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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Friday, April 21, 2006

Hong Kong Trip (Part 1)

The long awaiting ...

(Beware: LONG ENTRY that will lag slow connections.)

11 Apr - DAY 1

Dint sleep at all during nite time of 10 apr, it's not my bed time, that's why.
So went to bathe and got ready. Dad's frien came to fetch us to the Airport. Nothing to see at the Airport lar, so I dint took any pics.

Had our plane breadfast at abt 8am .

Creamy mushroom omettle + Hashbrown + Yucky veggie + Hotdog in the black plate .
With side dishes of a bread + fruits + own choice of drinks .

My eyes were soooo tired as i dint sleep at all. Wanted to nap for a while but ...
the fucking China aunties was so FUCKING NOISY. Keep talking non-stop as if they own the fucking plane.
I detest china pple though im Chinese too (Im not saying u, Yinan. =x) but NO, we are from different country. Maybe I'm just fucking sway to bump into such lousy #$^@#& china pple but how do you explains those china women who fucking sneak to Singapore's geylang to fucking earn dirty money? Or those who marry a singaporean dumb man to be a PR in our pretty green city? Cheap .
(Sorry, no offence but I really hate no manner humans who think they're so high above.)

Back to the main point, reached Hong Kong's airport and the bus drive us to our hotel at abt 12pm. Surprising, the temperature is warm ! 28 degree . I though it would be cold. OH MAN ...

It's free and easy today! All on our own. We checked in and rested a bit before heading to walk walk. Well, I still remember some places/areas where it's still the same. Been to Hong Kong for abt 2 - 3 times already, how can my memory be that poor, yeah?

Came back to the hotel abt 4pm. Oh, did I mention my room was small ?

I TOLD YOU! lol.

Our train's name is 'MRT' right? Guess what? Theirs called 'MTR' . I forget to take a pic of it. lol!

I was drained out. So I counted myself out when they went to walk again. I napped lar, with make up ON! damn .
Abt 8pm, they came back with my dinner! hehehe. Anyone love salty foods? If yes, u would love their food, damn salty. So salty lar. I think Jamie would love it. =p

After eating, I tired to call back to Singapore as i spotted a public phone earlier on. cost HKD$10. Abt SGD$2 for one oversea call of only 30 seconds! FAILED to connect as the bloody phone eat up my money.

I though I could hear dear's voice but ...
missed him so much.

Dint brought anything expect gums + foods .

Sleep at abt 11pm .

12 Apr - Day 2

Today's going Ocean Park !! Once again, it's damn warm .

The entrance.

Walked further in and we saw a wired flower-ed animal ~

Issit a whale or dolphin ?


And then, we went to see the 2 famous pandas. AN AN & JIA JIA .

We saw one panda eating breakfast so happily. Yes, one! I wonder where's his partner.

In case u can't see. "Don't look at me lah. eating also see. SHY lah!"

Past & now of dino .

*CLICKS* AHHHH , I'm not ready !!
Again !!

That's better. lol

Pretty flowers .

Took cable car and sat for 15 min over to upper layer.
We are in for a feast!
As there's a new attraction(Jelly fishes) that's just opened on 10 April !

Some pics of CUTE CUTE jellies !

AND, I sae this 'water angel' . Much nicer & cuter in real.

Cute hor.

Went to this underworld auqa !!
it's so BIGGGG then Sentosa one lor .

Oh, i have a video of water water, fishes fishes, carol carols !!

Saw this pretty FISH!
It will fucking FLASH like a flash light.
How COOL is that?

I make a .GIF format out of it.

THAT part that i pointed it, will keep BLING BLING .

Going deeper, we saw more BIG BIG anmials.

The sea turtle was digging into the sands with its head.

Stringray !

er, big fish (duno wad name)

Some rides were closed! How ... argh ~
Dad took pic of mie & mummy riding this swing .

Can you spot mie ?

There's were some zi lian pics that i have not deco yet.
So i will upload next time once i do it.

After having fun for a whole day, we went back to our hotel.
On the way, there's jam too!

Brought a white jelly fish soft toy, key chians, etc lar .

Unpacked our stuffs,
rested a while and head out for dinner !!
Claypot rice, salty again.
Went to walk at their night market too. One is at Temple Street + "Nu Ren Jie" Women Street? + MongKok .
Walk walk walk walk . KEEP WALKING !

Sleep much later today. At ard 12.30am .

I spent like hours to blog this entry.

doll ; 2:58 AM 0 Comments