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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wo shi lao ren ...

Wo shi lao ren coz i have been drinking coffee to keep myself awake for the past few weeks or so.

I'm THAT tired, but coffee seems no effect on me leh. How?
Can anyone tell me how to be awake?

Past few days, I don't have a desire to satisfy craving for food though i feel hungry. I just don't feel like moving my mouth. And this morning, my tummy seems so much flatter. Good sign?

Gtg .

I miss you, sweety .

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doll ; 11:55 AM 0 Comments

❤ Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bday presents .

My scanner is damn irrating, Spoilt again. Argh, can't scan the sticker prints that darling and I took it .

Hmm ... thought it's a lil late to post .
How can I forget about the gifts ... that's given to me by my beloveds

GUCCI Wallet

This is currently my HP's wallpaper.

Given by ...
My dearest boyfriend .



COACH coin pouch

Given by ...

My BDF (Best friend dog forever) ,
Yinan .


COACH keychain

Given by ...

My longest friend,
Piggy Joey .


LE SPORTSAC makeup pouch

& etc stuffs from Korea .

Given by ...

My lovely darling ,
Jamie .


A Big Thank You .

I don't need a hundred of "friends" to entertain, just these few close one who always hear me nag, complain and cry. Always lending me a listening ear and never said that I am fan at all. I am soo touched to have them.

Not only those above lah .. and of coz to alot of great peoples like my Tian Shi who buys me bubble tea when I'm working, Linlin who always gimme food to eat and try to make me fat, Tingx who I love going shopping with, Elaine who is my gossip partner, Val & Qiqi who heared my problems .... lastly, to anyone who make me smile before!

I am so naggy and long-winded. I can't helped it !

More photos coming up !!

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doll ; 3:40 AM 0 Comments

❤ Tuesday, November 20, 2007

26th mth .

Happy 2 years & 2 mths / 26 mths to US, baby!

kiss kiss*

P/s: Happy 21th bday to Elanie ,,,
Happy anni. to Angel and her bf as well. Gal, mai emo ok. 2 weeks very fast de!

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doll ; 2:21 AM 0 Comments

❤ Sunday, November 18, 2007


The reason why I did not update beside the usual laziness, I just lend my external harddisk (where i store my pics & files) to Jamie.
So I guess just enjoy the words entry for the moment.

Lazy doll is nua-ing now when she can sleep early. hmmmmmmm .

Events that kept me busy for the week,

  • Work
  • Cyn Wedding
  • Movies
  • Jamie Bday
  • RamanTen
  • Shopping

  • and lastly meet up with Huiting this coming Monday, or shd I say tomorrow? :)

    Life's been treating me better. I'm greedy, I want the best. Gimme gimme more.

    Last few days, I chatted with Linlin over something that is soooooooo funny, I tell you.

    But but but, I can't find the chat log history of it. Blame my bad and short term memory of mine as well.
    Linlin must love me more, cuz i waste my time to help her create a blog. Pple got blog she also want. Very free hor? Where's starwberry milk tea huh? I think you own me 3 cups already. LOL

    Helping her create that blog make me wanna change layout too .. Heard my blog is really getting damn lag.

    I love u baby frog ~

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    doll ; 4:57 AM 0 Comments

    ❤ Wednesday, November 07, 2007


    Just nice one month after my 20th birthday.

    Very very very lazy, I know!
    But at least I upload it now. heh

    I should really be sleeping right now. Backache from the long hours of sitting in front of the computer playing Ghost Online. I think I'm really getting old :(

    Why am I always wasting my time?!


    I'm bored at night.

    Talk to me, anyone?

    As I'm typing this, I miss my dearest boy. Hate staying at his house though, always have breakout the next day but I feel like a Queen there. LOL
    I'm a princess at home anyway. :D

    My dad is so cute. He acutally brought me very very cute snacks. He still treat me like a 5 yrs old sometimes. Just now we were even acting like 'monster' trying to attack each other. Wahahaha!
    Super buay ta han.



    Bday doll !!

    (I don't know why Boyfriend's camera skill so lousy. =x)



    It's soooo hot as I turned off the fan perverting it from blowing away my candles ~

    My baby make my bday more special.

    It's the 3rd time he spend it with me.


    Woops, missed the cake!

    Full sized with the cake .

    Close your eyes, baby!

    Now, can't see my face.

    His fault lah.

    Yeah, better.

    He was singing bday song for me.



    After that we went to the mall, Central or something at CQ.
    The mall's quite new, so some stores not open yet. Some shops quite small, just like Marina Square feeling. Will get lost lor.
    If mall close le still can romantic at Singapore River .. hahas

    Settled down at Hot Stones at night for dinner .

    While waiting for the food ..

    Look-like-fake-doll , I like!

    Our drinks ~

    Soups ~

    Dear - Mushroom soup
    Mine - Clam chowder soup.

    Wah .. I tell you.. it's damn nice!! super creamy lor not like those campbell soup type de .. One bowl cost $9 ok ... Mai siao siao .

    Side dishes .

    Chips & BBQ Chicken Wings .


    It's uncooked (something like pepper lunch) mixed meats la .. den must cook cook ..

    Yummy .. Not bad leh .. can come back next time and eat again


    Ice cream cake ..

    Lick lick cherry .



    We decided to grab some drinks and relac @ Kandi Bar.


    Drinks ~

    Zi lian inside ..

    And with dearing too ..

    He was not very willing to.. lol
    Hate him ~~

    Again again .. one last time!

    LOL ... nites !

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    doll ; 3:17 AM 0 Comments