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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Tuesday, April 29, 2008

paris hilton

Watched The Hottie and the Nottie, (with Paris Hilton, my fave, acting in it) ytd .

It's more of the comedy and romance genre. And of cuz Paris was the hotti . The show was okay .
3/5 popcorns .

Xmas pics taken last year with Huiting .

Nice lil xmas hse taken outside peni .

At work, with Zhen ni .

Niceeeeeee .
I tell you sony ericsson phone are zai . I'm a big fan of them lor .

Acutally got alot of pics to upload (think back last year or even last last year), but due to my lazynesss .... Oh well, i guess it's near impossible things gonna happen . I din't ever bother to edit the pic above .

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❤ Friday, April 25, 2008

It is often this way .

A moment of ecstasy , a lifetime of agony .


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❤ Sunday, April 20, 2008

31th mth *

Happy 2 years and 7 mths, my baoooooooooo .


Thanks for wrapping my new k850i, bringing me to Jack's place for dinner last nite and letting me win in dota when I don't even know what weapon to buy .

Next time we will play ur that ... what game was that again ?

hehe .

But Dear .. i really dont like it when u drool on my pillow *write name* and leaving ur own clean lorrrrrrrrrrrrr .. humph

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doll ; 2:48 AM 0 Comments

❤ Saturday, April 19, 2008

zoom zoom ..

Darling is behind me sleeping soundly while I'm blogging this .

He gonna work later .. gonna wake him up at about 2 hr times .. right now is also raining too .. wooooo cooling make me feel like sleeping soon too ..

Drove out on 17/04, Thur, night to Ikea tampines .. 1st time driving on the road at night .. Super no sense of direction at all lor .. lane switching as if i own the road whahaha ..
Then ... I forget to turn on my headlight somemore .. Stressed on Dear for direction .. Mummy was kinda worried that I drive out alone .. lol.

I managed to park a quick one before we headed to Ikea to get a full lenght mirror, $9.90 only!!
And have our dinner there.

Yummy meatballs .

Then, went to Giant, (luckly closed at 12am), to get queen size bed sheet, juices, snacks, shower foam, etc for us .. =D

Headed back to Dear's hse, and while parking, my wheel hitted the back hard. Opps!

But worse is ..... after driving back home alone, suddenly cannot park already!
The more i park, the car more not str8 !!

I think i really took 10 min to park nicely .. LOL.

Same like tian shi lor .. no pole to see how to park -_-"

Mum said if mui pass le, she will get us a car . =D
mui, faster pass !!

Come to think of it .. 3 of us, Me, Jamie and Cliff, bday falls on Oct, Nov and Dec respectively. Cliff was the 1st to pass tp within 6 mths i think ... Jamie took down her p plate last yr nov .. and me super last .. lol

Gonna have supper with Jamie soon ... missed her. Shall join Darling on bed le .. he trying to sleep on my side of the bed again ..

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❤ Monday, April 14, 2008

Fave 4/11/08

Last Friday was a happy day .

  • Passed my TP, though the 2nd attepmt .

Can't wait to get my hands on the wheel, I drove out to pump oil at Tampines and went on highway to Parkway . With mummy guiding me (or the car?) of cuz . I think I won't be caught speeding, cuz running on only 80km/hr give me the fear . Haha!
Thx mummy for the big ang bao .

  • New handphone, K850i .

Yes, headed to Parkway to get a new phone . Green's OOS islandwide, stupid M1. So got the blue colour instead .

  • New number .

Bid farewell to my old number of 7 years .. din't bear to change it, Oh well ... Will only give new number to close friends .

  • Holiday Trip .

To Thailand (Bangkok + Pattaya) for 5 days next month . Tickets are booked .
(tian shi, it's mu turn to get ur present from bkk now.. ahah!)

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doll ; 4:44 PM 0 Comments

❤ Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Wee-ness .

Dear got us a queen size bed few days ago .
Shi 海马 (sea horse) brand .

Hehe. He's like so sweet .. scared i never sleep well everytime . I told Baby, in the furture, I wan the bed where the bowling ball fall on it, you know the tv ad ?

Simmons is the brand if I'm not wrong ?

I think still short of a full lenght mirror, lappy for ourselves, considering weather to paint the wall purple, designing the wall anot and also keeping terrapins ?

Haha .. I super love terrapins can ?

Other den the above, all are perfect .

To my great surprise, my mum allowed me to stay at Darling hse . As she's rather conservative . Hmmmm .. I think our parents wanna carry grand children . LOL

Hahaha ... I'm sucha joker .

Life just seems so nice with you around .
I love you, baobao .

The itch is back . Am considering getting ink either at my neck or ankle ... It's so addicting, trust me, or rather the news too .


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doll ; 3:37 AM 0 Comments