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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Monday, January 29, 2007


or maybe breakfast?

Was eating chicken cutlet brought by dear just now. yum.
I always felt hungry around 3am plus. No wonder i'm growing sideway + eating this late.


Sat, 27/01

Went over to Far east plaza, reached there only at 9pm. I thought mosts of the shops would be closing soon, but luckly 80% are still opened - with a lot of shoppers too.

I felt that I haven't step into FEP for a long time. Yea, shopping for CNY clothes thought i already brought one. Clothes is never enough! Brought a silk top, purple tube, scarf and heels. Pics later.

Feeling hungry after shopping @ 10.30pm, we walked over to Cine .. as their closing time is 12am or so.
Que-ed up level 2's Hong Kong cafe.

Ice HK tea.Kaya thick toast L. meat mee sua
Pork rib bee hoon

Oh my. The food was disappointing, let alone the services. Some of the dishes were like canned foods - luncheon meat is one of them. Just see the pics above!

Dear's mee sua was super sticky and tasteless. Mine was okay, normal salty bee hoon. But i'm the type of people who don't waste food (ah, no wonder so fat) hor, yet i dint finished it.

I was full after sipping mouthful of the sweet ice tea and 2 bites off the toast. Dear was saying there's a kind of med that can make one get full easily. lol

Bill costed nearly $30 for such cheap and awful meal! I think coffeeshop is better lor. Somemore the thick toast is like super normal, worse den coffeeshop! Tampines mall's that HK cafe is really so much better then this.

Gosh, I don't get it why there are still so many people eating there.

Anyhow, It's gonna be my 1st and last time dining at such a lousy place.

p/s: opps. i complained so much.

No movie for the weekend, went to play dotA instead! :D Been months since i last played it. It was still fun.

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doll ; 5:34 AM 0 Comments

❤ Friday, January 26, 2007


Click into the URL if you wanna see the words.

It's about some students doing a survey for their lecturer.

Pretty funny. I'd like him to be my lecturer so i won't skip his lessons.
I never thought of writing this type of 'funny comments' before when i was in school. lol

Ah, must be wondering how he looks, right?
Here it is .

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doll ; 5:06 AM 0 Comments

❤ Thursday, January 25, 2007

New layout

Forget about waiting till later/tomorrow to set it up. New layout, spend like 1 day to edit codes. (thanks to Blogger for last min updates and slow request) Poor brain of mine.
Since Valentine's Day is coming, lovely romantic theme it shall be.

Oh yah, Firefox users might see it a bit different but still readable. ^-^

Goodbye my lovely purple flowery layout.

Hello vintage looking blog.

Take a look at the banner on top.

Is it nice? Expect for the rose, which i found it online, everything else is done by me with the help of Fireworks and a lil Photoshop. Till now, i still a noob towards Photoshop. (I only know how to use the brushes. lol)

Grrrr . it's too messy lah.

Wanted to use Paint Shop Pro .. but .. I can't find the damn crack for it. *pek cek*


Come to think of it, valentine's day is only 3 weeks away. This is bad. I have not get any gift for dear yet .. can't think of any things to give leh.
Oh, what about mine?

me: what are u giving me on vday?
dear: u choose lor.
me: i don't know. i almost got everything i need already.
*looks at want-list(wrote down on a paper, i'm forgetful)*
me: other than daily uses, i need another tattoo.
*which i dragged for months*.

I think i'm crazy, but dear said it's okay, 'special' mah.
I even asked him to just give me a bottle of alcohol will do.


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doll ; 11:37 AM 0 Comments


I can feel the lag when i open my blog on Internet Explorer but it worked perfectly smooth on Firefox.

Oh well .. was creating my new template while Blogger decided to go against me. Having slow requests was enough and 502 error pages popped out.

What if I dint save my work after every line i made? All those html code added will be gone down the drain.

I was supposed to add new template today. -_- Never mind, tomorrow it shall be.


What His Last Relationship Says About Your Current One?

Most guys, if they're smart, spend as much time discussing their previous relationships as kindergarteners spend talking about Congressional elections. Men like to stay mum in part because we tend toward one of two stances when it comes to our exes--bragging, or whining.

And neither is particularly attractive to our current squeeze. We're also quite aware of how much better your memory is than ours, and we're afraid that you'll remember every little factoid we divulge and one day, long after we've forgotten it, find a way to use it against us.

("Oh, of course you know how to get whipped cream out of upholstery,
because that trashy ho sprayed Reddi-Wip all over your apartment back in '98 ...
and there's still some of it in your refrigerator!").

While a woman won't, and shouldn't, know every little detail of a guy's previous relationships, she can learn some important things about her man (and where their relationship is headed) by tuning in to the Relationship History Channel.

Read on over here .

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doll ; 5:18 AM 0 Comments

❤ Saturday, January 20, 2007

Happy 16th month anniversay ...

... to my lovely boyfriend and I.

The day started off by raining heavily. I dragged my time as usual .. my love got used to waiting .. for hours - without complaining.

Geez. what patient! But he can't stand waiting for some things .. like food, transport?
Lalala, I'm special.

Got once, I, myself said to meet at 5pm, turned out we leave home at 8pm. LOL.
Yes, I'm the worse when it comes to time management.



It's photo-taking section time!

Uhhh, turned out that i looked so sucky in the photos, bad hair day. =(

p/s: I felt quite lag whenever i enter my blog. Do you feel the same, too? Let me know.

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doll ; 6:24 PM 0 Comments

❤ Tuesday, January 16, 2007


It seems that the new blogger can't input javascript and some other html like 'no right click'. Geez .. I don't like this. I also tried using template (to check) from Blogskin.com yet it the same; saying that some code have error, tags not closed, blah blah.

Oh well, maybe just stick to this for the moment or change to a classic layout for now.

Anyway, some really outdated pics again.

During NYE, i was over at Marina Square with dear (I shall indicate my bf with blue colour from now =p). We went to have some mini tom yum steamboat over @ ThaiExpress. I was craving for spicy food though i had sore thoart.
It was so cute lah .. about the size of this plate.

Yum yum. A family of 4 sat next to us, got a teenage gal, age about 16+.. keep look at me lor. I don't know for what lah .. Stare stare stare. Irrariting ..

Then, she told the waiter that she want a milo peng . LMAO. She think this is coffeeshop meh? Stupid.

While waiting for the firework .. some people relasing a lot of balloons into the air. Don't know for what fuck. Then hor, the crowd started wow-ing at the balloons. Take pic somemore. Crazy leh. The balloons were black, and it's night. Do you think it's possible to see in the pic?

So the firework started before 12AM lor. To my surprise, no one counted down to 2007, everyone was busy taking pic, video of the firework lah. And of cuz, more wow-ing. The more effect the firework had, the wahhhhhhh wahhhhhh became louder. Haha, lame.

Videos of fireworks.



It was my virgin trip over to Vivo City with dear. What? Now then i go there, cannot izzt?
We took a cab down and costed like $15! Damn ex huh? A trip down to Town cost like $9 only. No wonder my baby always say no money. Dear, all your money give to cab uncle liao!

So we deicded to walk later and find GV 1st. Need to get tickets before it runs out. Brought tickets for Pan's Labyrinth at 12.15am. After that, we just walked around aimlessly.

Cheyyy, I thought very very very big and a lot of shops. But ... only 3 floors? Last time i went Australia, their shopping mall also something like that. Bcuz Australia have bigger land, they can make their malls bigger and not taller. While here in Singapore, lands are limited, thus, taller building.

Ok, stop with the comparing. But i was not really sian 1/2 lah. There's Daiso !! the $2 shop from IMM. hahaah .. Wait, i thought IMM looked quite big too? Din't really have a chance to really walk around IMM.

So i purchased er .. 6 items from there. =D

Then, saw this sweden or whatever ship parked outside! Snap snap pic of it. I saw from the board that they will be parked for 2 weeks only. Leaving off on 14/01. Haha, am i lucky to get to see it before it's gone?

While i was talking pic of the shop, this auntie came up and talk to me about the ship. She told me, must pay don't know $10 or $50 to get on to the ship. And then, telling me some of the history. Haha, so funny.

Thin snowman.

Dirty play pool where kids love to play. I think the lighening is too dim at night for these areas. What if some pple have night blind-ness walk into the pool?

Saw this pic at Shalyn's before. lol

Bleach toy! That comic-like shop also sell Death Note's book .. maybe pics of it. I don't know. It was heavy and wrapped. I want it ......................

St James.

Model of the ship.

Got hungry after walking. Wanted to eat but almost all the food area were packed with so much pple! zZZzzz. We walked round and round then found a super cheena food court. It's nice.

Then, it was time for our movie.

By looking at the pic, i thought the tree is alive lor, and thought it was nice so asked dear to watch. It was hard to pronune the title. haha. Pan's lab-ber-rin.

It was okay ... but rather draggy and not my type of show. I hate draggy show, why they can't just fast forward it. It's like fairytale story.
2.5/5 for it.

Slept at 7am+. It's normal to see dollie sleeping in the morning. yawns.

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doll ; 7:30 AM 0 Comments

❤ Thursday, January 11, 2007


Last week, on Thursday as well, was supposed to meet Jamie but rained. So we changed to this week. But god knows why, it rained again! So the meeting is cancelled, bring forward to another day again. lol.

Stupid rain.

Oh, and i read finished the manga of Death Note. Contains like 12 volume, 108th chapters, black and white! Of course, i found the english subbed verison to read.

My sis was telling me how nice Bleach (animation) is .. blah blah .. saying things like "bleach have death god too, ya, u know like ur fave. death note?" , "and u like ghost right, bleach have alot of them."

Haha. She knows what I like the most. So i watched ep 1 .. and got kinda hooked to it. Gosh, no wonder Bleach is so famous, it's pretty nice till now. It has like 100 eps plus .. and counting . I'm only at ep 11 .

Blogger upgraded right? There's new stuff like labels, drag-and-drop template editing, and privacy controls. I like the layout. Things like labels (normally call tags in other webs) and drag-and-drop template. I guess it's time to change my template to fit the new layout soon.

Ok i will upload Day 2 and so on of Shanghai pic soon.

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doll ; 7:14 PM 0 Comments

❤ Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Back to last weekend, Mr boyfriend and i watched 'Night at the Museum' .. I know it had been out like 2 week ago, but i was at Shanghai yah .. and Death Note was what i watched to watch so much when i reached back to SG.

At 1st when i saw the pic, i thought it was a horror flim, turned out to be a comedy! But din't regert watching it. Damn funny!

'Dumb dumb want gum gum'

I used to call my sister dumb dumb last time. lmao~*

The guy who sat beside me was super ~!@# . It's ok if he laugh lah .. but he laughed till super loud and super irrating. I feel like killing him. I kept stare at his friend, at least his friend got the msg. Damn that fucking loud guy.

So anyway, 4.5/5 for it!


Ok, let me carry on with the pics from Shanghai ..

Pudong New Area

Super cheena places !

Nanpu Bridge

Their night falls starting from .. 5pm. It will be totally dark when it's 5.30pm.
Then we went to some place to shop.

Want to know what's Pizza Hut's in chinese?

'Pi Shen Ke' . haha!

Look like some pretty veggie with nice colours.

How can we forget about bi tang huo lu when we are at China. lol

Then we have our dinner at some VIP room .. haha .. you know those one table per room.

The food was so so only.

The beer have a funny name.

At last, it's end of the day.

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doll ; 9:48 PM 0 Comments