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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Saturday, July 24, 2010

I could really use a wish right now, right now ..

Right now ...

Still up on a 'TGIF' to study for tml's inter biz paper . My brain is so rusty and listening to mp3 songs right now is not helping me. I'm remembering the song's lyrics inside of my notes. Wtf
xxb .

Just 5 more min to 5am .. SO DEAD!

Amazing dual lcd cam .

I like .

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doll ; 4:54 AM 0 Comments

❤ Friday, July 16, 2010

Hate it when i'm still up for the wrong reason

Fuck .

I totally hate international biz . Stuck at doing my current assignment that i have to come here and rant! I already rant on my fb & twitter . ARGH .

Next week would be the exam for it . Damn it . I don't wan juz a pass . I make up my mind to make this commitment. I have to at least get a B or something though i hate it right ? SIGH .

Envy dear sleeping so soundly behind me while i'm here .... cracking my head .

2.5 words ... wtf .. i'm still short of about 900 words more . Stupid lecturer still want use hand in hand copy . Waste paper and ink . 2.5 words leh .. I think nearly 10 pc of paper man! zZzzzzz

Strategic planning and strategy ... not the same meh? How to find out what is the plan for it? Argh ... Brain juice not working . Bombing music right into my ear drum .


doll ; 4:00 AM 0 Comments

❤ Thursday, July 15, 2010

'Joke' of the mth .

"What goes arounds, come arounds."

So it went round and round to you alr? Wow, that's fast .


Karma is a lil bitch .. but you are the biggest BITCH .

Hehehehe ... I'm totally laughing away . LAUGH DIE ME !


doll ; 12:29 AM 0 Comments

❤ Thursday, July 08, 2010

An eye for an eye .

The ol' saying,

I will be nice to you when you're nice to me 1st .
If you decided to choose the hard way , I will make you feel worsen den me x10 of your doing .

Or , just simply ignore and you can have cold turkey treatment from the fridge .

As simple as that . I'm not born to please everyone in the world :)

Like what i mention before or did I? , "Don't get envy of my life when is just that yours sucks . No use bringing me down , it's the fact that I'm better den you . Don't let your 'anger/jealous/whatever feeling' accumulated too much , volcano will erupt . "

Anyhows , just apply nail polish , been few mths since I last apply them , Bling bling nails !!
I like .
All my iphone friens strongly suggested that I wait for the 2nd batch of iPhone 4 instead of chiong-ing to get one when it's out in the market ... Hmmm maybe I really should but ... how long can I keep myself from waiting ?
I wanna jail break my iphone to purple theme . *-*
Or leopard theme ?!

P/s : I just earned myself $50 bucks for blogging . Cheque is on the way .

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doll ; 3:15 AM 0 Comments

❤ Thursday, July 01, 2010

Half a yr passed!

Few days ago got back my 1st module of my course result for Marketing . Got an A for it and was super happy for it!
Even passed my 1st brdging module where it was my 1st even time to do assigment of sooo many words!

I tot i would do badly for it, in the end i got a B+ .. Am proud of myself :)

But currently having international biz and it is killing me already! Too hard too hard.. The words is too much too ... my 1st few only requied me to write max 2000 words .. Now got 500 more .. 2500 words!
And my leastuer ... want us to die lor! The topic is so hard and he is totally not going thu the class by the book ... Not only me but my classmates don't even know what is he talking about ...

Due date is next week .. and i haven't even start .... not coz i'm lazy .. is really dont know how to start :(

Just bath ... nua-ing a while more before i head to cook soup for my foever hungry dear dear. I think he last time must be a pig! He can go "I'm hungry alr!" when only a few hours had pass while i'm still feeling full. My god!

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doll ; 10:30 PM 0 Comments