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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Monday, May 07, 2007

Lotsa photos

I should be sleeping at this time, 01.35am but I really feel like blogging now.
If not photos are really going to pile up like hell.

Fri, 04/05

Dear came over to meet me after work at 6.30pm. Went to buy some daily needs before heading to eat dinner. Both of us were so hungry.

We had 'zhi cha' as I was craving for kangkong.

The food were all not bad. Damn full after that. We are pigs, we finished 4 dishes. LOL

Sat, 05/05

In the morning, my tummy damn pain lor! Don't know what's the cause lah. Can't be the 'zhi cha' as dear din't have a tummy ache. Sigh ~ I keep taking lift up and down like mad. zZzzz

So I went off early from work, but only 1 hour earlier lah. lol. Took cab down with darling to do shading for my fairy .. like finally lor! Dragged for 3 mths and hao bu rong yi dig out some times to go down. If not half done damn ugly.

This time, the process like taking forever. Took nearly 2 hours to finish. My hands were aching like fuck as I was in a lying down poistion. I can feel the needles directly on my backbone. Horrible. lol

There's a tv and Steven asked me to help him call the charity hotline. He so good hearted huh. Like wth right? LOL. He ask me to call also. -_-" Damn funny lar.

Wanted to put up the pic but scared pple copy so better not. I fucking hate copycats ok? Oh yes, I'm selfish lar.

The real pic of this fairy damn chio and sexy lor. Mine look abit sad leh. lol But still, I like it!

Sun, 06/05

Went to celebrate Mother's Day today as mummy said next week on the day itself will have alot of pple. We went to Chinatown with Vincent family too.

It's an a la cart buffet that have chinese food as well as Dim Sum. $28/person only, quite worth it as the food is pretty nice.

I took alot alot of pic as there's alot alot of food. lol

So much food lor. I'm growing fat!!
There's dessests too.

Wah die, I bu xiao xin ate a lil seafood (think crab meat and prawn) just now. Like that my back is going to itch like siao liao. Hope my fairy won't turn and become a witch. lol

After eating so much so much food, you know what? I'm feeling hungry right now again. Gosh, this is bad. I shall go on diet soon.

Also, some pic of me and mui mui.

Me and her. loves!

Force kiss. She don't like it. LOL

Time now is 02.40am. I updated alot, now I can MIA a while. Haa

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