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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Friday, August 28, 2009

Smile .

Clubbing last week on 19/08 to powerhouse :DDD

:D cuz its been ages since i club cuz boyfriend forbid me to go. He asked me to come home early, and yes i did. I reached back his hse at like 6.30AM . Yes u heard me right .

When i open the room's door, he just woke up not long and was giving me black face! Haha .. but it was fine between us and i enjoyed myself with my 2 dearest girls .

Drank alot till i keep on headed to the toilet. And so many wried guys around ... has guys become more despo already?! Hmmmm ...
That night i went is actually the "7th mth" gate opening, omg, so daring.

I wanna go again soon .. Die die must go for Halloween night !! I hope he allow. :)

Oh and today I went to watch Final Destination 4 in 3D !!
My 1st horror film in 3D .. and omg omg omg it's sooo nice with the 3D effect, I feel like i'm there with them. They even bring the filming to the cinema and god it was so spooky .

And dear got me a cute kuromi door curtain but with melody inside too la, as usual. I likey !! Should i put it at his room door or bring back home? Dear's so tall he will keep bang his head into it. What if he angry he tear it down?!

lol .

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doll ; 2:36 AM 0 Comments

❤ Thursday, August 06, 2009

NDP preview pics

So fb album i make it to everyone view ....

I just uploaded the NDP preview ..

http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=140705&id=557875114&l=db97211322 .

And also pics of Linlin and me .


Yawn , i'm so not used to my own bed alr .. i miss our queen sized bed that i can roll here and there however i want :(

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doll ; 2:29 AM 0 Comments

❤ Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Monday aint that blue .

Enjoyed today's outing with boyfriend though we gotta wakie SO early. Like 8am on a non-working day is early for me.

Ate burger king breakfast b4 heading down to clinic. There's alot alot of pple for today accordingly to dear as i only visit my pte doc. The reg is even close when we reached there 11+. And gonna wait est. 3hrs form the door. I was like wth so long. Luckily i brought my DS along but the que gonna quick and dear did not even know his number is being call. So blur haha.

After that we went over to Ehub to book tix for Overheard . I likey hong kong flims. Wanders ard downtown and watched at the at 320pm like that. There's not much pple inside so i notice this lil pri sch boy sitting same row as me eating 1 big popcorn & 2 drinks alone. So loner but so enjoy and i tot i heard him cry?!

I slept damn lil last night like 3hr MAX so after the show i feel super giddy! Like some weak lady. Went back to East Point and saw outside cheers got acting cast. They were like doing the same thing over and over again for the diff sence and the celefare keep walking pass is like damn funny to me. Haha.

This is the tiny hair iron Angel got for me.

as compare with a card .

I'm loving it .

Daiso loots the other day .

and i went back to daiso again last few days .

random .

mairo kart at iluma . technology getting so wise .

I'm deciding what hp to get .... Wanted LG brand but their cam ain't good . Wanted Onmia but heard it sucks . Nokia is a big no for me . And my faith for SE had died .
maybe getting Jet ... early bday present from mummy.

Guess what .... might be heading to Japan again next year .. I wanted assie again leh, i love gold coast . But Japan is of coz my fave country and i just finished a jap drama , learned new words :)

P/s ; Dear is upset that i nv put i'm in a r/s state on FB as well as not our pic as main. Haa. He's always so jealous and protective towards me .

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doll ; 2:30 AM 0 Comments