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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Saturday, December 02, 2006

I was browsing friendster just now and happeningly landed on that bitch (she added me as friend) page.

Guess what?

She have the fucking same layout as mine. I know that layout is not totally done by me, the html is hosted at a website. But there's like over 100 designs to choose from, and my layout is a rather old one. I don't get it WHY she have to have the same layout as mine. COPYCAT, as usual. Cb.

Of course, I did edit some colours and html of the layout to make it my own thought the owner of the layout don't allow.

Hack care.

From last time till now, forever stalking and copying me. Gosh.
Don't she feel paiseh at all? Oh, i think she have a thick skin.

If i confront her, it's of no use. That layout was not made by me. So yah. lol

Wa lao, i can't stand copycats, esp her. My friend was at Vivo city the other day and he saw you. Yes lah you. He asked you abt me, if if are still contacting me.
Well, you gave a super cold look and say NO.

Hahaha. What a joke. Since you said NO, then don't talk behind my back anymore lah. Don't think I don't know ok. U can backstab people, others can backstab you as well.

Still can add me testi after you bump into my friend. Why you do that? I thought we don't contact each other anymore. Why try to be friendly?

Oh, you din't find the testi you add me? Don't bother finding it; I rejected it. I don't need such, "hey long time no see, you become prettier.. blah blah" testi ok.

Always acting like a sweet girl in front of me, but when im not around, you tell tall tales. Haiz .. I thought you already change for the better liao. Since we are not longer from the same school, I don't see a need why you are still doing this to bring me down.

I'm afraid that i'm gonna disappoint you. Notice why i din't put your name out? I don't wish my blog contain any of your fucking name. I don't fucking care if you read my blog a not. Just leave me alone yah, if not i very angry already, i will do something to it ok.

Thanks for asking my Boyfriend to come cheat/bluff/lie me ar ..WAH, tell him i'm cheat, slut, bitch.... Haha. Still got what? Ask him come ____ me then throw me away? LOL. Wa lao .. grow up lah, you talk like a 14 years old jealous gal leh.
I know you and him are friends. :)

I really don't understand why you do this to me lor.. Enough is enough. If someone ask if I know you? I will galdy say NO. You can do the same too.

I choose not to bad mouth you as i see there's no point. We are all grown up. Next year gonna be 20 le. So stop living in sec sch life and acting all childish.

Yawns .. Out now.

doll ; 6:56 PM 0 Comments