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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Monday, October 30, 2006

I was onlined for the pass few days but was rather lazy to blog. Lazybone acting up again. Been like a night owl, again. Playing game, going out, and not forgetting my fave. pasttime, sleeping once again. lol

Anyhow, just now (Sunday) had family dinner along with my daddy's friend family as well over at Cozybay's area. Taiwan Congee! Yummy. Love that place. The night there is really pretty. I will take a pic of it the next time i headed that again.

Stayed there till like 8.30pm then decided to we should be going. God knows why did it suddenly rain! Daddy was great, he ran to get the car and drove it nearer so we won't kanna too much rain. :D

Was supposed to head over to Tampines Mall to walk walk but thanks to the rain, we just drove home. I thought i could buy something!


Oh, last week, or should I say 2 weeks ago, on 20th (13th mth anni. with baby), we did took photo. It's a promise to do so! Just that i was lazy to scan and all. But i did it anyway.

Heehee. As you can see from the photos, my hair is not long. It's growing very slow. I'm so sad. I want it to reach my boobs before I try to damage it again. Faster grow !!

Still got a lot of photos leh .. but Selina very lazy to re-size them. Re-size can save more space and I don't like to see too BIG photos. roar!

Played Trickster for quite long eh, but ~!~^%@^$ , I'm leveling so slow. Oh well, I guess it does not matter too. As the second class (lvl60) is not yet out so no point rushing. I'm like at lvl 39 only. W-O-L-S (know what it means?)

Oh before I forget to mention about my weekends. Dear & I watched Death Note at Cine on Saturday. The tix was like $9 per person! 50 cent cheaper. Haha. I think they scared Vivo City snatch their customers away. Lol.

Seriously, the anime of Death Note is much better than the movie. Go find it at Youtube. No kidding man. It's also a new anime as well. I watched till ep 4 only ; where a man hijacked the public bus!

Nevertheless, 3.5/5 of it.

This coming December, might be going to Shanghai for holiday trip. Oh man, why the fuck it has to be there. I just do not like their way of talking. Sucks big time. Mummy was asking me to decided a place to go for next year's trip (during March ; as it's my parent's anni).
They are like so sweet can. Going oversea every year to celebrate their anni. Awwwww... I wanna have it this way too !!

Darling, can we can we?! Can we also go oversea to celebrate? *big smile*

doll ; 5:06 AM 0 Comments