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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Major updates .

What the .... , blogger seems to have something wrong .
So hard to post pic and when I use the "Edit Html" page to write, I can't see anything on the "Compose" page. Duh !

So I gonna be quick if not I will get fed up and leave my blog alone .

Anyway, the whole of last week, no work for me!
Gave myself some rest as events were packed nicely . Back to work yerserday on Monday but was stationed at Centerpoint . I miss Parkway can ? (though the sales sucks)


05/09/2007, Wed

"Jia tou" at night . Lunar 7th mth dinner where people can bid items .

Some of the dishes ..

The last 2 are my fave food can . Yums .

When we were young, we love it when Papa bring home these red pails .

Think is after some kind of 'bai bai' den have these stuffs .

Before going off to dinner, we played around .

Mui mui always like to act cute . Hehe .

And myself ..


06/09/2007, Thu

Rested at home and watched TV as well as video online . My fave America's Next Top Model is back !!

This time is Cycle 8 . The girls don't look as pretty as the past seasons though . And one of them was pushed down into the pool by Singer, 50 Cent !


07/09/2007, Fri

(One more mth to my birthday , hahas)
But that's not the point .

Went to did Hair Rebonding, like finally .

Cuz my hair is very layer, very dry, spilts ends, very bad lah!
So I waited and waited just for it to grow longer and better .

Am very happy with the results . Everywhere I go last time, be it cheap or high-end salons, all sucks can?! They only care about making money and spoil my poor hair . Fuck them .

Only that salon can make me have good hair days . When I have a nicely hair done, it can only means good mood! :D
I go there for my mthly hair treatment too .

(So ever if u scold or insult me, I will still smile back at you . LOL!)

Can be considered cheap as the package includes shampoo, conditions and serum .

At 1st wanted to go Reds to do .. but cost like $280+ leh . Oh, I know Rebonding is so old school but Perming is really hard to maintain . I got no time to style the curls .

So here's the outcome,

Normal and with flash .

Top and back view .

Leftover ,

Some of the pic seems to show that I have Bangs . I look very very kiddy in it and I don't like it . Psst, I only drew eyeliner for my upper eyelid . No other makeups . Yeah ~ I went out of my hse without foundation .

Also, enjoying myself with Pasa Malam's food .

Look, So kiddish !

Hais, I look like 14 years old . The reason I makeup is not I'm super ugly .. is coz I look overly young .
Think positive, Selina! You can save on those anti-ageing products .

Suddenly I thought of what Angel told me that day, *keep mouth shut*, I don't want my straight hair to become curl!! (She curse me lor)
I will go crazy . Hope everything is fine though =]


08/09/2007, Sat

Mr Boyfriend's Dinner & Dance's day .

It was held at ..

In one of the ballroom . Dress code was Bollywood, Indian style (No lah, I never wore like that) .

There was a real snake (forget to take pic!), cocktails, lucky draw, etc .

Too paiseh to take pic of the food . All of them look really old mature . I think I'm the youngest lol .

And everyone get to go on stage to dance a lil (think bollywood style) to win some prize . I did went up too but my group did not win . Recalling back, it was so funny . Wahahaha .

I can't resist taking pic in hotel's restroom !
It was tooo nice .

Teeheehee .

After that, went to Marina Square to walk walk thought most of the shops were closed before heading home .


Walau, this post is like so lenghty can ? Time now is 5AM, have to wake up at 8AM later . Working full at Parkway !

I think blogger must have bewitched me . I sacrifice my beauty sleep just to blog leh . What the hell is wrong with me .

Happy 19th birthday, Angel !

(treat you next time when we work together ^-^)

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