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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Sunday, March 18, 2007

Omfg, poor animals.

Dolphin Slaughter.

I din't know dolphins can be eaten. How can people just kill animals without feeling anything? It's suffering in pain and fear, yet they can still joyfully watch it slowly bleed to death .......

Sorry about the BG music, click here to see it over at Youtube and this web too.

Scary leh .. they should just knock it and let it faint instead of sliting the poor animal's throat and let it feel the pain.
I really like Japan, you know. Not only dolphins suffered this way, in fact, all other animal like our normal chicken or duck or pig.

A very good eg is Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

I think people who like to eat KFC shouldn't watch the following video. lol.
That time I was at Genting and was at KFC, suddenly remember this video while i was eating halfway. Almost puked it out. Lol damn stupid me.

Here to Youtube. And here is for more info about KFC cruelty.

Feel like becoming a vegetarian now?

Man, I really sound like I'm adverting something. wahahha.


Showing charity show on tv now. Can i give comment? I scared kana sue leh. lol
Issit NKF case enough to show it's all a b***f?
Yawns, hate charity show. Donate to me lah, i'm so broke. At least i will tell u how I spend it.

Anyway, do I look like I'm someone who can't find a job? There's a big different between can't find and don't wish to find.
In my case, I'm the latter.

Not working does not means I'm rich or aimless in life or useless or whatever ya? I just don't like to work, hate the scary backstabbing working life. I'm too innocent, people will sabotage me. lol. Hey, serious ok?

I'm very poor, so dont come borrow money from me. I need to save up and buy my kuromi cuz doggy purposely forget about it. lol .

I don't wanna care if there's a typo or sensitive topic anymore. (Maybe not) I feel like I'm blogging for the sake of blogging. Damn FAKE can? I don't like it! Fuck those people who spy my blog.

I blog for the sake of memories, memories of my past for own keeping ok? So i won't anyhow shut down my blog for nothing. Ohhhh, what if one day blogspot decided to close down their domain? I will lost all my entires, better start backing them up.

Sometimes I look back at my entries ........ "why did i write such a plastic
entry man."
was what I thought that moment.

That's to prevent people from reading my inner thoughts, I guess?

But of course, some topic are really tooooooooooooooo sensitive to talk about. Like ................ hmmm .......... I don't know lah, sex I supposed? LOL

Feels quite good to type down so much thoughts that I won't do normally.

p/s: damn lazy to update abt genting or photos.

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