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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ignorant people / Pasa Malam

Hey, how much is ur salary per month/hrs ?"

"Wah, buy so much things, get pay already right ? How much ?"

"How much u get for this mth pay ? Oh, U forgot ? How about the mth before ?"

Worse thing is, you just got to know "someone" for like 1 day . Ok, no, its actually less den 2 hours!

I don't know abt you, but for me I don't feel comfortable telling people (whom I not close with at all) my personal stuffs .

It's not as if I'm providing for your living leh . Why fucking care so much how much I earn ? Is it a must to wait till payday den can buy things meh ?

Lao Niang you de shi qian, want buy anything anytime also can, eh sai bo ?

When I'm friendly, kind and nice, it DOES NOT means you can cross over the line and ask me such personal question .
Come on lah, please have basic respect for my privacy . Don't have COMMON SENCE AND EQ is it ?!

Nabei, spoil mood only .

Even my boyfriend don't ask me unless I tell him ok ! WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO ME ? Just a nobody .

The next question, what you gonna ask ?

If I lost my virgin already, is it ?

Or how many hair do I have on my legs ?

Eh, fuck off lah cheebye .

It's under no choice den we have to face each other . You think I want is it? When I don't feel like answering or skip question, please for christ sake, STOP ASKING ALREADY !

If not "some" people would irritate me by saying/asking ..

"You look really diff with and without make up"

(If no diff den for what waste money and time for make-ups.)

"Oh cuz you are not tall . Haha"

(So what if I'm short ? At least my boobs are bigger (alot) den yours . Only people who are brainless and have low EQ use personal attack, which I can sue you for it .)

"What happen to you ? Become fat so much ."

(Personal attack, yet again .)

"What house you live in ? Got car ? What does your parents work as ? Does they earn a lot ? "

(What for you wanna know my family matters ? You wanna rob me huh ? Thx for your "concern", I'm very happy with my family and I love them so much . )

These are just some EGs of it ...

So, if you got nothing nice to say, (I don't care if you are being honest, Bcuz honestly time is for my good friends to say) I'd advice you to shut the fuck up . Better still, don't talk to me . I rather stoned myself .


Enough of angry issues!

So my house area have a night market (which is commonly known as Pasa Malam) currently and going on for 9 days . I know is nothing big deal . But they very long never come just in front of my house already .

Beside the yummy food and more food (Diet plan failed again), I brought my fave Kuromi stuffs . Am joyous to see it as I though only got dumb Hello Kitty / Micky Mouse etc .

(Psst ... Angel, look at the lil black cutie !)

This is a pop-out kinda manget . Can't see the pop-out lah coz of the direction that I took the pic .

Brought by muii .
Those sticker that stick at the center of the wall .

Don't know why I feel super cloud nine when I see Kuromi ^-^

Time for a lil self shots before I'm logging off .


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