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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Friday, February 16, 2007

Post Vday .

Right now at 3.30am,

where most people are sleeping,

I'm munching those yummy CNY goodies away.

Such heavenly luscious goodies .

But, i have got 2 ulcers, pimples popping out recently. (Not sure if I have gained weight)
Whatever. Start eating healthy after CNY!


How's everyone's else Valentine's day? I enjoyed myself with my dearest boy .

I told him not to buy flowers for me though he insisted. Haaa. To me, flowers are a waste. I hate seeing them drys out, and can't bear to throw away later on. I detest things that I need to throw them away after a while, ok? I perfer owning them. (Owning sounds like dotA. whaha)

Lol, i'm so realistic lah, sometimes dear also buay ta han me.
Dollie do treasures her stuffs though.

The present I recevied from him - Fairy tattoo .
(I doubt I will post pic of it .. i hate copycats . sorry lah, I said I'm selfish already. So see it in real life)

The gift I gave my darling - Chocolates (I made myself!) + Wallet .

In Japan, Girls give love chocolates to the guys they like/love. Since I love Japan's anime so much, I decided to be nice and make some for darling too.

Process of choco making . (it's easy)

Pure chocolate, ya, those for chocolate fondue type + Chocolate mould and wrapping .

Melt that solid chocolate in double boil or mircowave. Don't make the chocolate boil. Just nice will do.

After that, put into the fridge for 15 min to let choco harder.

Yum yum. Of cuz, it will be nicer if there's other colouring.

Ta - dah !!

I added a cute piggy since it's the year of the pig. ^-^

Hope my darling baby liked my hand/home-made chocolate ~


Went over to Marina Square as we are having our dinner later on at there. Last year's vday, we were at Bugis, not much girls were holding flowers.
Hmmmm, this year, I don't see a lot of couples around too lei.


Anyway, I brought some lil stuffs and we were just hanging around, there's so much people on weekdays too. Oh, maybe bcuz of vday.

Dear booked for Jack's place at 8pm .. sadly, i think most of the people reversed table too. We waited for 40 minutes before getting to a table. Fucking 40 minutes leh!!

zZzzzzzzzzzzz ..

So everyone was basically standing/sitting outside of the entry.
Got one guy was so pissed off waiting lah .. he dragged his gf off to smoke.

Hungry people are angry people!

Luckly darling was quite good tempered that day ..
Dear: It's bcuz today is vday, dont wanna spoil it .
Me: .........

Humph .. so normally I think he purposely make me angry one. lol

Menu for the day . It's a 5 course meal ?

Haa, words too small.

Got candles means candles light dinner liao. lol

Gosh, the detail in the menu so long. I lazy type all lah .. Can see it yourself right. ^^

Turkey + Lobster Salad ..

Dear changed the soup to lobster soup .

My half lobster and chicken .. blah blah ..

Darling's Salmon + prawn

Rashberry cheesecake. Dear hates cheeses, so I had both! wahaha. I'm a big fan of cheese~

A free lil bear for ladies, how cute .

It is the gal's turn to foot the bill now? Everywhere I see, the female is taking out the cash/card to pay . Hmmm, 21th century does not means that guys can't be gentlemen what.

Dear: It's different now .. my guy friend's gf are all the one
paying ..
Me: wei se mo? but i no money lei .. *show sad face*

Wahaha .. He always laugh when i said that .

Photo of us on sweet sweet vday . I hope we can keep on celebrating as the years come. Haa, think so far alr. :p

Lotsa kisses and hugs to my dearest for being such a sweety just for me. It's true that everyday can be vday . I don't know why is there vday either . Is it to remind couple that have to be extra sweet on this day? This few weeks, our r/s is getting smoother, as I'm trying to change a bit too! Feedbacks said that im too demanding and blah blah blah. I know myself can alr. AHhhh, don't tell me when there's a problem, it's cause by me lor. No no no, it can't be .

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