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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Spent it over at darlings' .

Picpic taken @ his place .

Sleeppppppppppppp .. decided to go home early on Sunday morning (04/o3) as there's a family dinner at night .

Was about to fall asleep while mui keep whining that's she have a fever, feeling damn sick .. keep asking me to accompany her to the doctor. (the Clinic is next door only.)

She so timid lah .. lol stupid girl.

So we registered and came home and wait .... waited and waited. From like 9.30am, we waited till nearly 11.45am then the nurse called my hse and asked us to come down .

Gosh, does not means we stay next door = it's ok to let us wait lor! I was god-damn-motherfucking tired when we reached home .

Ate lunch and had a talk with mummy and went to bed at like 1pm? Had to wake up at 4pm to get ready. You bet, I was so tired. 3 hours of sleep only leh!

See, dollie so good ; sacrificed my beauty sleep to accompany dumb mui and yet she talked back to me sometimes. Man, I wanna slap her .

About 6pm+, headed to Jurong's IMM . East to west !
Wanted to have benjing duck but the restaurant's still having CNY menu so had to order a la carte instead .

Still got dunno what mee .. forgot to take . my dad said i'm crazy lah, food also want take pic. lol

Fave dessert! Yam pasteee .

So bloated, off we went to .... Daiso !!

Brought a lot of 'rubbish' again .

Caramel corn now have strawberry flavor :D

On the way to carpark, saw some nice clothes at push cart.

Silk again ; hmmmm .. my closet is blasting .

zZzzzzzz on the car throughout the journey . To prove that im tired, i slept at 11pm!
and woke up at 7.30am . lol

Onlined but was damn bored, went back to bed at 12pm .. a mistake! In the end, woke up at 7.30pm. And I thought I could change back to biological clock . -_-""

Oh yah, am going to Genting for a short trip next monday . (My parent's wedding anniversary vacation annually, how sweet!) It's from 12 to 14 march .

I was kinda reluctant to go. (To me, m'sia is a scary place. My parents said they brought me over there a lot of times when i was young but i dont rem.) lol I scare kana kidnap/rob CAN ANOT?!

Rather spent a bit more to go to a safer place. And I detest taking long distance bus lah, damnit!

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