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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Monday, September 29, 2008


Before we go into topic of the day, just to note my bday is coming in 8 days !!!

7 OCT ~!

The pervious post is for my CHINESE bday that falls on chinese calendar, ok? Cannot have 2 bday meh? So, if u must, wish me on 7 OCT intsead !

21th bday coming leh ... why everyone celebrate at chalet ah? So passé .
Having wedding banquet also seems passé.

Anyhow, I'm celebrating my 21th bday over at Genting ~
away from 7 ~ 9 .

Was deciding bkk or hk at 1st but due to the condition over there and Dear's work, he cld only apply for 3 days straight leave.

Dear said he wld make up to me ... serect now :P

How I normally spend my weekends .


I wld wake up near evening and prepare before heading out for dinner 1st ..

Wanted to eat pepper lunch but food court was packed so settle down at Hans' .

Booked for 'Painted Skin' at nite ,

Qi yi wu is inside acting a demon .. the show was nicer den i thought.

Bump into Elieen & Shanie inside the lift ^^x , while Dear also bumped into his friens (like always) 2 times in less den 30 min .

Snappie at Dear's hse .

Acutally I got alot too update .. but i'm so lazy .. I wanna go play monopoly online now .

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doll ; 11:37 PM 0 Comments

❤ Wednesday, September 24, 2008



8月15日 is not only mooncake fev , it's also my chinese birthday !!

Mummy make it a 'big deal' and talking all abt it so she brought a cakie for me .. Choco mint, refreshing taste!

Since it's chinese bday, I think it shd be 22th instead of 21st?
Hmmmmm ...

Happy me with cakieEeeee !!~

Mum: I'm home! with cake for jie's chinese bday!
Me: weeeeeee ~
Mui: why jiejie have chinese bday and i dont have?
Mum: Jie's easier to rem mah .. 8月15 mah ... yours ah? ......... I dont
Mui: *sad*

Hahaha! mui so cuteee .. I wanna bite her .. I wanna put her inside my bag
and bring her over to Dear's hse so she can be with me ... kAwaaii ~

And some random pics ,

F1 Car display at Parkway .. I was wondering if it's the real thing or what?

Parkway's upper level food court got a pond ...

and there's turtles in it !!
And also some fishes.

Anna Sui's new nail colour, pretty?

I DIY myself neh ~

*sparkling sparkling bling bling*

Out of sudden, I so wanna act cute .. pardon me, as I'm currently watching Japanese drama (Last Friends) neh ~ .. Also watched the much raved 恋空 aka Koizora, Jap movie. If you like 恋空, you should watch 1 Litre Of Tears too, very touching!! Got drama and movie .. but i watched the drama one. Can find them on youtube =D

I'm very much into actor Nishikido Ryo now ... <3

Also watched new movies recently - Death Race, Mirrors, Disaster Movie .

And also the posion thing in the Milk is Melamine. I find this is very serious so I went to look up info abt it. It had killed babies. BABIES ok?
Why is it added?
The chemical melamine, normally used in making plastics, was apparently added to milk supplies to give the appearance of higher protein levels. Worse is, they knew it and keep quiet. Please read abt it here .

What is Melamine?
A plastic material.
Nornmally use a polymeric cleaning product. The end products include countertops, dry erase boards, fabrics, glues, housewares and flame retardants. Melamine is one of the major components in Pigment Yellow 150, a colorant in inks and plastics.

Got these info from here .

Low doses do not means not harm. Yes, our body is able to surpass it but too much chemical is not good for us either! Gosh, I'm banning myself from touching China products.
It's just sooooooo painful to see human doing such things to make profits and making other human of their own kind die or sth.

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doll ; 5:21 AM 0 Comments

❤ Monday, September 22, 2008

Lil happy me

Last Saturday was great!
CQ was fun .
3 yrs of love is bliss .

I took picpic with my camera but I cant upload any yet as the usb cable is at my own home .. while i'm still stuck at Dear's hse .


Might take a while for the pics but I shall upload the ones at my hp soon though. :D

And some serious issue about the Milk thingy that really hot lately. How dangerous!! It's not the 1st time China make such inhuman stuffs.

Milk Product affected in Singapore due to China's Milk Situation‏.

The following items have been recalled due to china's milk situation.
This is real. M&M,Snickers,Mento's Yogurt bottle,Dove Choc,oreo
waferstick,monmilk,dutchlady sterlised milk, Wall's all naturalMango,Minipoppers
ice cream, Magnu, Ice cream, moo Sandwich Ice cReam,minicornetto youcan icecream.
Stores that sell this products was told by AVA to remove them from the store. So
of you have any of this items just throw it away.

Ending with some interesting pics,

My fave Paris Hilton !!

I went to NY city .


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doll ; 3:07 AM 0 Comments

❤ Saturday, September 20, 2008

3 yrs !!!

20.09.2008 , is our 3 years of love !!

I'm in love with the pic that i just photoshop-ed 30 min ago.
It's so nice i set it as my lappy's BG !

It's more of a simple theme but i really like it~

CQ later :D

3 years
we have been together
You have been a wonderful lover
All my worries seem as light as a feather
Because joy you have made me discover.

Everyday, comes sunny or rainy weather
It no longer seems to matter
Just thinking of you makes things better
Because I know I have you as my partner.

My love for you will last forever
All our times together I will remember
I know our future can be much happier
Because my love for you keeps growing stronger.

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doll ; 5:37 AM 0 Comments

❤ Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Congrats to my pretty lil mui ,
for passing her TP ytd !!

I am so proud of her .. you are not dumb after all. kisses from me!

you know sometimes, it just feel funny that when im at home, beside her .. she's reading my blog from her lappy.

I love muiiiii .. I love my family .... I love my beloved hubby-to-be ~~


Updates sooon .

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doll ; 3:15 AM 0 Comments

❤ Friday, September 12, 2008

Blood Type jokes

Funny comic stips that I find it quite funny .
It's from a forwarded email, maybe u seems them before? I'll just upload 2 that's more related to my blood type ..

Click for a larger view to see the words.


If you wan the full email of it, let me know, I will forward it to u

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doll ; 3:28 AM 0 Comments

❤ Saturday, September 06, 2008

Baby again .

Blogshops and online shopping is like the 'IN' thing now la .. but being the old-fashioned me, I dont trust online shopping. I do perfer to feel the texture of skincare, get a perfect fix for clothes, and normally i cant find my shoe size (34). Feet too small.

Bcuz I'm short, i cant wear top that's too big & loose for a XS size gal too, and if i do wear them, I'll look more short and as if i'm pregant!

So anyway, I have super sensitive + oily on surface + dry inside skin. (Wth is wrong with my skin?!) So mostly 60% of the skincares items, ranging from cheap to exp brand, I cant seems to use. Breakout, oil clog, and lastly waste of money!

Not just plainy $100 or so. Cfm more den that.


So one day, I came to notice this website that give out free samples, which is quite innovative as I never really see it before.
Don't talk abt those 3g/5g jar type of samples from blogshop. Argh, i hate blogshop.

At 1st I have my doubt too, and the samples that are in stock that time, I'm not very interested, so I heck care la ..
till about 1~2 mth later, while blog-hopping, saw bloggers receiving their freebies from them, 1 by 1.

And i thought to myself, "Hmmm, ok maybe i shd give it a try since it's ibanking..and the delivery fee is not high mah"

Wah .. sibei long winded den never put down the website, are you interested already?

It's Fr3b.com .

I think alot of pple heard of it liao la ..

So anyway, I placed my order last thu/fri and they need working days to proceed it so I thought maybe I will get it on a later date. When I came back home a few days ago (I was at Dear's hse so i dont know the exact date when they package was here, maybe tue?), I saw the freebies lying on my table, Yay it's here!

They are really fast in handling stuffs! Hate waiting so long for things as i may lost interest.
Tried the peel off mask thingy that very night. lol

Beside skincare and makeup, they also have samples like hair wax, eye solution, pads and recently there's like car scents lor!
Maybe can get one put inside my family car haha~

So what are you waiting for ?!

Go sign up now!


From the pervious entry, I mention my neighbor's kid. So here she is!!

I went to grab a toy to play (psycho) with her.

Ahem, I dint go over their hse, Mummy hug her over to our place instead.
The green wall is like my mum idea, haha ~



Random food pic .

Not i purposely make one lor. When i wanna drink the soup, den i noticed it!

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doll ; 3:02 AM 0 Comments

❤ Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Baby babies ,

Cynthia's new born baby girl she's barely 1 mth only that time, in June .

And Amanda's cute girl,

Very hard to take pic with babies, they cant stop moving!

Still got one cute baby pic in my phone, it's my neighbor 2nd kid .. she just started learning walking few weeks ago .. Mum keep bringing her over to our hse to play.

"So many mums-to-be are around you, are you going to be next?", My mummy said. Haha, she tink funny.

But with the newly baby bouns scheme which was give us 4k for the 1st baby, 4 mths of maternity leave, more child leave and etc. Wooohooo , luckly I dint have a baby so early. LOL

Did u guys saw Channel 8's new drama at 9pm? The lil baby, Nicole is sooooo cute !! omg, why is she so cuteeee .. I so wanna see how her parents look like ..

Watched quite a num of movies for the past weeks,

The Love Guru, Meet Dave, Wall-E and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Still thinking shd i watch Death Race? It just gave me the feeling its not nice though ..

Dont know why, I suddenly lost interest in blogging ........

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doll ; 3:18 AM 0 Comments