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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Friday, March 31, 2006

Luckly i cancelled my car pra today.
It's was raining damn heavily and just nice, my lesson's time.
I will be scared by then.

Today marks the final exam paper + last day of school.
So fast eh?
I still rem. going to school for the very 1st day..

When we were walking t0wards the carpark,
we saw this sibei swee car (i duno wad type lar) parked beside cliff's car - in my school!

But, it's a rented car .
Wasted .. i tot who's so rich.

Went to jamie darlin hse a while b4 heading home le ..
No idea why i felt so bored juz now in the noon.

Took a nap at 5pm+ though.
Wanted to wake up at 6pm but abt 8.15pm instead

Tml's having car pra at 240pm .
hope it's fun.
Shd be meeting dearing after my lesson .
I wanna shop for stuffs needed to bring over to Hong Kong !

doll ; 2:44 AM 0 Comments

❤ Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Yawns .
Get got home after dearing hse .
Haben bath yet.

Went to tampines just now in the evening.

Brought Levi’s Lady Style Princess Fit.
Inspire Envy with figure enhancing jeans that come with sweet details like diamante crystal rivets and heart-shaped pockets.
$179.50 for it ..

haha ..
Im broke ..
I shd wait till Mid Yr sales then buy hor?

Brought some lil stuffs as well ,
before heading to baby's hse .
His computer got virus! So can't go into internet.
How sad!
So just slacked at his hse ..

tralalal ..
Don't know wad to say le ..
It's late!
Time to bathe .

doll ; 2:13 AM 0 Comments

❤ Monday, March 27, 2006

I don't enjoy going to car practical.
I fear of it man ..
whaha .. damnit!
Let mie fucking pass the tp easily lah.
if not i fucking slap the person.

Last nite was chatting with my long time frien,
Val ..
hehe ..
so nice can talk to her again ..
We still hav lotsa things to say ..
Well, that's girls .
Miss her so much. <3

Currently raining since morning,
but still going out to meet darling !!
hehehe .

doll ; 4:17 PM 0 Comments

❤ Friday, March 24, 2006

Just got the good news that my family and I are going to Hong Kong in 2 weeks time (on 11th April) !!
Supposed to go during the march holiday but Sis and I are studying.

Still, TRA LA LA LA ~
I'm so happy!
Dear said he will give mie some money to shop there too.. how nice!
Dearing, i will miss miss miss you lotsa one ok?
Stop saying im like some freaking bad gal.
I hit myself ok?
*use cute 'tori' and hit head*

My fucking mouth have a big ulcer .. so pain!

Okie, on Monday, Darling and I took stickers prints, it will be uploaded to my friendster instead of here. Go there and see!
I make a freaking funny typo.
I wanted to write 'Darling',
but guess what,
I wrote, "Daring" instead.

whahahahaaha !!

I dint notice till we got our stickers printed out.
Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn paiseh. *hides*
So i'm not going to upload that up.

On Tuesday,
During my Sports and Wellness 2 lesson, something like sec sch's PE.
We did some adventure thingy.
U know, those thin strings you gonna walk ON it from very very high.

Oh, how abt showing pics of it.

That's mie !!
I look so tiny.
It's already x4 zoom.
It's sure is scary from above + before walking on it.

The most heart-beating part was when your foot touch the string and making the 1st few steps.
I swear my heart is popping out.
Heard my teacher from far saying i look serious.
I was concentrating more to my foot, i had to feel it.
And when the MRT passes by, the string MOVED.
Still, i tot it was kinda fun.
experience mah!

Left one more week to end of school.
Next week no need to go school till exams which is on 2 days..
Wednesday & Thursday.


Ohhhhhhh, why are there so many thick skinned humans ard?
Don't they know what is paiseh or maybe they don't have face?
Go around being a hypocrite.
Get a life, you boring asses.

doll ; 3:34 AM 5 Comments

❤ Thursday, March 23, 2006

I hate it when i'm so shag but can't sleep.
Dry eyes attacking !!

Due to this,
I trysell my car lesson for this afternoon.
So early got pple buy my lesson liao
Still, fuck my eyes for bring so dry .

doll ; 7:08 AM 4 Comments

❤ Monday, March 20, 2006

1st thing 1st,

Happy 6th mth of 'together-ness' to my Baby and I !!

lovelove ,,

Been pretty good so far.
Weekends were normal expect a bit of aguring with dear.
Me, being the demanding & complaining princess, kinda at fault.

Family day on Sunday is my fav.!
I love my family for being so close. =)

We went to Fisherman Village to have dinner.
I love deer's meat. wahah.
Went to tampines to shop a lil.
Brought some stuffs like, jackets, CLEO, tops, etc.

Wanted to get a new case of my ZA foundation as the case a bit loss.
No more purple case! (that limited edtion, you know) =(
Still, luckily they don't sell already.
As ZA's having a new set of white case this coming April !
Better and nicer.

Saw this Samsung hp when i pass by Singtel outlet just now.
So nice !!
Nicer and better den my currect one.
But i think it's not launched yet as there's no lil notes to say what model;price, all these.
Gonna check it out later on the webby.

Now, i gonna read up the mag and sleep.
Might not be going school again. =x

doll ; 1:34 AM 4 Comments

❤ Thursday, March 16, 2006

America's Next Top Model's result show last nite was a bit disappointing.
I tot that Nikk would win!
As Nicole look so Girl-next-door.

Awwww ......
But still, all are pretty!
Can't wait to see the union of all these girls together next Wednesday.
Might be a cat fight coming on. lol

Today i should be having my 2nd car praticial. Yes, should be.
Am way tooooooooooo tired as it will only commit at 4.40pm.
And end abt 6.45pm?

I will really bang into lamp post that way.
Can't concentrate if feeling tired, am i right?
So, i trysell-ed it only this morning! and someone buy it in less than 15mins !!
Wooo, damn fast.

Will be changing my background wallpaper too.
Friens say they can't see my words as it too blended.
Sorry, i'm kinda bad at html. haha~

That Sunday, think it's 12th, was having family dinner at Chinatown ..
And this mango pudding was sooooooooooo nice !


Mixed with a lil creamy milk to taste better!

I told you it's nice ! There's got real mango inside .
Yum yum.

Damn, i needa do hair treatment soon, maybe this few days.
But for now, NAP!
Go dream of dearing liao.

doll ; 1:38 PM 7 Comments

❤ Monday, March 13, 2006

Yinan just asked me to do a 'build a hse' personality test.

That's the pic of my house. LOL !

URL of my personality,
here .

So lame !
whahah .

doll ; 2:22 AM 2 Comments

❤ Saturday, March 11, 2006

1st car lesson on Thursday was normal expect that i have some problem with the wheel. And the bloody fucking instructor just ask me to go round and round, demanding me to control the wheel like, DAMN well, when turning. I mean, HELLO!, it's my 1st lesson right? He's so kan chiong den me for what? I curse u den u noe, u this AH PEK! lol.

Ok, been skipping classes recently though i only left 2 weeks now! I'm just so bloody lazy lah.
Darling was saying that other pple's blog are full with boyfriend's pic. Why mine don't have. wahahaha .. damn funny. But i just don't like E760C de camera lah .. so blur and no flash .. grrr ..

Friday, which is today lah .. have fun roaming around town with darling and watched Date Movie . Nice! 3/5 for it . hehe .

Oh, and stupid Yinan was saying that i finally gave it a status after so many years of friendship .. Shit .. he's damn rubbish. LOL .. are u reading this, doggie?

Allrite, sure go to sleep .
Meeting darling again tml !

doll ; 3:46 AM 0 Comments

❤ Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I'm always feeling very tired . Don't know why also .. Give me 1 day to sleep, i guess it's not enough as well. hah!
Anyway, just got home from sch about 1hr and 30 min ago? sch was bored, as usual. But, fear not!
Am going to grad. in 3 weeks time!
Start of April, i will be a ... slacker, once again. Teehee.
This Thursday, am having my 1st car practical lesson. Feeling so ... scared! Damn .. hope i wont bang into any lamp posts.

doll ; 5:30 PM 0 Comments

❤ Sunday, March 05, 2006

Suddenly, i think that i'm blissful enff . But sometimes, i don't.
Often, i took things for granted. Blame it on the place or whatever you name it that i lived it.
I set a rule to myself.
If i have $10 today, i will wan $20 tml, $30 the day after tml, etc. Never will i wanna downgrade myself. Be it- this, that ... almost everything.
I think i want too much things already.
Shit. Wtf am i talking?

I think i don't have enff sleep.
Ciaoz .

doll ; 4:07 AM 0 Comments

❤ Friday, March 03, 2006

Let me post some pics !!

Last month, (on 17 feb) when my class were having Social Skills & Grooming test. We had to wear as if we were coming for an interview .

mie & Jamie darlin .

Fern & mie .

Steph & mie .

mie & dan

mie & Joe

mie & Mark

mie & Simon

The pretty SSG teacher & mie .

That day i played with my new Photoshop v9.0 ... it's was really chim. But still manage to deco some pics . All pics were taken last week. =)

Suddenly, i feel so proud of myself coz am not lazy to post an entry today! With so many pics some more . Cool!
Okay .. It's the weekend already!! Today might not be going out, wanna stay at home and rest . Later heading out with my mummy a while . Feeling so sleepy now ... should take a nap just now man ...

doll ; 2:24 PM 0 Comments

❤ Thursday, March 02, 2006

I have a problem ..
When i preview my blog, i can see the scrollbar + boarder i added . But when it's the URL site, it just disappear.
why like that huh?
Can someone teach poor lil mie ? sobs*

Now preparing to go out to meet dear, and im already late! Opps .
Ciaoz .

doll ; 3:12 PM 4 Comments


A time for a change ... to blogspot . New layout with my fav., butterfly on it!
Say, yes!
Bcoz i said so. LOL .

Okay, I promised to update my URL when March's here . So here it is ...
My brain is so sleepy now coz i just got home from darling's hse.

Oh yah, Watched Wolf Creek few days ago. It's a freaking lousy movie. DO NOT watch it! Hear my words! Watched the Final Destation 3 as well ... NICE! 4/5 popcorns for it . All death was nicely plotted and they just died one by one .. Oh my god! I love rollar costers ride one, you know?! lol .

Cute rabbit?

Anyway, not going to school tml, no point. So meeeting darling again. He took off just for me ! blush*


p/s: i love readers, like you. (:

doll ; 3:17 AM 0 Comments