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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Sunday, December 03, 2006

Remember the holiday trip to Shanghai I mentioned before? It has been comfirmed.
I will be away for 8 days ; from 19/12 to 26/12.

Yeah, taking Singapore Airline over, movie & gamesssssss !

I should be leaving during midnight at about 11pm? and will be back only after xmas!

That means I will not be around on our 15th mth anni. as well as xmas day.
I will for sure, miss my boy dearly. We would bring forward our 'sticker section' to Saturday instead.

Wanting to know where we will be heading next instead of asking my parents everyday in the trip. I went to scan the sheet and surprising it could be save as a word doc. Nice 3 in 1 printer I have.

p/s: Warning, it might be too wordy and long for your reading pleasant. =)

D1, Singapore/Shanghai/Suzhou (Dinner) SIN/PVG MU 544 & MU 568 Upon on arrival, we board "The world's on Maglev Train that is in actual operation"(one way only). Next Visit the Pudong New Area and Nanpu Bridge. After lunch, we board the coach to Suzhou.

D2, Suzhou/Wuxi (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner) Visit to Singapore Industrial Park and Jinjihu, we will take a look at Qilisantang Historical and Cultural Water Town. Next visit the famous Suzhou Silk Factory. Relax and watch a special fashion show. After lunch we coach on to Wuxi, proceed to Three Kingdom City, Travel along the Tai Lake by cruise, Last visit to witness a demonstration of the art of making these famous and much sought after Zisha (Purple Sand) Teapots, an authentic Collectors' item.

D3, Wuxi/Nanjing (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner) After Breakfast, visit the Cultured Pearl Museum ; introduced to the technology involved in this interesting industry. We board the coach to Nanjing. Visit the Yangtze River Bridge and Fuzimiao mall on the Qinhuai River Bank, The entire area around the Temple consists of a series of tourist shops, snack bars, restaurants and entertainment arcades all done up in "Ming" and "Qing style architecture, next proceed to Xuanwuhu Park.

D4, Nanjing/Hangzhou (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner) Visit Sifang Monument. After lunch, board the coach to Hangzhou.Upon arrival, visit the Changqiao Park. After dinner, you may like to visit West lake Xintiandi, the IN place for pubbers.

D5, Hangzhou/Shanghai (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner) Leisure cruise of West Lake, which is surrounded by green hills, we also visit the Huagangguanyu. We visit Meijiawu where you will be treated to samples of Longjing tea. Then it's back to Shanghai. Our first stop, world famous waterfront, The Bund. Later on going to Nanjing Road, the world renowned Shanghai Shopping Mall.

D6, Shanghai (Breakfast/Lunch) After Breakfast, we visit the shopper's paradise -Chenghuangiiiiao shopping district. After lunch, free at leisure.

D7, Shanghai (Breakfast) Free at leisure for the whole day. (OPTIONAL) Enjoy cosmopolitan of Shanghai City / Visiting Dojiadu Road texture market - tailor made QiPao, Chinese style robe. Night falls in BaiLeMeng - infamous dance and music. Or to Shanghai "ERA" acrobatic show / Try 5 star “Dong Fang Luo Ma". End it with luxurious spa.

D8, Shanghai/Singapore (Breakfast) PVG/SIN MU545 & MU567 Free at leisure for the whole day. Till boarding to the bus and off to airport!


I so not wanna go China lah. Can't stand their way of talking. =x
But it's with my family, so whatever. It's pretty boring lah. No rides to play. wahha.

Walk, See and Shop. That's about it.

It will be about 10 degree over there. COLD !

doll ; 9:34 PM 0 Comments