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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Monday, April 30, 2007


Been a while since I last blog. I got so many photos in my folders (I think over 800 photos!) to upload. Damn fucking lazy.

Most of the time I would park in msn though .... but ah, no one talk to me leh, all act away. tmds. Sometimes wanted to type down my thoughts, but also would be about work. Will be damn boring if I keep talk about work, right? I myself, also perfer entry full of photos den words.

It's 1.23am already and I still have work the next day. I better upload faster.

In order to get Anna Sui's $150 purchase free gift ..

I brought ..

Serect Wish Perfume - $121

Compact case - $23

The free gift, even thought, is just a small cosmetic pouch. A mixture of purple (my fave colour) and black rocks!

It also comes with these small thingys .

That's a small mirror.

Thanks deardear. Am so gonna use it tomorrow for work! :D

And some random pictures to go along with.

Mui gave me cute turtle HP strip. (can wipe the HP's screen with it's back head)

new Microsoft keyboard. I stick stickers on it, make me happy.

I also brought an extneral hard disk. I think it's 350GB? There's alot I know. Haha.

Bling bling hair clips (purple + butterfly is love!)

White jeans (for work)

Skinfood Lipstick

White heels with keypad + lock. (for work)
Damn chio and nice to wear.

Shoe & Foot sprays

Towel for mui. (her fave's the night b4 xmas, Jack)

Okay, that's about it.

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doll ; 1:09 AM 0 Comments

❤ Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy 19th mth .

The title said it all ..

Happy 19th mth ; 1 year 7 mths anniversary to us.

And i'm off for today and tml, we went Bugis. Wanted to buy clothes but nothing fancy me. I just brought 1 black top only. =( I really need to shop again if not keep wearing the same thing. lol

Pics of us.

Love ya bibi .

Should be movie tml night if not just meet up as poor me is back to work on Sunday.

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doll ; 1:27 AM 0 Comments

❤ Monday, April 16, 2007

Stupid people.

Fucking hate people who ask me to send them songs in msn.

Do I look like I'm a server that send people songs? Somemore we are not close, don't fucking bhb (thick skin) come and ask me send lah cb~

Don't know how to fucking go dl yourself issit? I'm gonna delete anyone who ask me that next time.

Also hate people who msn/sms me every motherfucking times and ask me to add a fucking testi. Msn still ok, but need to go till the xtend to sms me add a fucking testi. WTF is wrong with them.

*roll eyes*

Worked full shift today ; 12 hours! It was okay, not as tired as I think. Maybe cuz I'm getting use to tamp outlet bah. But i'm fucking going Sengkang tml, fucking ma fan. and yes, i'm fucking angry. argh~

I feel more like a full timer instead. and I only get my pay end of next month! Damn fucking long.

Nevermind me. I just need to rant.

Anyway, alot of pics of my darling boy!
Taken on vday .

Dear is so yandao! lol

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doll ; 11:03 PM 0 Comments

❤ Friday, April 13, 2007

Going crazy

My off days are ..

18, 20, 21 and 28 .

The rest of the days, I'm fucking working!
and it's mostly in the morning .. I'm sooooooo fucking tired .


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doll ; 10:47 PM 0 Comments

❤ Wednesday, April 11, 2007

belated gifts

Decided for few hours before I head over to the hair salon for treatment. It beens almost half a year since i last went there. I used to do it every month.

Reason being, I'm way too lazyyyy even though the hair salon is just beside my house!
I'm fucking bloody lazy, you won't believe it.

Since I'm out, why not head over Bedok Inter. to get some daily needs. As well as meeting up with Yinan (I always call him doggy) before he book in to get my belated birthday present for last year.

present present!

I told him I needed an eye cream and he brought one from Biotherm (haha!) for me. Quite exp for such a small bottle.

Asked him to redeem his points as a member and redeem a make up base for me since he got so many points. Wahaha. I'm so demanding mean.

Thanks a lot, best friend!

Mummy also brought me a make up base in another shade. I told her it's good but I'm poor and it's exp. lol

It's an hot-selling item.

There's a Pasa Malam (night market) at Bedok Inter. Fooodddd! I wanna go back there and buy more food to eat eat!

Went to Watson and brought like $50 worth of rubbish items. haha
Shopped at random shops. Spend money like water thus I'm broke for this week again.

Meet up with darling boy a while before going home.

I wear fake eyelashes till so really damn fake. But i don't like to apply masara, I hate blushes too.

I'm so ma fan! =(

Here's overdue pics taken during dec last year .

Work tomorrow!

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doll ; 2:40 AM 0 Comments

❤ Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Just some random things abt me lar.

1.) Do you talk in your sleep?
x No one told me I did, so nope.

2.) Red Jello or Blue Jello?
x wads that.

3.) Whats the song that's getting on
your nerves right now?

x That Ole Ola something by Gwen. zZzzz

4.) Current crush?

5.) What's your favorite color?
x Purplee!

6.) Window seat or aisle seat?
x Window seats.

7.) Ever met anyone famous?
x Seen before ..

10.) Dr. Phil or Oprah Winfrey?
x Nil `

11) Basketball or Football?
x yucks, hate sports!

12.) How long do your showers last?
x Few hours ago.

13.) Do you know how to drive a stick

x n0pe

15.) Are you self-conscious?
x hmmm

16.) Have you ever given money to a

x No, i dont even hav enff for myself!

18). Where do you wish you are right
x Japan!

19. Have you ever ridden in an

x choy ah.

20. Can you tango?
x Nope

21. Last gifts you received?
x make ups

22.) Last sport you played?
x hate sports!

23.) Things you spend a lot of money
x Shopping i think?

26) Favorite FAST food restaurant?
x LJS, Mos burger

27) Most hated food(s)?
x I think i eat anything at the moment .. lol

28) Can you sing?
x Yup .. but i dont like ktv session.

29) Last person you called?
x Darling boy .

30) What's your least fav. chore?
x Washing clothes bah

31. Favorite Drink?
x green tea, water itself, milk

32) Are you a vegetarian?
x nope

33) Do you believe in Heaven?
x Hmmmm

34) Do you miss someone?
x Yup, baby.

35) Have you ever come close to dying?
x NO!

37) Are you eating?
x nah .. but feel abit hungry now

38) Do you eat the stems of broccoli?
x Yea

39) Do you wear makeup?
x Oh yes

40) Whats your worst fear?
x Death, bring broke .

41) Would you ever have plastic
x I want to be ayumi. :D

42) What do you wear to bed?
x PJs

43) Have you ever done anything

x Err, yeah =x

44) What's your dream job?
x Hmmm .. i dont know ..

45) What kind of sneakers do you wear

x nil

47) Future child's name?
x Serect!

50) Do you snore?
x n0pe

51) If you could go anywhere in the
world where would it be?
x Japann

52) Do you sleep with stuffed animals?
x Ya haha

54) Gold or silver?
x b0th

55) Hamburger or Hot dog?
x Both are fine

56) If you could only eat one food
x Western food

57) City, beach, country?
x City.

58) What was the last thing you
x Handphone .

59) Where did you last eat?
x At home though .

60) When was the last time you cried?
x It's gd that i cant rem. lol

61) Do you read blogs?
x Yea.

62) Do you smoke?
x NO and i dont like it!


doll ; 1:14 AM 0 Comments

❤ Monday, April 09, 2007

Today was over at Parkway. Sales was pretty fine, maybe it's due to the last day of crazy sales and on a Sunday. Hmmmm?

I so wanna go shopping soon. I have got hell lots of stuffs to get. Jamie was such a sweetheart few days ago, she came to find me and have lunch with me! Hee.

Went to did my hair abit the day before. Am thinking should I do treatment again? I'm just so lazy!

What's more?

Having 2 days off from work ; back on the 11th. :D I need beauty rest! Alot of them.

Pics of me with hair tied up.

Ok, why does blogger have limited space for uploaded photos now? I don't like it!

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doll ; 4:49 AM 0 Comments

❤ Sunday, April 08, 2007


Finally off today after working 6 days straight.

Quite tired but still have enough sleep as there's 4 days i'm working in the afternoon. My mum said working can pass time faster. Well, somehow. But I really wanna watch channel 8's new 9pm show leh! About jail caning one =[

Ben lai not working on Good Friday de, then one of my colleague got something on, so asked if I can work? So that's about it.

Oh my, my entires all full of words. As I don't have time to edit + upload pics lah. Working life sure is .... no life .


Anyhow, I uploaded most of Genting photos to photobucket alr.

File size toooooooo big and it's hard to resize. Here's 3 pics .

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So go over to my photobucket ya?

Time for my beauty sleep.

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doll ; 2:55 AM 0 Comments

❤ Wednesday, April 04, 2007

tired (~.~)

I though I can rest for 4 - 5 days before they give me my working schedule.
But my manager just told me my schedule for April just now.

Sian 1/2 leh.

Almost working like a full timer. lol. So i will be working at Tampines (most of the time) and Parkway for this month! So come and find me ok? I will recommand a good product for you. lol

Still trying to memorise all of the things. My head is so pain hahah. Tomorrow working morning shift. zZzzz. I'm so tired!

Postnote: It's Biotherm btw.

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doll ; 10:44 PM 0 Comments

❤ Sunday, April 01, 2007

work .

I still remember Dec 06 seems fun .. and now it's already Apr 07? Time sure flyfly when people is having fun all the time. Ok not people lar, maybe me only. lol

Eh, must be thinking i'm such a lazy bum, do nothing everything, waste time/money blah blah. lol Thought bf is willing to support me but he needs to buy his own things too and i'm quite exp for him la. Can't be everything let him pay right? (I wish lah lol) Like that he no more left to buy his own stuffs then he will start to show black faces.

Aiya, no work got crime meh? Dont know why some "friends" "people" like to make a big fuss about it lor. I will still have money (saving) no matter what ya?

About 4 to 5 months since I leave UOB. Quite not bad working there but they don't need anymore manpower in their group alr.

Waittttttt .. I'm so draggy lah.. now what am i talking about again. Dont mind me ok. I just love to type rubbish.

So i was saying it 1st of Apr alr, a nice change to ................................ start working again. :)

Oh yea I just ended work hours ago, am working part-time, yet again (I cant commit a full-time as ..... erm, just think I sucks lah lol). It really looks "good & nice" working in this line while I saw them when I was 16-17 and wanting to work since then.

Why not try working since it's look quite "good" and to fuiful my 'so called dream' that time lol.

Beauty line ... and yup, counter.

Since I'm working part time (no to 6 days/week!) .. hope they don't ask me to work 12 hours or more .. or work till 12AM on a wonderful Saturday.

ALOT of things to remember and knows of .. Dollie is bad at memorising things, and talking to stranger.

Why my memory so lousy ah, must be the damn **** that I took almost everyday last time. (haa, pushing blame)

GOD, I'm so spoilt !!!

*whine more about dont wanna work at all again*

DEAR, can u like really support me instead, I will be a guai guai sheep on .................. to you.

whahaha, im so lame.

SHUT UP alr!

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doll ; 11:14 PM 0 Comments