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7 Oct 1987

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❤ Monday, January 28, 2008

Great Day

Great Day on a Sunday ~

What we said ytd night before sleep.

Me: Dear, let's meet at 4pm.
Bf: ... are u sure u can wake up?
Me: .......... Ok 5pm.
Bf: If cannot wake up, we can shop another day.
Me in a demanding tone: I WANNA SHOP TML! DIE DIE WILL WAKE UP.
Bf: Haha *thinking its funny and bet I can't wake up*

As usual, he thought I will drag the time till 7pm or so. Dear's an early bird, I think out of 100 times, he is late for that 1 time by maybe the MOST 15 min.

He went 'Wow' when I was ready when he reached and my eyelash for today .

He mentioned ; damn fake ... but pretty :P

Oh that honeybun, always trying to make me happy.

1st stop was FEP ; in seach for Biniki .

I think I only have 2 pcs of biniki in my life. (not counting the one I just brought) And the last time I went swimming? Wild wild wet during the age of about 17, I guess.
I'm really not that sun babe type of girl.

Hate being tan black .

Hate sweating .

Hate the SUN !!

And I feel uncomfortable wearing a 2 pcs kinda swimsuit letting pple see my .... FATS!
It's like wearing bra and panty walking around the beach.

I'm super old fashion leh .. wahahahah!!
Dear agreed about that bra & panty part. He does not like that idea either. I think he very selfish, he wanna kept me to himself. HAHAHahha.

Ok stop it.

(I know my tian shi is laughing right now ... )

But dear!
Can we go play with water one day? I don't want the bikini to grow mushroom.

Off to Taka to have Pepper Lunch for dinner. Was toooo hungry to snap pic of it. But I had chicken and salmon, while Dear ate terriyaki cod fish or something.

Other loots ;

Must buy this DAISO cup noodles !!
Really got big pc of ham inside, damn worth.

Mui 'turned' this for me. KUROMI !!
and stupid melody.

Combin. of lip, eye and blush colours. Super cheap to miss it !!

See lah, waste money again.

Dear went mad last few days.

Black vs. Blonde

Suddenly, I feel sooo old ......

Pics below are taken last year Oct, which is 3 mths ago.

As you can see, he seems very unwilling to take pic. That bcuz he was lying very happily on my bed with lights off and watching tv.

While his crazy girlfriend on the light, turned the tv's vol down and demamd him to sit up right to take pic with her.

There he goes again, behaving like a lil kid.

Thanks Dear for the chocolates delivery late last night when I am craving for it.

This mth seems so low ... I guess I was too into myself and neglected you. But you're still in the wrong for not an wei-ing me. I know you sucks at it so I just wanna be leave alone. Afterall, I still love you and not some random guys who appear to be a passerby in my life. You are not one of them, ok? My protective jealously honey bibi.

So, I belongs to Kelvin okok!
He very selfish, don't wanna share one, so stay away from me .


Die liao lah ... don't know why suddenly got the 'kick' to blog. Now waste time again!!
Got work later in the morning leh .. 2 and 1/2 hours leff to sleep.

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