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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Wednesday, July 22, 2009

harry potter, anni, ion

17 July, Friday

Shop shop @ Town with my sexy Linda. Wanted to buy heels but nothing interests me .
Met up with Angel, my tian shi !! just a while ... She brought me a tiny hair iron straighter la. It's damn cute. Thanks angel loves~
Pics will be up soon .

Headed to my fave store, Diaso and spend like $30+ odds in there. Can u believe the 1st few times I went there i spend over $100? Diaso IMM is really so much bigger and better .

Went to a new mall called Orchard Central , there is just so pretty and went crazy taking pic. The lift is like damn scary. Some stores are still renovating la, the floor is like cements .

Suddenly so many malls are flooding Orchard! Still got 1 in front of Somerset Mrt .

19 July, Sunday

Yes, I likey Harry Potter, so bookworm nerdy .
Went to catch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince @ Ehub at abt nearly 8pm? Poor darling was ill yet he still bring me out. He's always seem to have a higher chance of falling sick when i'm not staying over at his place. Big baby don't know how to look after himself. Sayang*

I forgotten some of the parts from the previous years of Hogwarts . Damn, gonna re watch them again for recap. This time, the 6th year is more abt Voldemort - the no mouth mobster, den the evil teacher - whom I was caught by surprise that he IS the half-blood prince. Why is he half-blood anyway?

I had waited for Harry's' movie like for-ever . Now i can't wait to watch the next upcoming 7th year one!

I like magic ~~ but I don't find Twilight as nice as this . Yes, Edward is handsome in the movie, but in the real life he's not as attractive. I won't decline I like vampire too.

Why everyone is crazy over Twilight, again? The new follow up, The Twilight Saga: New Moon is starting soon too.

20 July, Monday

It was our day ... love love love.

Happy 3 years 10 mth ; 46 mth ..

Had fun playing DS with each other and shouting like mad . I'm pro in games too ok dear . Why u keep lose to me in mario kart suddenly ? Wahaha . I can't stop laughing .

21 July, Tuesday

Just now was working at town . Spell B-o-r-i-n-g with me . But had fun chit-chatting with my fellow girls .
ION Orchard open today too so I went to walk a lil . Yes just a bit of it only as I'm meeting my darling Jamie next Monday for shopping at town .
Woosh, It's like damn big la. It's from B4 to level 4. IIRC, B4 is like some kind of food heaven thingy. Some stores are not open yet. ION is almost linked to everywhere. From Wisma to Wheelock to .. even u come out from the Orchard Mrt u can enter it already.
Cool huh? Shall take pic pic next week!

Oh so many words .. My whole body is aching from standing so long today.

BTW, later at 8AM there's some kind of Solar eclipse . Where the moon will come between the Earth and the sun, completely obscuring the sun. Means it will be like DARK, night time for a while. And China is in the position of having the 'clear view of it' . Preview on TV at 8am direct off from CNN and 11pm for recap. I will watch the recap instead .

Nah i'm not gonna waste my 20 min to wake at up 8am to watch that. Sleep is very very very impt to me. Impt till I will FUCK U UP WHEN U DISTURB MY SLEEP. Noise is such a fucking ccb angry thing to tolerate .

So FUCK OFF AND BAD LUCK TO U <-- this is to anyone who disturb my beauty sleep .

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