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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Monday, July 30, 2007


There is a rainbow after every storm ..
I saw mine.

Everything is fine now, I hope.

Monday blues, I hate it.

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doll ; 12:55 PM 0 Comments

❤ Friday, July 27, 2007


The sky is raining, the weather knows how I'm feeling .

It's so heart breaking to let this happen again and again. I'm going to put a stop to all these . All the while I'm too soft hearted already . I will pick up myself even though I know it's going to be VERY hard .

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doll ; 7:54 PM 0 Comments

❤ Thursday, July 26, 2007


I was working at Tampines on 17/07/07 .. had my fave mini-melts ice cream after work. Used to be $2 per cup .. now rise to $2.50 le. And Town is selling it at $3! Gosh, so exp.

Yum yum.

Shopping loots from work on 19/07/07, Thursday.

GUESS handbag.
It's cheap.

Purple nightwear.

I like the lil details ..

When i told other counter girls that I'm wearing it out and not to sleep, all gave me a stun look. Hahaha. Just Kidding but who knows .. maybe I will. lol

Shop again on 22/07/07, Sunday . I really can't stop myself from buying. Nevermind I guess, since it was cheap .

I love lace.

Death Note !!

Death Note 1 and 2 DVD. My early birthday present from mui .
Too early for it lor, my birthday is like 2 months+ away . Haha .

Now now, time for overdue pics.



07/10/06 (my birthday!)


Dear dear and me.

I know my eyes look funny. LMAO .. I was trying out something and lazy to edit over and over again. lolol.

Yawns .. I forgot that night i edit half way only. So that's all for now.

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doll ; 1:30 AM 0 Comments

❤ Friday, July 20, 2007

22th mth .


(Nice num, weeee? Then next year 20.08.2008 and the list goes on.)

I think more or less we kinda get used to this 'habit' of wishing every mth .

We clearly forgotten about it when the clock is ticked 12am, we keep talking away and then just hang up ... like normal days. Ha?

Nevertheless, Happy 22th mth / 1 year 10 mths anniversay to my boyfriend and meeee.

  • 3rd pic ; As if Dear's a vampire trying to suck my blood. I swear it's damn funny. LOL
  • Last 2 pics din't have time to deco. Stupid time was so fast.
  • (wanted to photoshop it with design but am so lazy)
  • My hair is like quite long now, so happy.
  • But wait, oily sclap yet dry ends is nothing to be proud of so ... =(

My scanner is not working the same it should be (before reformating) but I still managed to scan the pic . I'm not a computer idiot okay .

I was so sleepy when I went for work this morning . Blame myself for watching Ratatouille till 3am while waiting for my hair to dry as well .

I know the show ain't in Cinema yet . Don't ask, I got my ways .
It's quite nice leh, 3.5/5 for it .

Weeeeeeeee .. Dear coming over to my place later at night. It's nice having 2 off days straight .

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doll ; 2:32 AM 0 Comments

❤ Monday, July 16, 2007


So many pics, so lil time. I don't know where to start.


Brought stuffs while at work. Hehe.

Another pair of white heels for work

KOSE lotion and mask tablets

Kuromi towel .. with stupid my melody inside.

Went to Metro Tampines as they are having 50% closing down sales .

Niceeeee tops ..

Brought 4 Bra sets too but din't took pics of it. Feel damn funny lor if I post those bra up. lol
But it's damn messy there, so many pple. My head was spinning then.

Also brought foot spa packs .

Pampered my foots after i came home. So jellies and it's purpleeeeee .

10/07/07 and 11/07/07

Have steamboat during break time with Lunnie .
I think we need more time for steamboat ya? 1 hr where got enough.

Close up . (Steal this from her blog. Coz her's look more yummy. Hehe)

What is this?

Damn bloody, I know. I never seems pig liver uncooked before so yah ..

Ok, don't look at it anymore .

My cute turtles ..

This pic look classic to me. I think I might be a good photograher somedays. lol

Don't ask me why it looked so dry.

Look closer. They are playing~!

So cute. I love turtle.

Purple car!! So nice ok that metallic purple .


Took a break from work for 3 days to enjoy my Harry Potter show and of cuz with boyfriend too .
That would be from 14th to 16th .

We booked tickets one week in advance yet it's already half full!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (5th year)

Weeeeeeeeee .. I love Harry Potter can?!
The show is gooooood though no ending at all, cuz it will keep dragging on and on. Still, 4/5 for it !!

I dislike naughty kids. I hate noisy kids. I fucking detest it when they are in the cinema.
Why would any parents bring their kids to watch a midnight show? That stupid boy is like FUCKING NOISY and IRRITATING ok. I almost feel like throwing my nachaos cheese at him.
I really can't stand it when kids are noisy and their parents just let them be.


But normally, I really like kids. Really, I do. (only good and quiet ones if not ............ )

Meet darling boy, we headed down to Town 1st.
From FEP to Paragon to Cine to PS . We walked! Haha.

So sad that I did not brought any clothes. Nothing caught my eyes. Maybe bcuz I had been going to Town lately.

If you did not know, I havea habit, that whenever I go out (even for a lil while), I need to buy something .... anything! I think I'm weird.

But darling brought this for me,

'Death Note' book handphone strips (soft soft de)
It's SO cute can, got lil apple also. But $5 for it leh.

I also love Death Note as much as Harry Potter.

Ok, sneak preview of upcoming pics .

Uh, ya I think I look ........... or something .

Stay tunes :)

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doll ; 2:45 AM 0 Comments