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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Monday, September 25, 2006

Slept at 3am+ last night. I don't know why either. So, i'm damn tired the whole day. Reached work 9.20am though i start at 9am. lol. I think the bloody flu bug is attacked me.

Anyway, Xiexue's lastest entry (should be about weak women) is so worth reading. Click here to read if you have some spare time. I'm not a fan of hers but reading her entry really kills time!

doll ; 9:57 PM 0 Comments

❤ Sunday, September 24, 2006


My beloved naughty darling boy brought a handphone for my birthday!!
No contract, no line. Brought it from Sony Gallery.
He wants to give me earlier; I like having present eariler too.

Yup, it's SE W810i. Auctally hor, I wanted K800i. Cause the camera is 3.2mp, very hot-selling now. but still, the diff. is not that big from the most famous K750i's 2mp. I tired that out with my friend's K800i and I do agree. The joystick of it will get dusty. I can confirm this. But w810i, if you have notice, is not joystick-ed.

So, my darling who love me so much (Of course i love him a lot too lah), brought it for meeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I will start adding songs, pic, mp3, and whatever shit inside tomorrow. Heehee. I'm a happy happy doll. I think next year birthday present will be ........ hmm ...... Dear, you wanna buy me a Gucci tote bag?

Hahahaha .. Just kidding.

Wanna see the diff. from a 3.2mp and 2mp camera? (click to enlarge)
K800i K750i

Ok, I must admit that in this attempt, the 1st photo is more close to the reailty. 3.2mp file is soooooooo big! I think it's 650b? File so big fo what, waste space.

Ok, the anniversary present that I made for my baby. Some pages from the book.

Front page.

Can tell from the pictures, right? Cut out mag of words! Very popular on tv darma where kidnapper would use this method to mail to the victim. hahah! I spent quite some times doing this.

Purple flowers! Saw this while we are waiting for cab. hee, I like like like this flower. I don't know what type is it.

doll ; 3:37 AM 0 Comments

❤ Thursday, September 21, 2006

Work is getting more and more tired, but what to do. No work where got money right.
'Wo de min hao ku ar' .. lol

There's a new guy yesterday sitting beside me and he is sick. Ok, sick nvm. He fucking cough and sneeze like he own the company. Worse still, he fucking never cover his mouth. Fuck. My body very weak wan lor. If i kanna it, cb, I'm going to curse him. Arghz, High IQ pple normally have fucking low EQ. Fuck man. I'm going fucking kp him if he carry on like that tomorrow. Fucking Cb.

Anyway, just now have a mini mooncake tea party with my dept around 430pm. How nice right! Still got food to eat. Haha. They are all very funny. Work is not that bad after all. Expect that i have to wake up early. At work face computer the whole day le. Now at home face again, so boring lah.

Anyway, I think my birthday just spend it with my darling. I'm lazy to ask all of my friends to gather. My friends all from diff. group .. I know a lil here .. a lil there .. Oh dear ..
I will be very happy if any of you bothers to wish me on 07/10 .
Remember it's 7th of October. (^-^)

doll ; 11:29 PM 0 Comments

❤ Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Happy one year anniversary, baby!

Anyhows, we took sticker prints, as usual. But this time round, I requested taking one earlier, last Saturday (er, in case any one of us suddenly have to work OT or whatever reasons) and another one on the actual day, which is today.

16/09/06 .

20/09/06 .

We made a promise that we would take sticker prints on monthly anniversary basis. That's why on every 20th, there's photos!

It's quite a normal day as both of us are working. Baby came to fetch me after i ended work. We headed over to Bugis to have our dinner. Took sticker prints, did a lil shopping and then went home. Damn tired.

doll ; 11:48 PM 0 Comments

❤ Monday, September 18, 2006

I'm like so fucking tired.
Woke up 7am everyday .. but still, late for work. (Bad habit hard to change!) what the hell .. I'm really really preparing too slow in the morning. I decided not to put so much make ups from tomorrow onwards! Waste of my make up though i love to look pretty all the time. But, nah, who see anyway? My dept had too many AM and VP around. They have got lotsa work to do! keke.
Ended work 6.30pm but got home nearly 8pm .. like what the hell again? Remove make up & bath already going to be 9pm .. Watch tv; news while eating = 10.45pm . Online to check mails and some other stuffs = 11.15pm. Lastly, talk to darling on phone = almost 12am! Sleep around 1am to 7am .. about 6 hours plus of rest only.


I just don't have time for myself like i used to anymore. No time to update my blogger & pte blog. :( Might be staying at home this coming weekends to upload photos, edit photos, update this and that. And not forgetting, rest rest rest! ;D

Anyhow, 2 more days to our one year anni ..
Ani't always smooth sailing .. still, i'm like the one who always save the boat from sinking. humph. Dear suck suck sucko!

Some photos .

Lastly, me & my darlin` jamie, last week at mos .. i look damn fucking chubby. I DUN LIKE !


doll ; 11:22 PM 0 Comments

❤ Tuesday, September 12, 2006

If counted by weeks, yesterday marks one mth; of me - working! To date, it's like the longest can? lol.

At the moment, am working lah. Lunch break just finished. Eyes fucking dry and sleepy. Thx to _____ . Humph! I give u face don't say ur name. =p

4 1/2 hrs more to end work. Damn long! Just 8 more days to me and darling's 1 year anni.. Kinda fast to me. Many ups and downs .. hope upcoming days will become better.

Back to work ..

doll ; 1:54 PM 0 Comments

❤ Monday, September 11, 2006

Cliff passed me the card reader, like finally? (But i'm so lazy to edit them. lol) Kinda lack of photos ya? Here are some to keep you entertained for a while. How about a tag? :p

Butterfly biscuit~ brought from Hong Kong .

Supper at one of the night.

Foundation .

Nice huh?

Mui's fave dog.

Oh dear .. Blogger photo have error .. =(
Stop here then.

doll ; 12:20 AM 0 Comments

❤ Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Omg .. blogger is so lag!
Anyway, tomorrow is the 7th. That means my bday is just one month away!
Dont know why not as excied as last time. Is it because the older you get, the more you don't wish to celebrate?

Now i understand why people said working = no life.
Work, home, then sleep.

Heading to mos with jamie soon. Miss her!

doll ; 10:44 PM 0 Comments

❤ Friday, September 01, 2006

Erm, Happy teacher's day?

Haha .. Start of a new month and I skipped work today. =x
My leg still hurts; all thanks to the fire drill on Wednesday at work. Climbed down from the 13th floor to ground level. Yes, u heard me - 13th floor!
It's hard for me as I rarely work out. Guess it's time to use the stairs next time rather then lift.

Notice the lag of entry? User Id arrived on Monday. Damn bored can. Work's pretty okay, getting my pay this coming 4th. 2 weeks pay, not very much ya.

Must get card reader soon, memory card can't take it anymore. Ok, i summarize a bit of the week.

Mon - User id came; upset that I can't use internet anymore.
Tue - Silly me typed the wrong password and got locked out from the system. lol. Got it back after lunch time. Meet up with Septh for lunch too.
Wed - Fire Drill after lunch time. It was raining so we did not have to walk over to i-forget-where-place.
Thu - Term lunch at Japanese place. Yummy food.
Fri - Which is today! Leg hurts since yesterday. So decided to take off today. No pay for today. sobz. Going out later with darling. :)

Okay, I will update photo asap .

doll ; 3:39 PM 0 Comments