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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Saturday, October 20, 2007

25th mth .

Despite being busy (Of lil things like work, gaming, out, and new addiction to facebook), I would still remember the lovely 20th.

Happy 25th mth to us, my frog boyfriend.

I love sticker prints with him


I think I shall start my entry from last week and all the way till now. Nope, I have not forgotten about my big day (birthday!!) photos, next post alright? I have already edited them, just that am lazy to post it up. :D

14/10/07, Sunday

Reached home very happily bcuz mui told me last night she was going to buy donuts.
Yes, from donut factory.

Very happily bcuz I have not tasted it before! Shut up, you got a problem with it?
Guess how long mui que for it on a Sunday night?






less den 15 min!!

that's what she told me. But still, very fast leh, I wanna go que up while reading my 'Rich Dad Poor Dad'. Hehehe.

She already kept inside the cold fridge waiting for me to come home.

I looked at her when she had her 1st bite.

Me: So how so how? Nice mah?!!?!?
Muiz: ........
Me: ....... What?? Nice anot ?!
Muiz: *still no comment face*
Me: *snatch the donut over and have a bite myself*
Me: Ok .. taste very ........ normal. *sad*

I sadly put the box back and saw the "Best when reheated in oven" blah blah. And maybe i shall eat again when it's hot.

I reheated it for about 30 secs.


Yummy, it's soft! Not bad afterall but not as perfect as what everyone had told me.

Then I started taking pic with the donut. lol

Take note of the pic's background.
My sis is damn irritating.

This 3 items cost me over $100 leh. Got scolded by boyfriend when I told him this. lol

I don't really have red tops, you see.

For the eyes .


16/10/07, Tuesday

Worked at Tampines (Boring!) but was really happy to see what Angel had brought for me.

Kuromi !!!!
It's a padlock .

Hehehe.. She's so sweet, I'm falling for her.

Heard it's nice long ago so I brought it. Cost me $18 leh!!!!
Now I'm quite regretted getting it as some of the counter gals have it and they said it's quite boring when read till the middle.

Nevermind, I WILL BE RICH ONE DAY !!

Muhahaha ..

I am also still thinking should I buy the Harry Potter book to read. Can't be I bring it over to the counter to read though. It somehow feels so funny.
Hmmmm ..


18/10/07, Thursday

Spend moolahs again.

So sweet hor the tops?

I bet Darling loves them.
Shall wear it soon .. hehehe.

He came to feed (LOL) me at night.

Fatty me love to eat maggie goreng.


19/10/07, Friday

One or two more lesson(s) and I can start learning stage 2. Yay!
I need more determination.

Ben lai not working de, last min went over to Wisma at night. 1st time there, it's cold inside, raining outside. Luckily saw one familiar face so wasn't that bored.

Wisma close at 10pm and still got last min customer. (At 1st I still though my sale was going to be bad as it was quite 'quiet', then I thought of Angel's trick. whahaha) I feel like I'm the last one to leave lor. I was so scared coz I don't know how to get out .. no one was around can. And it's was quite dark!

So so so hungry, boyfriend came over to fetch me. Everywhere seems to be closed, wanted to dine at Swensens but the que was quite long. My beloved frog don't like to wait.

So we walked to Cine since it's opening hours is longer.

Dine at level 2's ... Maestro Bistro.

Our drinks.

Soup of the day.

I like!

Dear's fish and chips.

Mine Chicken and chips.

Calamari was quite nice but the main course wasn't very good. Fish had no taste and my chicken's skin was quite hard for me to bite on.
But the waffles is still nice.


20/10/07, Saturday

Supposed to meet up at 4 - 5pm if boyfriend ended work early. But I was so tired (like always) and took forever to prepare. We reached Tampines at like 7.30pm going to 8pm, I think.

Headed to GV and booked Resident Evil: Extinction at 11.50pm. Rushed to take Sticker prints as well before going down to Watson to get my daily necessity.

All these cost about $150 lor. So exp?!

One of which included a scar remover gel, I heard it's quite good.
I got ugly pimple scar. *sob sob*

I also observance whenever people said my complexion is quite good ... the next day I will have breakouts !!
This is very saddening wan leh. I'm am very serious! So please, I rather you said I'm ugly.

Canmake Giltters.

This is a must buy product!!
Cheap (if compare with high-end counter brand) and very bling bling good!
Moi Tian Shi also got buy lor.

I think cost about $16?

I like gold ..

And 2 heels .

Thanks darling for paying.
Expect for the heels which I brought myself. I am very padang. lol
Anyway, it's all worthwhile, baby.

Settled down at Cafe Cartel for our late dinner. 10pm lor, no wonder getting fat.
By right, no intake of food by 6pm. Ok, the most is 8pm. But I always eat my dinner very late. Ahhhh.

I like their free flow bread.
Don't you find that the bread is so soft?

Dear is very mean. He always take so lil bread for me when I told him I want ALOT. He don't believe I can finish it lor!
I am a greedy pig, ok?

It's so nice. Pan fierd-something.

Dear's ... fish and chips.

Somehow, Darling seems to love fish out of the sudden.
And I will be getting rounder If I don't cut down on all these.

By the way, Angel intro me de slimming tea, I hav been drinking for almost 1 mth already. People comments I slimmed down a lil. So shiok to hear that.
I must drink more and become thin but hate the thought of doing 'big business' every now and then.
It's more of a detoxity and help you to maintian weight. But, I did lost a 0.5kg within 3 weeks.

Ideal Wt of 40kg, I'm coming !!

Resident Evil: Extinction

Weeeeeee .. Very very nice. I love to see blood and bleeding vampines or zombies. LOL
But I was quite scared at some part, I covered my eyes with Darling's hand.
He laugh at me and scare me at some parts :(

4/5 popcorns for it !


My sleepy baby and I.

I was trying to act cute with mui's bling bling hairband.


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