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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Monday, February 26, 2007

CNY updates

Just feel really lazy to update on CNY .. it's pretty much the same old routines that happen annually .

Sometimes I don't know what to type also .. then I just pull out anything that I can type off, like the previous entry .

Anyway, there's not much photos taken, dint think of taking them. I will just summary my CNY instead.

This is mochi mochi candy !! so gummy .. nice !


I still feel reunion dinner should have steamboat, then got those CNY's mood. haa

BBQ is my fave. one .

Cute huh that star .


Wore a dress instead as I couldn't find any skirts I wanted.

With a red belt + lacy 3/4 pant to complete it ~

Love at 1st sight, liked this dress alot, it's silk .

Other CNY stuffs ..

Cam-whoring .

Hahaha .. feeling pretty that day ;p

My hair is growing damn damn damn slow, still above my boobs only. I want it to be at wasit there .. haven't step into hair salon for like 3 months plus alr.

Me and mui mui .

Slept for like 4 hours pervious night, head over to Grandparents hse @ Huogang around 11am . Ate breakfast cum lunch over at their place.

About 2pm+, we headed to Jurong, dunno which aunt hse. They have 2 dogs .

This dog (xiao bai) was given by my mum ; that time got a customer just leave his dog @ the shop. Poor thing. He barked at me when i took a pic of him last year. I forget the flash lah. =x

Ehh, i forget his name, I think it's spicky or something. Damn noisy ah, quite fat also.

Out of the sudden, it rained over there. Had our early dinner together as well before we headed to another Aunt's hse at Jurong too. Back to our place at night.

I heart my home ~ I'm a homey person luh. :D They sat at the living room while mui and I were at our bedroom. Haa!

They planned to watch movie so they wants to use my computer to check the timing.

( Then, the next day when i played computer, my internet explorers' history all gone. Damn angry lah. I stored some links so I can go back easily. Argh, fuck that cousin of mine for not asking me beforehand. )

About 8pm+, my mui went to meet her bf while i went to meet my darling too. Heehee.

He damn naughty ah, wanna quarrel with me that night. Slept over at his place - with my makeups on.

LOL. Damn crazy lah me. It was a last min thingy mah. Argh, then i have pimple the next day.

I'm addicted to makeups leh. W/o them, I won't step outta my hse . Takes me 2 hours to prepare to go out leh. That's why I don't like last min cancel of meeting or last min wanna meet me up.

Haha, I think i'm addicted to tattoo as well .. hmmmmmm .. addicted to **** toos.
Wait .. something good about me - I don't smoke - hate cigarette's smell! I used to smoke cuz of peer influence, but after a while, found it silly, so quitted.

I hate darling, he smokes. I hate my mui, she serectly smokes too. And told me don't do it last time. -_-

Opps, off topic liao .. 除二 & 除三 , I was at home, damn sleepy .


Went over to Dad's friend place at Paris Ris to pay back visit.

Playing with cigar-look-alike biscuit.

Yummy dinner .

My dad made jellies for dessert .

Fave - ang bao !

P/s: Yup, I don't gamble ; don't like gambling . Playing with cards is fine .

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