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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Friday, October 06, 2006

I know I should be sleeping at this kind of time - 05.21am. Haha. But i feel like updating a bit.

It's 06/10 already. Lim Bu's birthday eve!! wahha. It's also my chinese birthday as well. Oh yes, it falls on 'Ba Yue, Si Wu' (I serectly think that's why i'm borned under rabbit, maybe i'm the Chang Er or the missing Yue Tu, LOL!) as what my mummy told me. Don't believe, come ask my mummy. Anyway, Happy mooncake festival!

Oval shaped mooncake?

Oink oink *

Mooncake is heaty. Too much issit good, so don't eat like some hungry ghost, people.

Anyhow, I got 3 more off days again. From Wednesday to Friday, just like last week. I think uob don't need me already. Haha.

Just now (05/10), I meet up with Jamie! See, i'm so good, got free time then ask her out liao. Not like her like that. Bo xim char bor. J/k.

We went shoppinggg. This time we headed to Far East Plaza. Been months since I last stepped there cause most of the time i reach town already 8pm+, there going to close soon.

My birthday present from Jamie. Thanks darling. *hugs*
It look better in real life.

Hand/Sling bag. This is love at 1st sight man though last one.

I'm so into flowers prints nowadays. It's girly girly girly. Then, we went to HMV. Nothing much to buy over here. I saw a small tiny tiny pink turle but it's the last one. =(

We headed to er, New urban male, as she wanna get a singlet type of top? Sporty kind lah, ani't my type. The sales person keep push clothes for Jamie to try this and that top. Around 4 - 5 of them. She asked for sizes and colours, the sale person din't really reply and keep talk about her school. -_-"
He like keep force her to join membership too. lol. So funny can. I was telling her that we should have a bet - if that guy will msg her later at night a not. Haha.

Yawns, long que over at HMV's taxi stand at 10pm+ .. we shared cab home.

In the cab, flash too bright ~

She said she looked ugly and took my handphone and delete some of the photos. How can she do this. =( She's never ugly. I don't care! I just wanna put it up.

doll ; 5:26 AM 0 Comments