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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ah mui ~

That day I was saying I wanna go on diet ..
And suddenly we ended at Ichiban during dinner break at work again .

I kinda like the food but the girls said the service sucks lah .
Which somehow is true .

And I ate so many chocolates today. Gosh, I need determintion!!!

So anyway, mui mui have a blog now for I-dont-know-what reason .
We just stay up late till 4AM just to make her stupid blog . And pls, I do have work the next day . You bet, I was motherf**king tired like hell .

mui mui

Somehow, I think she's taking pic like me .

Today, she bring home a cute blue draw-ed (drew) balloon .

Her fave. Jack from Nightmare before xmas .

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doll ; 11:26 PM 0 Comments

❤ Monday, August 27, 2007

Pics !

Pics from Angel's camera. All taken that Sunday ~
Pics are not in order ..

Hehe, our lil room .
I'm fat lor !

Today is lunar 7th mth the 15th .. so gonna pray to our 'good brothers' or something . Lotsa food but I din't take pic of it coz I was sleeping . Don't know can take pic anot too .

Not working for some days can really be damn lazy to get my ass back tml . Damn ~


A pic deco by Jamie ~ Nice huh?

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doll ; 11:34 PM 0 Comments

❤ Friday, August 24, 2007

Goodness .

Happy Birthday to best friend, Yinan !

My fave doggy :D
friens for 7 years and counting .


I joined Nuffnang like everyone else!

Humans tend to follow trends. Dollies, which is me, am human so no expectation . :D
I wonder when I can get $$ out of this .

So about the new credit card, Citi Clear Card !

Issit it cool to own a credit card at such age? But hor, min. spending of $500 only?!
I go LV store and use this to pay, I think they will laugh at me .
lol .

But still, quite nice lah . Got rewards, benefits like discount on food, free entry to MOS and Zouk, etc . Not bad after all coz w/o the min. income thingy .

I can't wait for my birthday (07/10) present from my beloved boyfriend . I hope he won't give me late . Do you hear me, darling?! And of cuz, our 2 year anniervary next month on the 20th !

Speaking of darling, I miss my pretty Jamie darling too :(


Anyway, yesterday was a super sad day . (Not that sad, I shopped a lil)
Someone whom I have not seen for 1 year or so, said I become fatter .

That's the last word I wanna hear . I almost wanna get it off my head's dictionary . But yes I think I'm really getting fatter , nbcb!

45kg worth of fats leh. I used to be only 40kg when I wasn't working yet loh . =((((((((

So I set my mind to go on a diet - for real . I ate only chocolate waffles for dinner break at work today :D

I think I can join Linda for dieting plan, I wonder how that gal can be so thin like bone yet still said she's fat .


No wonder guys don't look at me anymore :(

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doll ; 12:59 AM 0 Comments

❤ Monday, August 20, 2007

23th mth .

Time check ; 5.10AM

Yes it's AM, morning morning!

Haha, I'm always online at such wee hours when everyone is sleeping, wait a min, i should be sleeping too but am watching vcd now lor!

I hardly watch those Taiwan or Japanese Drama .. don't talk about Korea ones, sucks big time (Plus, it's so boring to watch romance show) .

And here I am watching, 格斗天王 aka Mr Fighting aka Ge Tou Tian Wang in Pin Yi if you don't understand Chinese .

More slow den anyone else . Everyone is like chasing .. what was it again? .. Oh .. Smiling Pasta or something .. I think Why Why Love is one of them and more lah . I don't remember but I always see mui mui bringing vcds home to watch it .

I'm like 2 years slow since this drama was 1st showed in 2005 . I really like watching Tony Sun and Esther Liu acting as a sence couple . Flashback to 西街少年 aka Westside Story pls .


Anyway, it's 20th!

Happy 23th mths / 1 year 11 mths anniversay my baobei darling ~

I know the last 2 pics is damn horrible, thanks to the stupid sticker machine lor . It's their fault not my 3 in 1 very good scanner .


18/08/07, Saturday

Went to do my hair treatment and also haircut .

Spilt end's almost gone ,
still, dry ends is there .
Now it feels so much shorter lor =(

Then, I dragged boyfriend to have Pizza Hut with me .
(He hates cheese while I'm a cheese lover)

So the whole pizza is mine .. whahaha ..
But damn sinful =(

Yes yes, cheese fondue!

Another new type of ice cream , brought by dearest mummy .

Ice cream donut !

I still think Mini Popper is nicer .

Catched movie, Rush Hours 3 at quite an early time for us . Around 10pm, as normally we would watch midnight moives at like 12am . Blame it to work !

Seriously, Jackie Chan's movie is one of the best in my list .
Never fail to disappoint me.

I do give it full popcorns but make it 4/5 popcorns as it was quite short, about 95 min, if I'm not wrong?


19/08/07, Sunday

Back to work but it was fun with Angelina .

She baked us cupcakes!

It was really nice of her to do this, I don't think i even have the time lor .
Can i have more?

That gal is sucha sweety pie .

This is just 1 of the pic, more to come. I just wanna show everyone she's the baker. lol

We wished each other happy anni on the same time on msn just now .. hahaha .
I knew 20th is a good date!

Okay, last time check


before I'm off to bed .

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doll ; 6:25 AM 0 Comments

❤ Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Talk about ...


Guess what am I eating?

Are u guessing it's yummy chocolate, Ferrero Rocher?

Then, you're wrong!

It's Wall's new ice cream, Mini Poppers ~

It's almost 99% similar to Ferrero Rocher, and I'm so addicted to it man . I can eat everyday every moment, but it cost a whopping $6 for a box of 18 lil ice cream . Haha, I'm sucha bimbo .. making a big fuss out of a stupid ice cream .

Brought a body spray from Anna Sui's gal . It smell oh-so-nice .

And it's from Victoria's Secret .

New soya bean milk, Yam milk (it's purpleeee) .. taste nice, not bad .. but boyfriend and mui hate it .

Shop again during work when i was working at Tampines that day .

Could not decide which one to buy so I just brought 2 of them .

Nice ~
But my arm is like fucking big fat large lahhhhhhh . Sobsob, I should really stop eating too much .

Yesterday (14/08, tue), Michelle came to accompany me for dinner .
We went to have japanese food, Ichiban or something . I forgot the name .

It's so filling and she say I can eat alot thought I'm small-sized . Ok, that's explain why i got fat arms cuz I always eat 120% full instead of 70% (the recommend amt) .

Thanks gal once again . I keep on taking pics of food but din't take pic with u . Find one day ya?

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doll ; 6:37 PM 0 Comments

❤ Monday, August 13, 2007

lunar 7th mth .

Lunar 7th mth had just started .. and yes, i'm still awake .
So scary, I don't dare to go toliet alone .

Ok, i wanted to blog alot but stupid boyfriend kept talk to me on the phone .. till I'm so tired, I wanna go sleep liao .
Tml morning shift :(

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doll ; 2:30 AM 0 Comments

❤ Thursday, August 09, 2007

S'pore .

Happy 42th Birthday, hometown!

Though I would love to be an Ang Mo (I hope next life) , I'm still gald I'm a Singaporean. Uhh, at least there's no natural disaster up to date (touch wood) .

Nothing speical for me as I'm working . No fireworks over here but mountain of humans shopping . They give me headache .

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doll ; 11:48 PM 0 Comments

❤ Wednesday, August 08, 2007


No, it's not my tummy that's full .
But as in, 12 hours of working ; then i still have to wake up early right?
So it's like from 8.30am to 9.30pm (plus) up to now, I'm still awake .. blogging away!

To make things worse, I had my period 1st thing when i woke up (damnit) + a
bloody angry uclers on the tip of my tougue
(which never happened before on
+ tummyache (when i reached work) .

Like WTF ~ Once sway all the way sia, nabei .

No worries, I'm still as happy as ever ^-^
Nothing gonna stop me from being happy . Haha, I sound so carefree but I do have stress sometimes too .

Seeee, I do look stress-free here .

Love from my Kelvin dear make me happy ^-^

I think I'm getting better in taking photos. Keke. I don't know why I keep wanna type 'haha' . I also got no make up and super ugly shots of myself ok! Just that I have not upload them yet . Totally diff look I tell you .. if not why bother to make up if I look the same before and after .
Make-ups does wonders!

I got a serect to share .....





I will never leave home w/o having the most basic - foundation, eyebrow and eyeliner!

I can don't touch marsaca and eyeshaow not to mention blushes . And seriously, I fucking hate blushes, everytime there's a super big breakout whenever I apply them . I don't care if I look pale . I only wanna make up the way I do and not told off by someone . Thank you .

Tralala .. Share another thing with you guys,

My current interest, Elvin Ng .

heheheheh .. shy~~

P/s: I'm working on national day (09/08) at Tampines .
As well as .. 12th, 16th, 22th, 28th .

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doll ; 2:01 AM 0 Comments