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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Friday, November 02, 2007



Feeling damn emo that night so went pubbing. Reached home at 3AM and rested on bed only at 6AM. Yet you know what? I woke up at 10.30AM. Not enought sleep lah. But rest assured, everything is fine now.

Thanks J for always standing by my side.
Thought he always love to tell pple "Selina last time during pri sch damn nerd one. With glasses, big bag and messy hair."

Whahahaha .. Damn ugly la me last time. Only till sec 2 den I become better as I loss alot of weight? So that's why I cannot let myself to be fat!

Beside that, thanks to my BDF (you know la dog, whahaha), sexy Tian Shi and YC (ah bui) for bearing with me. I really appreciated it, really!

Lastly, I miss one of my good frien, don't-know-for-what reason, we lost contact for a few mths. I was quite upset about it. Did I do something wrong? Was it that time I sms too harshly towards her? No wonder the saying, "Friends should not work together, conflict would arise".

The saying of "3 people should not take photo togther as 2 of them would quarrel". This I really very padang lor. Cuz it happen to me during sec sch time. I was so depressed that time. lol

Last few weeks, somehow we contacted back again. I was joyful about it. Like some child having her toy. I don't know if she still read my blog, but all I wanna say is Sorry if i really did something wrong.
We have really nice memory together.
Shop together, Club together, Go crazy in the toliet together, Accomanying each other home together, playing with your stupid dog, late for meets up together that the shopes are closed, cabbed home together, shared things together and so on.

It was since we are 14 or 15 till now.
I don't wanna loss you as a friend.

I hope we still can be crazy together and this time i will cherish this almost 7 years of friendship. Miss you, Huiting.

It took me alot of courage to write this. lol I feel so shy now lor .. coz i hardly have emoshits entry.

My sales at RC today was pretty good. =D
Dear came to fetch me home and we have supper. Very fat.

The though of money ... make me happy .. make me think of Angel also .. She more $_$ den me lor.
whahahaha.. No la .. kiss ok.

Tommrrow, or should I say later working at Wisma .. I hope sale's will be good too.
End at 10pm again lor. I will die man. Luckly dear coming over to fetch me, yeah ~

Oh ya, one last thing .. that day Linlin and me was deciding very long what to drink for the vending machine .. So i choosed mine and when she pressed hers too ... and you know what? I forget to take out mine lor .. so end up we wasted the drinks. lol
And we have to press it again lor. Waste money. Everytime work with her so fun wan leh .. She like to do funny funny things .. so cute .

I don't speak in purrrr-fect english, I think I still perfer typing lidat den like that.
Coz if I type tooo formal, it like so boring lor .. like typing for some resume or email lidat. And also it sound very cold and strict.

I'm happy doll leh!

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