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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Tuesday, April 21, 2009

43 mth .

It was our 3 years 7 mths yesterday .

Wo ai ni baobei ..

And, shopping spree with Linlin tomorrow!


doll ; 11:05 PM 0 Comments

❤ Monday, April 13, 2009

Laugh @ you .

Have been playing L4D almost every weekends .. Addicted to it though i'm still a noob in it .. As i always kill the less infected and took the less damage. But I kill more special infected though ok!

Dear wanna go this Thrusday, weekday not much pple, and don't need to wait so long. We shall see about that.

Headed to Tampines 1 last Saturday. It was damn packed as expected.
I notice alot of pple were outside on the pathway walking where as not much pple were inside the shopes. Got one selling bedsheet de ji tao no pple at all!

But got one shop at level 2, Uniglo is the store name I think, got to que in!!!
Why huh? Got sale or very popluar brand? I'm slow in this ..

Sold away the fuckup k850i as well. Went to TM after finished Tampines 1 level by level. Tm like ..... weekday feeling .. so lil pple around esp the dept store, LOL.



Anyway, I don't understand why 'some' pples love to copy me when we dislike each other so much?

Was talking to linlin about it, maybe they really jealous of me. Like come on la , since I already ignore you and try not to get invold with you at all. Why bother to step on my tail again and again?

I'm sorry that my life is so much better den yours. I don't need any 'backing' or whatsoever to bring up my status. I try to bring down my arrogance and control my bitchness bcuz i feel i don't need to stoop my level down to you. If i were to 'show off', I don't need to lift a finger alright?

If you dislike or hate me as much as I hate you, why bother to know about my life and my doing? I will only think it's damn funny, I'm laughing at YOU.


So long never post pic of myself!

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doll ; 7:10 PM 0 Comments

❤ Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Food poison .

I guess most of you had heard the news about the rojak food poisoning outbreak located at Geylang Serai Temporary Market.

At 1st is 1 death and 1 woman kanna miscarriage. This is very very worse already. And just now i heard the news saying that another person pass away this morning lor.

Like what the hell !!

I dont know what the fuck is the stall owner doing lor. Why he din't kana food poison?! Scarli is he ownself know what happening to the food, that's why never eat and sold to us, innocent soul!

Damn fuckup la this type of pple. I know outside food is dirty. But how dirty can it get man, seriously? Damn jia lat. I'm weak lor, i don't want eat outside food already la.

Home cooked food is the best .

This type of callous pple should just die la nabei ~
Health Ministry (MOH) just found 41 rats .. EH 41 LEH .. NOT JUST 5 LOR .. SIAO one .

I still rem my friend ate at Tampines's one of the food court mixed rice and there's like a tiny weey snail inside la!!! ARGH so disgusting .

I go 7-11 buy bread eat still better.

More souces to read up ~

More souces to read up!





And Tampines One ( the new mall at tampines ) is opening tml!
This sat i'm heading for movie and sun bian walk walk~

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doll ; 6:47 PM 0 Comments

❤ Sunday, April 05, 2009

Last few days i kana a bad flu lor .. Went to see doc and got fever too which i can't feel. But all are well, i'm feeling better today!

Sun bian had an injection for prevention for cervical cancer. My arm is pain till today lor. I wonder why?! I also wanna have a prevection injection for chicken pox too!

Friday ,
went Katong to play L4D! Yeah, 1st time completed the game ... I'm the 1st one to run up the plane, haha!!
But poor dear was left dead there ..

In loving memory somemore lor .. so funny!

was movie movie movie!

Watched jackie chan show, Shinjuku Incident .
They flim it in Japan, I love Japan!!

Hehe .. it was a not bad show eh ..

Ok got to have my dinner soon .

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doll ; 6:09 PM 0 Comments