶魔 .

Anyone sees this selling elsewhere, buy for me ok!! In return, I will love you. Hahaha, kidding . That's to prove that I really like this lil cute thing . (I think doggie forgotten to buy it for me *sad)

I saw one of the shop @ Cine selling it. About 4cm tall, sells for SGD$7+. Gosh, why so exp ar .. but so cute lei. They are selling Hard Gay's toy too . lol

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doll ; 3:55 AM 0 Comments